Favorite Matrix Characters

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Who is the best Matrix character, and why?

Neo is my favorite character, cause he's the one!

arg! gggrrrr! they are all so freakin cool! how the hell do i choose?!

Well I don't know if I could pick a favorite, but I sure don't mind watching Trinity. smile

Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen the 2nd one but hell, Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Like Morpheus, because he's not the one, and still handels agents, and the Matrix pretty good. He's a thinker.

Neo the man and that it.

i won't vote. I liked that saraph guy a lot...A LOT. He's exactly my type of a character. But i doubt we'll be seeing him...so...ok..i'll vote: the oracle.....that's not in the list either??mad..ok..neo!

Yeah who the heck left out the Oracle???

Dexx, Saraph is gonna be in the next movie. at the end of the credits there's that revolutions trailer, and we see him there in two scenes. one he round house kicks some dude, and the other, he's holding dual (i think) berretas...2 pistols anyway. he's gonna hella cool. he's an awesome character too.

one of my friend suggested that he might be one of the previous "neos" ...don't know how that would work, but it might just be so

he puts niobe and forgets the oracle?

The post is open to all opinions, you don't have to vote. I guess i just forgot about the oracle, sorry. confused

Darth Vicious
I like Neo, Morpheus, Agent Smith and Persephone and Saraph(i imagine its the french guy) i could care less for Trinity, shes just holding Neo back

Trinity looks old in the Matrix Reloaded.

they are all cool. But like everyone already knows NEO is the ONE!

Trinity doesn't look old she looks refined. O.K. she may be holding the one back a bit and yes she did make him chose to ignore ALL OF HUMANITY, but come on she does wear leather nicely. Not to mention she kicks hella butt.

the french dude's name starts with an "M"...Saraph is the asian guy Neo fights. He eventually leads him to the backdoors and to the oracle

he says: "you know your enemy only after you fight them"

meravildian..or something. Saraph was great.
And trinity does look atad old..she's fitted for the role ..but the girlfriend part...mm..not so good.

Captain REX
Meravingian, I do believe...

I voted for Agent Smith...though he's not really an agent any more. I don't know why, but he's cool. Plus, Hugo Weaving is a good actor.

The way he says "Mr. Anderson..." was the tie-breaker. big grin

Smith is pretty cool now that he can clone himself.

Yeah thats what makes him what they are.

Hugo Weaving is great!

When I went to go see Fellowship of the Ring I half expected him to bust out with the sunglasses and say: "You look surprised to see me, Mr. Baggins."

I still can't decide who the best character is....I love them all!

Yeah, sometimes, well, almost all the time i wish the matrix was real.!

Okay, just let it be known Smith is my Fav and Hugo Weaving is one of my 14 fav actors

Yeah Smith is cool I like the way he talks at a dilberate pace.

We been watching you for quite some time.....mr. anderson.

Tank was really cool too. He had a really nice style that link just doesn't have. I did hear that we find out how exactly Tank dies in the next movie

The Best And My Favorite Character Is TANK

"everyone please observe the fasten seatbelts and non-smoking signs have been turned on so please sit back and enjoy the ride" ---Tank

i just noticed something else today and which i really think its cool check it out and tell me what u think

u know the floor that they go on the elevator to see the french dude
its floor number 101 and this connects to the apartment number on the first movie that neo lived in which was also 101 which might mean that 5 people before have failed and his the sixth one just like the sixth matrix

let me know what u think

Capt Dub

E Smith is cool but I voted for twins I think they're the coolest dudes especially their haircuts

By the way the bloke in the revolutions trailer is Ghost not Seraph.

You are studying well understudy.

I really liked the Oracle & Persephone

Captain REX
Ghost is in the game and Icharus has beaten two version of it, so it would make sense that he can tell who's who.

I think the 101 thing was indeed connected, though I think it had to do with binary code because it consists of 1 and 0.

Right. what Reveiller was pointing out was that in binary 101 is the number 5. hinting that there have been 5 that have followed the path neo is following now...er...well up until the end of the movie.

Is Persephone the hot chick who kisses Neo?

yeah she is. she's gonna be in the next movie too

smith is the shiznot double dipped

"Mr. Anderson"...... beutiful

Looks like Mr. Smith is leading in the poll.

The Twins!!!!!!!!!

*of course*


because they're original..cool.. and english..that pretty much makes them the best :P

Didn't have a very long parts, but they were still cool.

sry 'bout the other one I did I'm new here and I am just trying to know where everything is. so bare with me everyone. thanks embarrasment

Agent Smith is the bomb, so smooth smile

lil bitchiness
Trinity...cool, although twins kicked ass as well....wink

Morpheus is the man

Morph, although I must say I love smiddy

It really depends on which movie. The original id have to say Morpheus and Trinity, but they fell away a bit in the latter movies. Overall it would have to be Smith. The twins were cool too big grin

not anymore!!

i voted for neo, so thats cool

does anyone else love the way the trainman speaks, hes so funny wacko and so different from the other characters

I must sat.......... SMITH. He is sufficent at what he does. He was the one who knew how to stop that idiot, Neo.

Darth Revan
Hrrm tough decision, that one. The Twins rock. But I have to say Trinity. I like how she never says a whole lot at once. She just says whatever she has to say and gets it done. Also a lot of what she does and says is rather violent. That's cool:
"dodge this"
"How about you sample this instead?" *click*
"Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again."
"That's a nice trick."
I also like Cypher. He's cool in an evil kind of way. And the twins. "We are getting aggrevated" "Yes we are" the part where one of them gets shot like 10 times and isn't even phased is cool too. I also like Morpheus, but not as much as Trin and the twins.

Well, my choice wasn't listed which could be The Architect.

However, Neo would certainly be my next choice.

Darth Revan
Yes I agree. Trinity wasn't nearly as cool in Reloaded.

Darth Revan
Sorry for posting so many times in a row, but I have one more thing to say. Yes, Neo went through the door to save Trinity, but I got the impression that he saved humanity as well--the people on the ship didn't die. Trinity was WAY better in m1, except the freeway scene. She was too....girly. She didn't kill any agents. That was cool the bullettime scene where Neo is dodging the bullets he gets hit and says "Uh.. Trinity.. Help?" She looks to be nowhere in sight but then you hear "dodge this" and kablammo the guy's dead ha ha stupid agent never underestimate the power of the lady in the latex jumpsuit. So I guess what I'm trying to say here is: she was better in m1. Neo didn't kill off humanity. And agent Smith is really cool I love the way he talks with no emotion whatsoever. And I like the scene in m1 on the Nebachadnezzer where Trin says to Neo: "Well you know what I believe? I believe that Morpheus means more to me than he does to you. And if you're serious about saving him you're going to need my help. I also believe that as the ranking officer on this ship, if you don't like it you can go to hell." damn I love that line and those cold, emotionless gray eyes

Smith and the twins are 3 smooth dudes. Cypher is intelligent in an evil way and trinity has an unnerving power to kick the people who underestimate her's asses.hmm..gotta go with Neo because..well...he's Neo.

Darth Revan
Yes........ like I said already, never underestimate the lady in the latex jumpsuit.

burlyman> the trainman does speak kinda funny...and he reminds me of that character in home alone 2, that hobo...laughing out loud and smith also reminds me of that enemy in T2, the guy who's primarily dressed as a cop. He can transform into, or take over other peoples bodies.

Smith definitely.

Because, 1., he's the only bad man that, although we think he's annihiliated earlier, manages to survive and almost wins in the end. This never happened to any oppressed evil character in the Hollywood films I have seen.

And 2., he's a great, mature philosopher, Plato type, who proves that humans are the only relatives of viruses. Well one can argue that he becomes a virus himself afterwards, though not a creature, just some software, but by nature yes. He takes over the nature of his enemy, in order to fight it.

Mine has to be neo, he is just so cool and ver lucky to make it with trinity, lucky guy!!

I must add a third one: he is the utterly heroic figure, the only character that actually fights the causality of the programming philosophy of the matrix. He seems to defend causality in his statements, but in fact he fights it. Just as Neo and the others argue to defend choice but whatever they do, they cannot escape the causality, even they prove it to be true, giving the matrix another turn for survival. Were it for Smith, he would just destroy everything, including himself, forcing the architect (or whoever is in charge of the matrix) to shut down the system, which could perhaps be a better idea.

well yall know who i voted for roll eyes (sarcastic)

what do you think?

I can't find my vote here... I must not count.

ok whats your favorite and i'll put it on jemmett


ahhh there r too many of these threads!

korri> i think more than TOO MANY

exactly messed

Unbelieveable commitment, sacrificing self!...smile

My hero! love


no mine! miffed

smith totally roxxxx.hugo weaving has dun a beautiful job in this characterization..........and he is inevitable


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