Kmc's Very Public War 3-way Bz!!!11!

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Martian_mind wrote on Mar 30th, 2015 08:14 AM:
Hey mate, thanks for helping out with all this. It's a damn shame it all feel to shit. Anyways, here is my OP.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event. Allow me to introduce my champion.

Standing at 6 feet and three inches of steel and sex appeal, and weighing in at an erotic 220 pounds (Maybe, who knows, he's a ****ing robot) gird your loins for the exciting debut of V for Vendetta!

Amalgam = Body:Vision
Powers: Vulcan

Alright, so my amalgam is a combination of two unsung heavyweights, one of them an avengers mainstay with the strength and durability to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Wonderman...

...and the ability to become utterly intangible, which is what I will be doing the second the second prep is allowed, and continuing to do for the duration of the fight, if it proves necessary.

So, that's the Vision side taken care of. I am untouchable from energy or physical attacks, and thanks to Vision's robotic nature, I am also immune to any telepathic assaults my foes might attempt to make.

As another plus, I am not limited to being wholly intangible or tangible. If I wish, I can leave the rest of me phased, while slipping my hands into my enemies for some juicy, juicy damage.

I highly doubt either of my esteemed opponents can mount a believable defence or offence against such tactics alone, let alone when they are bolstered by the other side of my amalgam...


Now, Vulcan is probably the best straight up energy-manipulator in the Low-herald tier. He has been able to absorb- redirect energy assaults from the likes of Cyclops


Black Bolt

And even the mystical energies of Adam Warlock. My amalgam is so adept that even magic is just another type of energy to be manipulated

...So right off the bat, I can safely say that any energy they can output, I can both control, and exceed. Should they happen to be entirely powered by a source of energy, I am also fully capable of removing that power from them, should the desire take me.

So, as it currently stands, I am an untouchable, energy-wielding god. I cannot be harmed by anyone in this battle, and can incinerate my enemies at will. Vulcan's energy manipulation means that Vision's solar-powered body will never run out of energy, while Vision's bionic nature means that if it really comes down to it, I can literally wait until my opponents die of old age. Not necessary or exciting, but hey, good to keep your options open. Even if they can manage to somehow strike a blow, it will be of little to no consequence, as not only is Vision comprised of thousands of self-sufficient nanites...

...But Vulcan is also able to reconstruct himself from horrendous wounds.

So there is no way they can put me down. At all. Not through energy, psychics, magic, physical assaults or any sort of attack they manage to land. Whereas I am able to blast them to pieces, or phase rip through their hearts, entirely at my leisure.

In closing, my opponents are facing invincibility. There is no way that they can win.

Good luck to you boys.

psycho gundam wrote on Mar 28th, 2015 03:30 AM:
Miss Martian + Doomsday (DOS) =.....

The Martian Kryptonianhunter

-Prep phase

Simply goes into intangible/invisible wraith mode

-On the field

Basic battle strategy on the onset is to sink into the environment all the while using telepathy and Martian senses to keep track of things, no need to be hasty.

This battle may be a 3-way type thing so I can wait it out and demolish whomever I please at any given time and/or direct this show to my liking via my character's telepathy against any susceptible opponents while undetectable on a few fronts.
(Disguised at star-spangled kid)






None of my opponents can see me (that too) in these categories

Let the hunt begin

this should be interesting..... smile

psycho gundam
3 Things

1) Martian intangibility isn't the same as Vision's or even Shadowcat's. Vision's issues with phasing were addressed by Graviton himself when he said that there were still molecules that are affected by gravity left over and still susceptible to his gravity powers which is apparently true as advertised. Vision literally flies by lowering his density and gets carried by the wind like a discarded bag. Martians shunt their molecules to another dimension and have a ghost image of themselves that are completely immaterial, so there isn't anything for gravity to interact with and that means Graviton has no influence.

2) Let's just say Martians phased the same way. The only reason Graviton said Vision couldn't phase was because gravity would still affect him and it would launch his molecules into the slab. Martians don't have to worry about getting splattered as they're just as sturdy as a puddle as they are humanoid being that they're shapeshifters, plus well I have Doomsday's strength and tenacity added to the mix.

3) Thank you for eliminating MM's Vision combo for me minus telepathic prodding....but that's going to happen anyway to your team, Supermutant

You won't even know my character is even there since you can't see him nor feel his presence through the gravitational force about Graviton. You're blind and naked to telepathy. You can do all you want to MM's amalgam and when you're done you just get made amnesiac telepathically and then cold-cocked by a super-dense Superman killing punch

All right, let's address some of this misinformation.

Originally posted by Supermutant
Metamutant Post # 1

As expected Savage Force is up against some tough competition, but with his prep and powers this match is already over.

Remember that doing prep phrase I have a gravimetric field set up over the entire battlefield and can sense any change in said field, including my opponents change in density.

The above scan shows that Graviton has absolute control over those who turn intangible, "as long as you have mass--any mass at all no matter how little--you are affected by gravity and that make Graviton your master." Guess what my opponents did at the start of this match:

So really I win this match right here, as SF either trapped them both in their intangible state like Graviton did with Moonstone above or Vision (who has the misfortune of being in the match)below. Or SF disperse their atoms with a surge of antigravitons.

Furthermore in my OP I already showed scans of Vision being held captive and just the right frequency of intensified gravity, so that if he remained intangible his atoms would be drawn into the stone slab and trap there. So Vision is basically my plaything, and so is Miss Martian who both went intangible from the start.

All right, what we have here is a classic case of overreaching and underestimation. While it is true that Vision was held by Graviton in the past, (To no visible harm, I might add.) This is not Vision. This is Vision's body, backed by the power of an omega-class energy wielder.

All Mutant has offered is the idea that he could trap me within the earth. Considering I am capable of obliterating anything that might surround me without turning solid, that is really no problem whatsoever.

Not only that, as I have already shown, Vulcan is capable of mastering and controlling energies that are foreign to him within seconds.

Now, I won't try and argue that I can entirely wrest away control of gravity from Mutant. I will argue, however, that I am more than capable of resisting him long enough to launch a counterattack (If it can be called that, as at best he can merely harmlessly restrain me)

As to what that counterattack is? Well, that is simple. Sauron runs on energy. If it should be taken from him, not only does he lose consciousness, but he reverts to weak and vulnerable form.

Vulcan is an omega-class energy manipulator, who can siphon away the power of an entire race, and usurp Adam Warlocks magic. Sauron is big lizard who can drain a few jets. There is no comparison. If I want the energy that is stored within that lizard, I'm going to have it, and he is going down for the count. Even beyond this obvious advantage, I have the option of simply shutting down my opponents nervous system, an attack against which he has no feasible defence.

So Mutant is either ending up completely drained of energy, or brain dead. Whichever works best.

Good thing, since your strategies fallen to shit.

Now, I'm not certain what he thinks is happening here. My characters immunity to all forms of mental control has already been established, and he has offered no argument to counter that.

Not to mention, this is a three-way battle. Does he really think he can control Gundam, fighting M'gann's telepathy, while also avoiding my attempts at an energy drain/ shutting down his mind? Do you really believe he could do that?

So we are now also adding teleportation to the mix? You're stretching yourself very thin, especially considering you've been completely drained of energy and mentally shut down. Can you even prove that Graviton is capable of a city-wide dome while shunting? Jumping to the sun is one thing, but can you show the precision necessary to negotiate a busy city? I doubt it. You've stretched yourself too far, and you have suffered for it.

Yeah, as we've established, you aren't draining shit. My control over energy leaves your pitiful efforts flailing in the dust, much like your character will be,

Not sure you understand how energy works. Either way, this is manifestly incorrect, as I am not trapped, not harmed, and you have been left dryer than Betty White's wrinkled old snatch.

This is wholly irrelevant, as I have already shown that I possess the capability to resist you through energy manipulation alone, not to mention that I am still perfectly safe in my intangible state. You aren't crushing anything son.

Time to step up your game kiddo. You're falling behind.

psycho gundam
Part 1

Sorry for the slight delay, guys. I've been working during the long weekend.

Anyway some stuff from my last post that I didn't touch on:

I'll let Charlotte tell it

Originally posted by Charlotte DeBel
Also, MM and Kitty use different methods of phasing, MM basically becomes "living astral projection" while shunting his mass into another dimension, Kitty disperses her molecules using electromagnetic field (that's why Magneto was able to screw with her powers).
Martian Manhunter, Vision and Kitty all use three different types of phasing (extradimensional mass shunting\electromagnetic dispersion of one's own molecules\density control)- just cause one method failed on Hulk, doesn't mean anything else is doomed to fail.

But more to your point

Originally posted by Supermutant

Furthermore in my OP I already showed scans of Vision being held captive and just the right frequency of intensified gravity, so that if he remained intangible his atoms would be drawn into the stone slab and trap there. So Vision is basically my plaything, and so is Miss Martian who both went intangible from the start.

Alone that looks like curtains for Martian_mind but you left out the part where the Vision comes back in the same comic after being dispersed and beats an AMPED Graviton, amped beyond any post or prior showings:

Now that undoubtedly helps my other opponent but it also helps me as based on the "IF" Martian intangibility is congruent with what you'r character needs to act as you've argued reforming from distortion of large damage is a lot more believable:

J'onn escapes the Lasso by liquefying his form and then reverting to normal

He's also compressed himself to cellular size to combat Starro

Miss Martian getting shot in the face and instantly reforming as if nothing happened

Concerning Sauron's TK defense

Originally posted by Supermutant
lol no, Sauron has very sufficient mental defenses some of which I have already shown. Plus the TP limit is capped at Emma and I already showed what happen to Jean Grey when she tried telepathy/mental attack against Sauron. Jean's telepathy >/= Emma. Here it is again below plus that was at a time when Sauron's human host Karl Lykos desired to be free so he was helping Jean. Now Lykos accepts/likes to be Sauron, so his mental resistance is even greater.

So if Miss M tries telepathy on me, its more likely she will sustain psychic damage from the backlash like Jean. The important thing for the judges is that I have sufficient mental defense for the TP cap of this match.

3 things

1) That 1st scan is from the 60's and Jean Grey was taught to use her telepathy a whopping 19 issues before that, so you're basically saying that a novice Jean Grey is greater than a current Emma Frost with decades of telepathy feats that define the TP cap. LOL

2) She didn't use telepathy on him in that scene it was telekinesis, she even uses it on Iceman right after to the same effect

3) The second scan was actually an amped Sauron fueled by the mutant energies of two characters in a machine to power him up and then Jean went into Lykos' mindscape in the astral plane, something that Miss Martian won't even have to deal with at all. Just straight up global level
telepathy to control him.

psycho gundam
Part 2

About Graviton

He's mentally unstable and can be easily taken down via suggestion, though in this case it's a heavier handed approach but let's look at how he deals with suggestion

Moonstone's words minus telepathy were enough to get through to him

And a cheap trick did this

Suggestion is enough to make him implode on himself.

Originally posted by Supermutant
Again not looking at my scans, I would very much love for DD to use that much force against me b/c like Thor below:

Thor attack Graviton with a direct hammer strike and was easily knocked on his rear w/o Graviton so much as moving a finger. Its b/c Graviton controls the force behind the blow and can repel the attack back at the attacker. That means that DD will ko/kill himself with the force of his own Superman killing punch.

On top of straight up ruining Graviton's day, She'd even shit on Sauron's best efforts with ease:

But I'd personally just control Graviton to beat Martian_mind and then himself

psycho gundam
Scan fix post

Put the wrong link in the Vision scans

My reply, PT 1 (As it was too long for a single post)

Well, lot's of interesting scans from Gundam right there. As I said, Mutant stretched himself too thin, without enough to back it up. He made himself a target, and has ensured that he will be taken down long before his strategies come to fruition. Still, I guess I should deal with his latest cluster****.

Originally posted by Supermutant
Metamutant Post 2B

Now, lets make a note here that MM made a huge mistake in focusing his first attack/post against me, b/c he is really fighting PG at this point.

Hardly. PG has explicitly stated he'll be directing his efforts at you. Your first mistake was the assumption that his character is a raging beast. It is an amalgam, with Miss Martian's mind as part of the mix. It is far from mindless, and will target the deuchebag trying to **** with gravity.

All of which means...what exactly? You'll know my boot is firmly up your arse? As is now apparent, all you've done is ensure your downfall. I'm draining your energy, while Gundam has proved that your claims of mental resistance are sketchy at best. You're ****ed son.

None of it was in the OP, and none of it is in this post.

Neither of us is attacking you physically. I'm siphoning the energy that fuels you, while Gundam is raping your mind. So all of this is as irrelevant as the rest of your post. As to the atomic dispersion, your scan clearly shows that I need to be near you for that to work. If you come near me, that simply makes it easier for me to drain your energy, or shut down your synapses. (An attack which Mutant has conveniently forgotten to suggest any defense against.)

Again, you yourself have claimed you won't be getting near me, so atomic dispersion isn't happening. As to the other scan, that merely shows a KO'ed Vision. That was not due to atomic dispersion.

Considering Gundam is attacking your mind while I attack your energy, I'd say I'm very much ok, while you are most considerably deceased. Overreaching son. It's bad for you.

Sure he can. I'm an omega energy manipulator, remember? It's more than likely that I will be able to offer some resistance (Though it will be unnecessary, seeing as PG will be balls-deep inside your mind and ****ing up any efforts you might be making.) Even with all that aside, I am still phased nanotech, with the ability to reconstruct myself. Falling cars and building won't do shit, and even if you could compress me, that's hardly going to harm nanotech, now is it?

....? You really don't understand how energy or Vulcan works, do you? I don't need outside energy. I am perfectly capable of generating my own, and I would challenge you to ever find a scan or Vulcan's personal reserves running out. That I can manipulate all forms of energy on top of that is just gravy. Not to mention that there is no reason for me to be blasting debris, considering I'm phased, and that PG has already said he'll be concentrating on you, so that's another hole in the swiss-cheese that is your plan.

Not all energy manipulators are created equal son. I was able to wrestle control away from Black Bolt and Adam Warlock, two of the best in the business. Can Moonstone claim the same? And was Graviton repelling a mental assault at the same time in that scan, as your character will be? I doubt it.

End PT 1

My Reply PT 2

...Or have offered counters on every conceivable level, while your floundering to preserve a failing strategy.

Sauron had to touch Storm to achieve that effect. Coming near me isn't something you're willing to do. And you can call it what you want, but energy is energy to Vulcan.

As to Life energy specifically...

Seems awfully similar, considering they felt the connection sever as his life ended. Omega.Level.Manipulator. You are not safe from me, and I will drain you.

Correct. I drain you once, and it's all over.

You aren't taking anything. You have failed to show Sauron resisting an energy-drain on the level I'm presenting, while I have offered a mass of evidence to show that I am more than capable of what I claim.

Manifestly incorrect. You are being assaulted on two fronts, and in both cases you are woefully undefended.

Does 'strengthened and fortified' mean, 'completely ****ing demolished'. where you come from?

To which of the two scans are you referring, and can you provide evidence to this claim? As is, Vision has still declared himself immune, and demonstrated it twice. Either way, you won't be hypnotizing anyone, not energy-drained and brain-dead.

Except PG has blown that strategy to shit, hasn't he? You aren't controlling dick, and as is now painfully clear, you have no scans to back up your teleportation.

I'll take this as a concession that your teleportation has failed. What you showed was Graviton latching on to the greatest source of gravitational pull in our solar system. There is nothing there to suggest that he can travel in such a fashion with any sort of precision, especially since the sun is referenced as the anchor point. So, no teleport for you.

None of those things are happening. You got greedy son, and have ended up with nothing.

You haven't showed anything that I haven't countered mostly with my OP alone. The fact that you believe you are perfectly safe in your intangible state after I showed scans in my op of Vision's atoms being dispersed and being ko shows how far behind you really are.

You countered nothing. I have shown that one of your skills (Teleportation) is complete bullshit. PG has shown that you are vulnerable to his telepathy, and throughout your whole post you conveniently ignored my ability to shut down your nervous system. You are broken and defeated by this point. The match is now myself and PG, who might share a beer over your fallen corpse, depending on how we're feeling.

Now, on to PG.

My most esteemed competition has one of his most offensive abilities rendered useless right off the bat.

So his TP, which helped cripple mutant, is of no consequence here.

As to whether of not he can hit me, well, that is up to interpretation. He has gone out of his way to show that our phasing works differently, which would suggest that he is no more capable of striking me than I am of striking him. This leaves me with my energy assaults, and him with..nothing. Literally,he cannot harm me. His shapeshifting, his strength, his speed, all useless. And if he wants to try and hide through invisibilty, well....

...I can find him anywhere.

So, how will I put my helpless prey down? Simple. He is an amalgam. He possess the mind of Doomsday, and a Martian. You know what is one mental weakness that all Martians share?

Fire. And what creates fire? Heat. What is heat?


I'm lighting up the battlefield like a Sunday Barbecue. All of it will burn.

Now, when a Martian phases, some matter still remains. Even if it didn't, that wouldn't matter. The mere sight of fire, hell, even intense heat, has served to completely cripple Martians, and rob them of their power. How do you think PG will react to being surrounded by it? His Martian half will crumble, and the wild, primal nature of DOS will be of no help at all.

^That's Proteus, leader of the White Martians, losing his powers simply due to the heat found underground. I could show countless more examples, but Martian weakness to fire is extremely well-known and well documented. Once the flames appear, so will my opponent, both vulnerable and powerless. The option of shutting down his nervous system is there, and I will try that. Should you doubt it's viability, as the scene above shows, all it will take is one good punch/energy blast in his weakened state.

Basically, I have won. My original point of untouchability, combined with exotic and massive energy output, makes this an easy and inevitable win.

psycho gundam
Supermutant's character has no defense against mindrape that is not just global in scope but also faster on the quick draw second one of the fight.

I mentioned that Sauron was beefed up by both Cyclops and Havok's mutant energies when he had Jean in the astral plane and mind you, Jean was actually reeling from a head injury the entire time and would have taken him out without that issue, she couldn't even stop him or free herself cause of it.

Adding to her injury and Sauron's amp from TWO mutants, Jean was trying to be compassionate with the man trapped inside the entire time and when it was all said and done in the astral plane she just let him live:

End of the comic. Miss Martian even has the ability to reverse even Sauron's hallucinations or just flat out cancel them anyway

And about that mindscape thing as a Sauron mind defense, there was this panel. Well imagine this time IF that same Jean were in that same scenario but this time she's an amalgam with Doomsday.... Basically he'd beat the everloving piss out of him and he'd die in his mind again.

Here's Doomsday treating Darkseid's top shooter like a sled dog would a lamb shank after finishing the Iditarod, then he has a standoff with Darkseid himself who shows signs of doubt on his chances the same thing won't happen to him (and his uncle, too :lolsmile:

All of that at high intensity

That's the end of Sauron's "plethora of telepathy defense feats" and the hopes that his character can prevent getting taken down/over right off the bat.

As for MM:

psycho gundam
Okay so this post is about how savage my amalgam will be and how holding back isn't in the question

Miss Martian like all Martians share the same powers but their society is separated by their doctrine: Green are about peace and the white martians are about conquest. Miss Martian is green due to her ways but her future self that resides in her psyche is a true white Martian all about murder and torment. After a long bout of that psyche surfacing in the way of visions that speak to only her, her white Martian half came forth in the physical after having a scuffle with a villain:

The point is that now since she's amalgamated with none other than the man who ran through the Justice league and killed Superman with his bare hands her white Martian heritage wouldn't be fettered in any way.

Her white Martian mind
isn't even bothered by flame since that weakness is just a mental restriction rather than a strictly antithesis to her physiology, and of course on top of all that Doomsday laughs in the face of fire

However, Miss Martian has beaten even her future self with said untapped potential

Another thing is her ability to morph her body's shape into weaponry and with those abilities associated with Doomsday's bony protrusions that are able to tear into Superman, it's pretty useful, all at full-on rape speed
Originally posted by psycho gundam
As for MM:

^ Energy soak feats, not to mention the Radiant ordeal from the past.

-Mindrapes second 1
-Ignores pain
-Will reform from all damage
-Fastest on the field
-Best stealth
-Strongest by far


leo's vote

ok, random thoughts as i was reading through this b!tch of a match:

--graviton is a beast, seems to have things well in hand, but...gravity won't save him from energy manip or tp....vulcan was about the worst possible match up for a graviton/sauron mix as he could conceivably counter both powersets if he is highlighted and said to attempt to do so.....sauron's resistance to tp may be an issue. sauron was a risky pick. can vulcan override graviton's gravitic control? can vulcan overpower sauron's own draining ability? can sauron counter mgann's powerful tp??

--pg's opening was very simple and safe. could prove costly? don't think the gravity assault would have affected him as he was below the city--city was domed and gravity was said to have been increased IN the city, not below it...mgann's tp def has the range to affect SF.

--vulcan would be immune or at least very highly resistant to tp--vulcan has high resistance already and add the android immunity on top of it-i don't buy he would be hypnotized, and i don't think mgann is proven powerful enough to say convincingly she could by-pass his resistance.... after OP's seems martian has the advantage--he could arguably battle both gravity control and draining while being mostly immune to tp

--not buying the tactic of getting martian and pg to fight--mgann's mind wouldn't just blindly lash out and if both WERE forced into a face-to-face, seems both would turn their aggression on the one forcing them....

--def not buying the combat teleporting of graviton

--physical attacks will NOT win this match....

--vision appears to have required contact with a shield to be dispersed...

--vulcan doesn't 'run out of energy', ever and i am convinced he would def have the energy control edge over sauron and not be drained, while he could certainly contend with graviton's gravity control, if not overcome it. that means graviton would be in trouble as he would be focused on keeping control of gravity. by seemingly making himself a target, between energy drain/control from vulcan and mind attacks by mgann, mutant seems to be in trouble

--i agree early jean used TK as shown in the second scan and not TP and sauron appeared to be amped in a way he would not be here at the start

--seems a stalemate between mm and pg--fire plan is a good one...

--not buying the quickdraw from pg--opening was too meager, indicated he was just waiting to see what was happening so he will have forfeited initiative

--could dd adapt before vulcan drained some of his energy as the fire hinders mgann?? the white martian mind made her immune to fire briefly, but was the immunity sustained??

--since no one showed evidence to suggest the fire immunity was ever removed, forced to believe that she would be immune to a fire attack....

--conclusions: graviton was likely shown to be the most powerful in the fight but there are counters to his power--namely tp and uber energy manip ability--mgann and vulcan have those. forcing them to fight each other was not a good tactic--both are smart enough to turn on graviton and both have range powers that will be able to impact graviton. i don't think sauron could drain the omega energy manipulator, but could drain dd, weakening him physically, but mgann's tp would still work. mutant is being attacks on too many fronts imo to last

--i think martian could have learned to adapt/control gravity and actually used that in the match against pg (like he turned adam's magic against him...) but.... martian didn't go for that, and instead tried fire. the question then became--was what pg showed a true indication that miss martian has lost her vulnerability to fire?? if so, that means neither mm nor pg can really hurt each other at the outset of their fight. the big question now becomes can vulcan somehow weaken dd/mgann before dd can adapt to vision's intangibility (i don't buy that mgann is powerful enough to overcome vulcan/vision tp resistance)??

--after some wrangling, gonna give this in the end to psycho

--i think martian had options here, but really never elaborated much nor offered options to the fire-based attack. i do not believe for a second that the fire weakness is gone, but since pg's scans went unchallenged, and i can only base my vote off of what happened IN THE MATCH. while i think this was martian's to win (and he may have had he decided to finish with a last post), i'm left to go off what was shown and say dd would likely adapt a way to hit vision before vulcan/vision amalgam could force him to solidify or weaken him sufficiently. very close though, and some good possibilities left on the table. too bad everyone didn't use all posts and unfortunate the way things fell out. it was an entertaining match regardless, and a very difficult one to figure. well done by all involved imo.


congrats to our winner MARTIAN MIND!!11!! clapping

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