Assassination Classroom

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This is Koro Sensei, the main anti-hero/antagonist of Assassination Classroom. The show is about this guy as the teacher of Class 3-E, the remedial class at a world famous private school.

The anime's only at three episodes so far, but I like it.

The premise is that Koro randomly blows up 70% of the moon one day(it seems he could have completely destroyed it if he felt like it), leaving it a crescent moon forever. Then he tells the World Government that in 1 year he will destroy the Earth as well. However, if they can kill him before the year is up, well he'll be dead and Earth is saved. He gives them this chance with the stipulation that they let him teach Class 3-E.

They accept with their own stipulation that he will not harm or kill the children as they try to assassinate him with specially made weapons designed to destroy Koro's cells. The person who does the deed gets 10 billion yen = 100 million USD.

Koro Sensei has several powers, but so far the only one clearly stated is that the max speed he can move and react to is Mach 20 and he has a rather powerful healing factor. It only takes a few seconds to completely regenerate from having a portion of his cells destroyed. How he obliterated the moon is unclear, but he mentioned blasting it so he potentially has massive energy manipulation abilities to so casually destroy 70% of the moon.

Oooh yes! I'm two volumes into the manga and I love it too.

It's great in that while at first glance it's a class of kids assigned to kill their teacher who can destroy the world- and, indeed, it is about that, but more than that, it's about learning, and what makes a good teacher to begin with.

It reminds me a lot of One Punch Man, with a majorly overpowered, but cartoonily drawn, protagonist, and a more realistically drawn surrounded class.

Class 3-E, btw, is the bottom class of the school (an elite school, so the kids are still smart) where those with bad grades or other problems go.

Yeah. It's their job to kill him, but at the same time it's acknowledged by the entire class that he's actually a pretty boss teacher. He knows all their subjects because he's some sort of super genius, and he takes time for each student if they need it. He even flew to a baseball game and sampled a start pitcher to compare him against a baseball loving student so he could tell him how to get better.

Now Hickman could learn a think or two about plot twists from the last chapter of this manga.

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