Can anybody explain to me everything they know and understand about Smith?

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If anyone can tell me everything they know about our Smith, as in what happened to him and what roles he may play in future movies,I would be much oblidged! wink

well...i know neo...deleted him in the first one. I don't know anything about how he appeared back into the matrix. he seems to not be linked with the normal agents anymore..and he can saw how.
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i think that part of neo became implanted into smith at the end of the first movie, and the other way around. at the very end of reloaded, we see the hacker that smith had taken over, the guy with the goatee. he's the only survivor of the counter offense that failed because of a premature emp blast. obviously smith was the one to set it off, buy why didn't he die with all of the others? and more importantly, why was he unconscious just as neo was?

also, if you've seen the trailer to revolutions at the end of reloaded, there is a HUGE showdown between neo and the original seems to be the most signifigant point of the movie

..yet to be seen in revolution. But it's interesting to follow the part of neo having powers outside the matrix,

very much so. i think that smith and neo have some sort of a bond between them

no, man!...neo's with trinitystick out tongue

maybe there will be some 3some action in the 3rd movie! laughing

well.....therew was that 300(or whatever) agents against one, in revolution. Isn't that enough?..yuckstick out tonguesick

a homosexual orgy? yeah i wouldn't want to see that either

i also think that neos power to manipulate the matrix has "rubbed off" on agent smith, and right now one of the way agent smith manipulates the matrix is by duplicating himself.

I did notice the fight between Neo and Smith in the Revolutions trailer with all the other "Smith's" lined along the street looked wicked.

I think Smith will play a part in the matrix's undoing.

i believe it'll be an intertwining combination of Neo, Trinity, Persephone, and Smith for the undoing of the matrix

I think that eventually Smith will inhabit every person in the matrix!! Just like a virus he will copy himself till the whole system crashes.

dunno...but now..he did find a way to get out of the matrix. I didn't get this.....if the operator saw that the guy was transformed into an agent..why did he ring to get him??

well, the operator didn't know what was goin on. just as Link didn't. and he probably started the ringing right before or during the copy. ( i don't remember when the phone started ringing exacly)

And Remeber this,..Agent Smith is a deleted program. He does'nt run around with the Other Agents, so they cannot see him on the program.Just like the Oracle, dont you think they would just locate her by looking for her code, instead of waiting for her to contact them.

Also did anyone notice in the Trailer for part 2, that Not ONLY was Hundreds of Smith's Lined up in the Streets, but there must have been MILLIONS of Smith's....BECAUSE you can EVEN seen his copies standing in EVERY WINDOW in the skyscrapers in the Background of the scene.

So who ever said, he'd Populate the Earth or every slave in the Matrix as himself...You may be right.

Lets jump to the Next step. If Smith can inhabit someones physical Body, Im Betting that if he ACTUALLY WAS TO COPY HIMSELF ONTO EVERY SLAVE, inhabiting the Matrix, that Regardless if the Matrix was Destroyed, his abilities, would STILL be able sustain the lives of the people He joined with.

Sort of like how he did with Bane, but in this case, he'd save the world.

the matrix would fall if he'd duplicate himself too much..the system wouldn't be working

Captain REX
I think it would be thousands, not millions.

After all, the word is a big place.

smith's become what he hates the most. a virus. he is a plague to the system. following along with what he himself said in the first movie, the machines are the cure. Now that makes you think. I believe that since neo and smith have in a way switched roles. Neo, more program like, and smith more human like. Neo is the cure.

Thus the signifigance of the final fight between the two.

as far as i can tell smith is another " anomoly" just like neo is.
Happy Dance although in revolutions trailer, it shows Neo and Smith fighting. so this is to prove that Neo has to beat smith in order to save zion. - hence the anomoly choice, if Smith is an anomoly too then that makes 2 anomoly's and Neo's going back to source isn't going to make a damn bit of difference. personally i hope that the twins come and and kill smith, cause i think that smith is a mindless **********.

no..i think he has his plan.
"- it's all happening as before
- well....not exactly" big grin...i love these lines

yo ash, why do you have smith as an avatar then?

overall, did u all like the movie?

yea the movie rocked. and smith is cool.

"Yes, me. Me...Me...Me.."
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just " - me too", no "and"

Tevesh bad Dexx

neo's the one and smith is the zero its binary code neo needs to reunite with the source to continue the matrix but if smith reunites with the source it will shut it down
binary code 1 is on 0 is off

whoa squarn. thats a really good analogy. it actually makes sense, even if the Wach. Bros dont put that in, they should. thumb up koodos

There is only one anomaly, Neo. in every other anomaly, we have to assume that the same thing happened, with the anomaly and the agent. Therefore, i beleive Smith to be a virus, and i think he will, or will try to, take over everyone in the matrix, making him the "cataclysmic system crash". Also, we see that Bane and Neo are fighting in the LOGOS, making me think Neo figures out Smiths secret. Smith has become an Agent unplugged, no longer bound to the rules, but still deadly, even more so no that he takes over the other agents

The Omega

"I dont know how it happened, maby some part of you copied on to me"
neo was maby a complete code and gave his zeros if you will to smith as you where saying Omega, and now they are a single being. thats why he was always asking neo if he was suprised when he sees him and neo says no. also I think smith can copy him self because of the way the agents are able jump in and out of any thing still wired to the system but since hes "unplugged" he cant jump back out of the person hes in so he stays copied in them. this may also be why smith can "fly?"

wow, that would be cool indeed.

like the anomaly has some sort of code that contains The One and 'The Virus', which is inserted into some entity in the Matrix. it's a good way to force The One to choose the right door.


Programs hacking programs. Why?

They have there reasons....

Wonder what this makes Neo - if you think about it smile


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