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I will paint a scene and we will role play our parts. No foul language or aggressivness to other roleplayers (take it outside!), and no killing other role players unless it's a duel, then you just injure them. Abide to the plot (so if you're leg is broken then you can't kick someone with that leg, obviously) and don't fight unless it's unfair and remember that you heal after 7 of you're posts (not in a row, those will be counted as one) and if anyone feels excluded then contact me because excluding counts as aggressiveness. Remember to have fun. You can chose one character below or make up a realistic character (Sith can't have Jedi abilities and Non-force wielders can't own lightsabers, just vibroblades unless you're an imperial trooper) that I will approve but no relationships starting here, in other words NO ONLINE DATING!

Here are the characters to chose unless filled:

Boba Fett: BobaFett117

Stormtrooper(any kind): unoccupied

Darth Vader (aggressiveness is OK here but no killing): unoccupied

Sith Inquisitor: unoccupied

Imperial Spy: unoccupied

Dark Trooper (it's a droid so doesn't feel pain): unoccupied

Dengar: unoccupied

Bossk: unoccupied

Scout trooper: unoccupied

Imperial guard or Sith guard: unoccupied

General Veers: unoccupied

Tie Fighter Pilot or AT-AT pilot: unoccupied

Imperial Officer: well what do you think

Now this is the plot: At an Imperial base on Ord Mantell, a threat of a rebel attack calls for the remaining bounty hunters to come help before, during, and after the assault. General Veers is called forth along the Sith Inquisitor and the man in black himself, Darth Vader, need to help as missions must be down before like sabotages, espionages, and infiltration missions.

In case you haven't learned from above, this is imperial only.

Note that RPG and RP are different and the title auto corrected to RPG when I typed RP.

There is a forum voor RPG...

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.