Star vs. The Forces of Evil

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Newest Animation along the DisneyXD block. Anybody hear of it? Catch the premiere? Magic is heavy, so things can be expected to be over the top, but it's been pretty funny so far.

It's hilarious. And despite there being magic everywhere, it has some real moments.

Like when Princess Pony Head goes to reform school after dimension hopping to spite her dad, King Pony Head, he goes " have em' and then. Then you just wish they weren't around."


So Marco's cursed now. That's a thing. haermm

I'm digging it so far!

I love it! The opening music is amazing, there's a cool Hispanic protagonist, Star is crazy as hell and makes an awesome partner with Marco. The promo had me worried at first thinking Marco was just gonna be a wimp that tags along just for Star to save but when he bust out his karate I literally cheered out loud, also his house was a bit on the "Mexican" side with the cactus and stuff but then I looked at my yard and saw the cactus and figured it's based on fact lol.

His family is clearly proud of their Hispanic heritage, which I think is pretty cool they made it so blatantly obvious. His parents accent, the way they dress, etc...

It's a pretty cool show. Also the ending song is just adorable.

Anyone one want to hazard a guess on how long it takes for all the puppies to disappear?

Star has no feats. The forces of evil take this mid-difficulty.

Here's a disturbing thought:

Star is essentially a gender bended Coop from MegasXLR. Impulsive protagonist, casual misuse to outright abuse of doomsday weapon, a philosophy on blowing things up to solve all of life's problems.

Plus the constant battles with recurring villains who want their plot device, and the surrounding environment usually getting the worst of it..

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