Warha Star war and Halo. Who get the biggest di**

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Yhea between warhammer 40 000 star war or Halo.. Who get the biggest dick in term of exterminatus?


Do you agree?

(XD Star war get bigger missiles. And a sniper yhea a device that can snipe planets... With hyper space technology.)

HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLY ****ING SHIIIITTTT. Rakattas have ritual that could create Dark gods.... Yhea a rakattas can thank to this ritual became a dark side god..... This is with similar ritual tha Vitiate go immortal...

Since Rakatta technology is using the force to source shield weapons etc... IMAGINE A RAKATTAS SHIP? WELL IT GO LIKE A FORRUNER SHIP !!!!

Rakatan ships are small and easy to blow up.

Warhammer 40k ships are huge and massive, and should have the most power.

Modern SW ships are powerful, and by-far have the best Faster than Light system, allowing them a significant edge in a war. Much better than Rakatan ones all in all.

Halo ships are generally pretty fragile next to 40k or Star Wars ships. However, the Forerunners are more impressive than modern Halo stuff, and are quite dangerous.

jinXed by JaNx

World razor......
Me trying remind u.

Forerunners are above most things in 40K save for Chaos and WiH Necrons, questionably Pre-Fall Eldar too

UNSC and Covenant ships are almost useless next to most factions in 40K or SW, though

Save that talk for X Box live, kiddo, this a debating board

And celestians?

Yhea XBOX One V.S PS4

I have a link about it :
Qui a la plus grosse = who got the biggest? (Notice than thise is LA plus grosSE it's suggest than this is the biggest BITE = D*CK not duck DI** no no DICE.. Forget it...)

NB OSCAR the dog is a complete idiot so when he said than he prefer XBOX ONE... Don't listen to him...

I love Kinect : anal prope.
Because, yhea just because. Ocar the dog love be anal probed. He by the most expansive one.

And yhea he's frenchisation of the english... How horrible... But it is a part of the chatacter he is dumb... But he is true in what he says.....

Why didn't you make the title 40K? That makes more sense than "warha". erm

I've a firend who prefer warha to 40K... Because warhammer is not warhammer 40 000...

I know. Warhammer is a more fantasy, medieval lean, but if you're talking about 40K, why not use 40K?

Because I'm used to...
I just prefer Warha. It's so kawaï. Chibi warhammer 40 000 !

you are talking about XD Star war gets bigger missiles. Warhammer 40k ships are huge and massive and should have the most power.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.