The name of the movie. PLEASE

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Hello to everyone.

In 2006 on tv i saw a horror movie.
I was to scared to watch it, so i rememberer just some scenes from it.

.....from the middle of the movie. There was a guy in glasses, he entered a room where there where skins of people hanged, with their eyes on it.

The surroundings create the idea of an apocaliptic movie, as if some force took over.

The guy finds (his girlfriend i presume) naked, in a vertical position, above a big hole with her hands tied up. and her legs tied with a heavy weight. He tries to save her, but he cant. Then some people or zombies come in the room, the guy hides somewhere, and sees that they torture her until her hands get cut off, and her body falls in the abis. After that the guy somehow finds a big can of gasoline and sets all those creatures on fire.

Another scene is that, the guy is running to escape from someone and hides under a truck, where he sees an old man that is telling how
did all this happened, a long time ago when he was a kid, he saw
his parents getting their throats cut by a king/.

The main character was wearing glasses, and the action took over at night time.

Please can someone tell me what movie is this
Thank you

was it winter outside? with snow and stuff

I think the name of the movie is Wrong Turn...the zombies you were talking about are actually cannibals...three of them. I hope this helped you...I know it's very annoying to like an movie and not remembering it's title.

You are describing the scenes slightly wrong(If I am correct that is) but I'm pretty sure that is Dagon (2001)

In that movie the guy does find his gf tied up, but is one monster from the depth of the hole she is hanging from who pulls her down and cuts her arms, and the guy tries to set himself on fire to kill himself, there is also a scene where the last remaining human tell them how the cult of dagon took over the town, with gold, also Paul Marsh, the main character wears glasses for the most part of the movie, I could be wrong since our versions are a bit different, but it sounds like Dagon

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