My anime idea.

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Title: Family Reunion

Summary: Rossuble Omiwaga is a 17 years old guy who lives in Tokyo.
Rossuble is a brown haired guy with blue eyes, allways wears a brown jacket and a black T-shirt, his pants are mostly blue-black jeans (He sometimes switches), . Rossuble was grown in Tokyo, when he was young he met this beautiful girl named "Victoria". Victoria is a blonde girl with green eyes, Victoria always took care of Rossuble when they were kids, but then her family decided to move away and so Rossuble remained alone. "It all began when I got accepted to that school", is on of Rossuble sentences. Rossuble got accepted to a high school named Shirnisa High school, Rossuble tried to make friends, but he failed , he always felt "Different". Rossuble found out that Victoria is going to the same school as he and he was excited to meet here again. Victoria and Rossuble was re-united and always were together, until one day. Rossuble was walking his way to school, as he meets a bully. that bully changes everything, like in a paradox or something, the future changes, The bully is "Bullying" Rossuble, but then Rossuble refuses to do as the bully says, the bully threatens Rossuble's life with a knife.
Rossuble feels a feeling that he felt long ago, something's controlling him, something werid, he sees a blank face that you can only see his eyes, blue and red , and suddenly lighting comes out from those eyes, without him knowing it , the bully was on the floor and stabbed in the face, as he yells " I'll get you another way KID!". and so he did, Rossuble heared screaming from his room , he opened the window and saw the bully and Victoria together, as the bully punching and hitting Victoria and giving her serious damage, at this moment , Rossuble went down on his knees , crying out loud and yelling in his heart to god, "Someone make this disappear". as the screen goes up to the sky and passes them and reach space, we see the blank man again, smiling and his eyes are shining light again. Rossuble wakes up from his sleep , in about 2.00 AM, and sees a man infront of him , the man is wearing a white armor and a mask that covers his eyes and hair, the man is carrying a heavy rifle as Rossuble yells his lungs out, and the man is making him faint. Rossuble wakes up in a line , there are about 6 people he doesn't know, there are two lines ,one for females and one for males, Rossuble is looking at the area and can see a lot of those "Weird looking men" taking everyone into a strange Cell, Each person get's his own cell. He glanced at the female line and his eyes were shcoked as he saw Victoria, when he sees her , his world gets black, he can see only her and her eyes , wounded, as they take her into one of those cells, Rossuble gets in one of the cells as well , as he can hear them talking to each other "Activate" the men are pressing a button and the cell is getting crazy , Rossuble is feeling pain , great pain and he can hear everyone's screaming but he ignores everyone and can hear only Victoria's screaming, as the cell opens his roof and launches Rossuble above , Rossuble breaks the roof top of the building, following him 6 others including Victoria they being to run , they don't know where to run , but they just do , survival instincts they call it. up from the roof they can see an ocean or a sea, everyone stopped , they are looking down and are afraid to jump, Rossuble is taking Victoria's hand and begins to jump into the water , as they land into the water he can feel something different , they got into a land in about 10-15 seconds, Rossuble is confused, when they get to the land they meet one of Rossuble's neighbors, His name was "Kyosha" but no one really knew his last name.
After a lot of time (about 1 year) Kyosha is getting everyone to join an army called "Earth's Power" to fight those men.
The others discover quickly that the cell gave them powers.
Every men or women that got into one of those cells , got something attached to his heart, which gives them the ability to control an element of the planet they are in, everyone gets an element through their personality.
Victoria got the Water Element.
Rossuble got the Air element.
and so , they're fighting for human kind.
But Rossuble still, sometimes feels that feeling , when he sees the blank men with the shiny eyes, when he cannot control himself and he feels a bit... strange.
The symbol of their army was Planet earth, and their Captain Kyosha lead them to victory, or death.
Rossuble finds out the real intending of the "Ailens" and Kyosha's story and the blank man's identity , but that's another story.

---- TO BE CONTINUED --------------

I really hope you enjoyed my story, it took me a lot of time to make it up ,if you want I can post the rest big grin
tell me how you liked it 1/10
PS. please forgive me if I had any spelling/English mistakes.
Thank you!


Dramatic Gecko
I just skimmed it. I guess it sounds like an Anime.

I'd really think about the message of the story. The best Anime's have a strong premise. Like Attack on Titan is trying to tell people that War is horrible and gruesome and should never be glorified, but the truth is that some wars just need to be fought.

This doesn't sound like a gag anime so I'd really work on a sought of literary synopsis that resonates with your beliefs.

On the plus it obviously looks like you have the ability to create characters and setting.

Honestly I wasn't dragged in very much but its hard to put an idea for anime up in words when they rely a lot on visual and character (voice, art) aesthetic. But props for giving it a go.

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