Has anyone seen the Animatrix?

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I have not seen them. What are they about? Are they any good?

I heard they are pretty cool.
But seeing as I dont have DSL I wont bother dl them.
I'm sure they will make it on the DVD

I think it already is on DVD.

i think they come out on dvd here in a week or two. i have seen the previews for them and some of the short films look pretty good, but some dont.

they're gonna be on dvd and vhs from june, i think. Round here they broadcast them on a tv channel. Is aw the first episode last week. The one with the destruction of osiris.....very good graphics (not quite final fantasybig grin but it's great also)
Hope they'll put them all on.....thy're short though....10 mins an episode.

yes. comes out in the states on June 3rd...look awesome. i've seen 4 the short films. i believe that there are 9

only 9?...90 minutes???..poodoo

but the quality of all the films are great...at least for the ones that i've seen anyway

bwah..only seen the first one.....do the regular characters appear in it?
shit..i have to get the bootleg

the detective story has trinity in it...i don't know about the rest

Darth Vicious
Im looking forward to buying the DVD, i believe the "Last Flight of the osiris"is there since it was mentioned in the movie im also wondering if they gonna show how Neo freed that guy from Zion, the one that was following him around all the time!

I cant wait to see them, i think im going to buy it.

Captain REX
I might buy it too. So it's CGI like Final Fantasy?

Got them preordered! 9 episodes bout 10 min each released in the states on june 3rd. First episode, Flight of the Osiris, is CGI like Final Fantasy the others I believe are more anime style. They had a show on MTV2 that had previews of them all, was a pretty cool show. As far as if the regular peeps are in them I did see that one , think it was called "The Program" had Trin and Morph fighting each other in one of the loading programs when Trin first came to the real world. Looked wicked with a samurai type fight right down to the clothes. Now I was in and out so don't take this to the bank, so to speak.

I did here that there is one episode that shows that Darth. Think its called "The Kid". If sources are correct, he is the only one to free himself from the matrix

They just showed Final Flight of the Osiris on tv over here. It was cool enough.

yeah..same here...hope they show them all

I went today to www.whatisthematrix.com they have 4 episodes to download. Think I'm going to wait and buy the DVD though and see them all at once.

yeah. i've seen the 4 available for download. they are all good. detective story was the worse in my opinion

I love anime so this will be a treat for me...Matrix+Anime=happiness for Chico.

Big DBZ fan btw.

anime is great. matrix is great. together, they are just plain great!

cowboy bebop is my favorite

i also saw the last flight of Osiris, they had it just before the Dreamcatcher.

they have a lot of 'em on kazaa...didn't check how many..but probably over 4

I just saw the first part of Second Renaissance. Disappointing. Full of cliched ideas sci-fi writers have been using from Asimov onwards but with no style to save it. The "robot murder trial' starting the whole thing off is SUCH a cliche that people like Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (Red Dwarf) have even parodied it.

In fact, frankly, Asimov makes this plot look like a schoolchild's work. I know it is not exactlymeant to be a masterpiece but I was hoping for something less predictable. At least The Terminator made an effort with Skynet.

I shall watch the second part now but at this point humans look so much like the bad guys one wonders why we are rooting for them in the films...

Happy Dance I just came home from seen it. I loved it, the effects the trama, the lines everything execpt for one little thing its a tobe continues movie!!! NOOOOOO!!!!1 sad confused huh eek! oh lord but it was good anyways

I think you posted in the wrong thread there, crazykat...

Anyway, I would not recommend bothering with Second Renaissance. It's piss-poor really and there is not a thing in it that you could not have imagined yourself. The animation is ok but there is good animation all around.

Humans not only evil but also extremely stupid- and both past the point of credibility.

Ushgarak , i think you are trying to hard to relate the movie with these sort of supplements to the movie(but that I mean these animatrix clips). I saw all 9 of them, and as you would realise each one had a different storyteller and animator, but none the less still as original.

My favorite of all the lot is BEYOND which depicts a flaw in the matrix and the construction workers under a few agents are coming to fix it.
We would have never seen this in any of the movies, though hinted about, but never shown. And is clips like these (which ever animation they used) that fill in the gaps for the story.

Yeah, but the brothers themselves wrote Second Renaissance, which is why it bothers me. It seems to undermine some things.

Yeah, i can't wait until the DVD comes out. I like cartoons and i like the Matrix. So for me, theres nothing not to like.

Wouldn't a lazy plot bother you?

Captain REX
It would bother me. Besides that, it looks cool.

I have just got the animatrix on svcd and they are great. Some of the link to Reloaded and some just explain the origins of machines taking over. Well worth watching.

No- Second Renaissance is cliched, unimaginative rubbish.

Final Flight of the Osiris was wicked cool though! And hey, it's out on DVD now wink

(hmm guess this isn't last now is it?big grin)

are we gonna just revive all the lasts until eventually the original last becomes last again? and animatrix is awesome

HA, you CANT revive the NEXT thread, it's CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i havent even heard of the 'animatrix' whats it about blink????

Jedi > *twirls finger in air* Whoop de do Basil. stick out tongue

I revived this one because it had a purpose to be revived. The Reloaded theatrical trailer, in my opinion, is old news. Reloaded is not. The Animatrix is not.

MC Mike
Hey! I found it: stick out tongue



I love the Animatrix...not everyone does though! Especially the Wachowski written stories! They r awesome to me! wink

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