Inquisitor Lightsabers: Lazy Writing or Good idea?

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Fated Xtasy
Hey internet, so with the new Stars Wars Rebels trailer out, a question popped into my head. "Is the Inquisitor lightsaber lazy writing?" After seeing the Inquisitor with it and after reading the explanation as to why the Inquisitor usediI I figured. "Yeah, makes sense." But with all of these new Inquisitor coming out I'm starting to feel like it's a bit lazy. Here's why

The Inquisitor(seem to) have no real difference in fighting style. The blade twirls and you do some charging. I get that Filoni and team are trying to show that well trained Jedi/ Sith are better duelists, but this just seems like a lazy route to take. As the new Inquisitors(at least to me) seem like carbon copies of the Inquisitor with just different body sizes and same lightsaber moves.

Now I understand that the argument could be made that since the Inquisitors are in essence an Imperial Unit, that it makes sense to give them a suit and weapon that the audience will associate with the Inquisitorious.

That said I hope that these new antagonist won't just be the same Inquisitor with just a different voice, gender, and species, other it'll just turn boring to me. Still I'm hoping Filoni and team will surprise us with whatever it is they're planning.

Anyway internet those are just my thoughts on the Inquisitor Blade and I'd like to hear yours. I'm probably being a bit harsh on the show just because of this one trailer, but i just felt like sharing. smile

It could easily be pegged onto the fact that the Inquisitors go through a standardized training program together and thus learn the same lightsaber techniques and forms as each other.

Darth Abonis
I like this Inquisitor in a can type mentality. The Empir is a cold unfeeling machine that churns out "clone" Inquisitor agents.

What's lazy here? The figthing style of the Inquisitor.... They really go lazy on this...

|King Joker|
I personally would have wanted more diverse lightsaber hilts for the Inquisitors, but whatever. And as previously stated, the Inquisitors likely go through a standardized training program.

Not to mention that the female inquisitor seems a lot more aggressive, not to mention skilled. Hey Joker, think she's that one missing sister chick you were talking about a couple months ago?

|King Joker|
Dhara Leonis -- the black kid's sister the Inquisitor (they really need to get him an actual name now) abducted.

Been seeing a lot of theories it could be Barriss, though. I hope not. But:
You see Femquizzy isn't wearing her mask, and seems to have yellowish-greenish skin
Similar movesets. ^
But the two major reason I don't want it to be Barriss is one, the Empire completely betrays her philosophy, and two, there are way too many Clone Wars characters coming in the show. But, whatever. I hope she's actually skilled and doesn't suck like Kanan and the Inquisitor before her.

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