JFK Conspiracy?

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|King Joker|
So apparently the majority of Americans subscribe to the idea that John F. Kennedy's assassination was part of a larger conspiracy.


Do you think there's more to the story? What conspiracy theories do you subscribe to, if any? What do you think actually happened? WAS IT THE SOVIETS? THE CUBANS? LYNDON B. JOHNSON? THE SECRET ****ING SERVICE? COMMENT BELOW, PEOPLE!

Its always been a conspiracy!

|King Joker|
What do you think happened?

Originally posted by |King Joker|
What do you think happened?
He stopped discrimination
Few months later......
Gets assassinated....

They didn't like the fact he stopped white supremacy over blacks.

He believed MLK Jr was right in his attempts to stop it and "They? Thought he was a huge reliability to the service.

Joker? I didn't know you believed in the illuminati

|King Joker|
I don't.

Secret Service is highly recommended as the illuminati.

I don't know what happened, but there has always been one thing that bothered me. Why was Oswald let back into this country? For those who don't know, he was in the military and defected to Russia and said he was going to give out military secrets to the Russians. For whatever reason they let him come back to America. Not only that, but they let him bring a woman he had married in Russia who had been born there.

That just seems weird for them to let a defector come back, especially one involved in the military and who said he was going to give out military secrets.

I also wouldn't be surprised if LBJ and/or J. Edgar Hoover were somehow involved. Both had a lot to gain.

politicians of power who decided JFK was an un-nessacary risk or too dangerous because they want to gain favour of the mob, the people who were against racial segregation and the likes

and just like the roman senate JFK was killed for his ideals, almost like the Gracchi brothers. killed for their ideas and reforms

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There is way to much smoke around this incident for there to not be a conspiracy fire. At one point in my life i became excessively fascinated with this incident and it's conspiracy theories. After the research i did i found more questions than answers and most of the questions revolved around the evidence given to disclaim the "conspiracy theorists". Regardless of what happened it seems inarguable that Oswald was not working alone and whom ever helped him had a position/s of power. It's been a long time since i stopped wasting time researching conspiracies, even ones that seem to have credence. I think the biggest factors surrounding this incident that suggest a conspiracy are...,

The presidents corpse was mutilated negating an acceptable autopsy.

Just like the mutilation, almost directly after the incident, the presidents brain mysteriously disappeared.

Ballistic evidence is highly questionable, at best.

There were dozens of credible witnesses that support the grassy knoll theory.

The murders and deaths following the incident.

I'm also still fascinated by it. I know it happened a long time ago, but I feel like it's still important to try to find out as much a possible about it. It goes beyond the simple assassination of the president. If men in power at that time could pull that off..it just makes me wonder if the people in power now are of the same flock.

I still have no answer to why they let Oswald back into the country. That bothers me more then anything else.

Now I'm watching this 9 part documentary about it, most of it is on youtube. Here is a link to the first part if anyone is interested.


9 parts, with each nearly an hour long. Looks like I'll be up late tonight.

JFK was the best president. thumb up

Originally posted by BeyonderGod
JFK was the best president. thumb up

He was a popular president that is for sure, but he was far from the best. He was far from the worst as well. He very well could of been one of the best had he not been killed. I suppose that is the reason they killed him in the first place.

Which is why the idea of a conspiracy involving our government is so disturbing to me. Since it means they literally killed him for trying to change things, keep us out of war, etc.

Thats what they did. They killed him because of many reasons including trying to get rid of the federal reserve.

Agusto Pinochet
You've got to be a complete retard/gullible to believe Oswald acted alone.

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