neo new powers

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How did Neo feel the robots and how was he able to kill the one? wink

Because he is still part of that system!

what system..the real world is the real world. OUTSIDE the system.
It's probably a sign of everything going out of the normal routine (Zion know..all that stuff the architect said) He'll probably be the first (and only) one to change all this and .....make it count forever..dunno.

Captain REX
That's what I was thinking, Dexx.

yep...and it definetely has something to do with smith

In the end, Neo does things he has no clue whether they'll work. Like reviving Trinity. He just does it, on instinct perhaps. Same with the sentinels. He just turns around, puts out his arm and they collide against him. (A thought just came to me: what if he just touched them and some sort of electrical discharge followed, like with an EMP? Just a guess.) What I wanted to say was: he acts without thinking, which follows the prophecy about "the one".

ya i still believe in the prophecy despite what the architect said. crap what a geek i sound like im part of the matrix, hehehe.

This is classic story telling and Greek Mythology all put together. Of course we, the audience, will lose all faith right before the true heart of the hero, Neo, is revealed. Some of us, such as Turin and myself, see past this and know that the prophecy is true.

because there is a matrix inside of the matrix .................. duh!!!! pay attention to the movie

I think the coma Neo and Agent Smith are in is proof that the Matrix has many levels. I think once they discovered that Zion is still part of the Matrix they were some how transported to another Matrix. Leaving their physical bodies in coma where as their minds traveled elsewhere.

Or something like that.

i dont really beleive in the different layers of the matrix theory. it is too easy of an explanation for such creative writters. I beleive Neo is reaching another level of concious and somehow he is permantly linked to the machines. since Neo sees everything in the matrix as computer code i think he would realize he is in another layer of the matrix just by his vision if that were so. plus if they were in another layer of the matrix wouldnt smith still look like smith. Neo is the one, i am a believer. (as i snicker at the new level of geekyness i have reached). and thank you tevesh, even if we are the only ones who beleive in the prophecy we must hold true, lol.

Captain REX
This is getting disturbingly geeky... big grin

I don't believe the layered Matrix theory either.

I think It would be stupid if Neo had powers in the real world (thats not another level of the matrix). So I hope the real world is another computer reality.

maybe your all right...

No matrix within a matrix...that becomes needlessly complicated. Seriously guys, think about it. The whole point of Zion is to dump the people there who don't accept the Matrix's programing so they won't wreak havoc on the system. This is 1% of the total population that resides in The Matrix. So then why would there be another Matrix? Those one percenters would see through the 2nd matrix and wreak havoc up on that as well.

On top of that, what would be the point of having a matrix within a matrix? One of the themes of the movie is that everything has a purpose. What is the purpose of the 2nd matrix? We know that the first matrix is there so that the machines can suck away our body heat and bio-electricity. Why keep the troublemakers who won't accept the programing? Or, why go through all the effort to make another program construct of another matrix that would accomodate these one percenters? Easier just to dump them in Zion where they serve their purpose, to find the anomaly.

In response to this last message, a 2nd matrix exists. They even say so. The Oracle says that when a program fails, instead of being deleted it hides in the Source. Ok, so we know 1% of the people reject the matrix, the main one, but it never says the previous versions of the Matrix had any problems. So what if, they took that 1% and injected them into the previous version of the Matrix, version 5 so to speak, where the reason it failed was becuase the machines rose up and were killing the humans? It never says why the previous versions failed. So version 5 failed becuase they were all dying to the machine, but Zion still lived. So, the take them out of version 6, put them into version 5 where they think they are back to real life, but really its just the failing version from before. I know I'm repeating this but it makes sense. Then, it doesn't spoil anything, it only leaves open the whole question of, what is in the "real world", since it obviously isnt Zion? In a real world, humans could still be in control. That leaves alot of possibilities for Revolutions.

As for the ending where Neo stops the machines and then faints, its explained perfectly. Neo knows now that it isnt a real world so he believes he has those powers still. That was the thing with the first movie, he had to believe he was the One to get the powers, then he had to believe that Zion was only another program. That would explain why Trinity lived also. She may have died to version 6 but version 5 only tells her she died. But since it is a matrix also, it makes it perfectly possible for Neo to save her.

They do NOT say so in the film. And putting them in a previous version would not ework- it is about their SUBCONCIOUS need to be freee, not about what real-world choices they have taken! It would still crash.

And you are massively overcomplicating for no good result.

NOTE- all discussions about Matricies within Matrices should from this point on be made in the relevant thread elsewhere. Thankyou for your co-operation.

Does anyone know how to contact the Wachowski brothers via e-mail? Maybe we could ask them to explain certain parts( i.e. is there a second matric or not.) Just a thought.

I don't think there is a Matrix within a Matrix. I agree with other people here that have stated Zion is a haven for those 1% that subconsciencely reject the Matrix. They are found and freed in the same way that Neo was found/free. We just happened see to see "the one" being freed from the first movie. These rogue humans are mostly allowed to survive as they really pose no danger to the Matrix with there hacking in. This is not true of Neo. I believe is a danger to that system. By "reabsorbing" him before he becomes too powerful is the way the system keeps contol for the systemic anomaly (Neo Versions 1-5) The Architect tells him Hope is mankinds greatest strength and weakeness. Trinity brought him back to life (reason to live, ergo hope). After that he discovered he is the one. "Don't think you are, know you are" Morpheus tells him in M1. Hope=Strength. So what does the Architect do? Attacks his hope to make him weak so that he will give up allow Zion to be destroyed, but will allow him to select the new population for Zion. The reason the this? The system still need humans on the outside to keep picking the 1% that continue to reject the Matrix. This 6th version did something different he did not save Zion. He ignored the Architects warning that he could not save her. He believed in himself and therefore can do anything (bring her back to life). Something else must have happened to now give him power in the real world perhaps he has advanced to the nexy level of Human/AI intelligence to allow him to stop the sentinels. Just like at the end of the first movie he gained power over the Matrix world, now somehow he has brought that power into the real world.

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