the Bodyguard

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Something strange about the bodyguard? When Neo is in the matrix and looks at the code, he sees the agents as green like the rest of the matrix. I don't recall them ever showing what Neo would see trapped humans as.

But, when Neo looks at the bodyguard, he sees him as yellow, right? Why is this and what does it signify? If the bodyguard was a program like the agents, wouldn't he also be green? We also don't know what the Oracle or other characters look like in code view do we?

Any significance to this?

Captain REX
I found that strange as well. And we saw Neo himself and Trinity in code view, both being green. Very strange indeed.

I think Neo himself looked surprised that the bodyguard did not look green.

because he was a program not linked to the matrix? like the oracle?

could be or maybe hes one of the "ones" that refuses to be replaced by the newer versions

yes. actually a friend of mine suggested that to me. i dismissed it thinking that he'd be way to old. besides, wasn't he supposed to start zion? so why would he be here.

I just saw the first movie, and Morpheus says that the year is closer to 2199. AI was created in the early part of the 21th century. So even if we take a 200 year time span, it's still only 200/6 = about 33.33 years on average. now that's pretty feasable. Maybe we'll find out what Saraph is all about in the next movie.

I assume the Oracle and Architect both appear yellow, they just never show it.

yeah I would agree with that Tex.

i know he's gonna be in the next movie. i've seen him roundhouse someone.

remember when we were all watching the attack of the clones previews, and as soon as we saw Anakin wielding two lightsabers we were like: whoa! there's TWO of them!

Saraph is gonna be wielding dual berrettas. That's gonna be awesome

My friends and I were going over the movie after we had watched last weekend and came up with this hypothesis:

Maybe the bodyguard is:a, a Firewall, set in place for the protection of the matrix, or
b: A Virus scan. The virus scan seems a lot more plasable because in order to figure out if those wanting to see the Oracle are viruses or not, he'd have to fight them(i.e. the Teahouse fight scene).


Perhaps because he was a different program altogether, he was not linked to the matrix and he was not part of his operating systems, he might have been someone created by the oracle

all the characters on Matrix that dressed in White were roghe or rude dodnt u noticed that.
Switch- she was rude
Twins- i hate them
persephone- shes got it very deep hiding something
architect-hmm?? we have to analize him
Seraph- hes very convincent
Who else???????

33 years.... that was Jesus age. So every 33 years the one died and resurrect agin and again. But EVERY 33 years.

Doesn't make sense. The One picks 23 people. Zion has 250.000 (if I'm correct) inhabitants. They're not rabbits you know....

Dunno. Neo looked surprised.

Anyone else think that Merivinginian is an ex-ONE?

yes..i beleive both the merovingian and the seraph are former ones.

we know that the french guy is not a former one. he says himself, "Listen up boy, I have survived your predacessors and I will survive you as well."

did he survive himself? of course not. He is a traffiker of information. Persephone wants to feel loved again like she used to. That's why she goes around asking for a kiss from everyone she meets, including Ghost and Niobe. (great scenes from the game)

Saraph might be a former one, but I severely doubt it. As far as we know, all 5 previous ones have been taken to the source where their code that makes them "the one" has been deleted (no humans actually carry and code, but whatever part of their mind that lets them do the wacky things they do, when plugged into the matrix, converted into code is removed), and they are lead to be free in Zion with 23 others.
They are known to be the "first" person to escape the matrix. Morpheus refers to the "first" as well. When Neo discovers that he is in fact that sixth, he says himself, "Either no one knows, or no one told him."

The people who knew (Oracle, french dude, persephone) didn't tell him. (french guy hinted at it, but didn't blatantly say it)

Morpheus, Trinity and all others part of Zion didn't know, which leads me to believe that the former "one" did not know as well, otherwise they would all know that the cycle has been repeating. Neo is the first to know of this cycle.

oh. guys. as for the 33 years, i think i am mistaken on that. Morpheus said it was 2199 (give or take, remember they don't know for sure) giving them about 200 years between when the matrix was installed and up and running. BUT, they don't know that the cycle has repeated itself 6 times over now. so i am thinking now that every cycle is 200 years. As i posted right before, people don't know about the cycles, if they did, Neo would have.

I think there may be a couple reasons why he is not green like everyone else.

1. If you are not created for this version of the matrix your code would not be the same as everyone elses. This would explain why agents are green. They come from this version they are their to protect that version. If we would have had a chance we would have seen all rogue programs not from this version would be yellow. Also the oracle and Arch. as well.

2. His program was written by someone other than the arch. and was added. The program language might be diffrent yet it was compatiable enough to use for this version of the matrix.

We have to keep in mind the matrix is a computer program like computers it has rules. It can be hacked and programed by anyone with the right tools. He might be gold because a human wrote him who knows.

If Neo would have seen this before, why make a big deal out of it now? It doesn't make sense for a story line.

I still feel this is the first time he encountered a different color...

W. Lee Chojin
Serath is yellow because, different the agents, he is a program without a human body, all humans are green to Neo, like the agents, after all,they use humans connect to the matrix ....

I believe after Neo see Serath, the Oracle, Merovingian, and all others carachters are yellow, but they just dont show ....

ps: sorry for my english ...

I agree with W. Lee Chojin, in that the programs that are gold are the ones that are "above", or not from, this version of the Matrix. This would mean, i think, that Seraph, Architect, and Mero aregold. I didnot say the Oracle because, if you have read my post "The Oracle", i think that there is a new Oracle each time there is a new version, meaning that the Oracle only knows what is supposed to happen in this particular version.

Also, when the One goes to the Source, his code is deleted, and the code of the One is reinserted into the One, therefore, the One knows he is the One, but doesn't know about the architect, b/c it isn't in his programming to know.

wasnt it concluded in a thread that seraph is an 'angel' from 'heaven' meaning a program from the first matrix

Prophecy you are on the right track.

Seraph is short for Seraphim The highest ranking angel in God's kingdom.

Remember what Seraph said the Neo," I protect what matters most".

Seraph is protecting the Oracle, which is also GOD. Thats why he's Gold and not green.

So I guess this answers the question of who created the Matrix. It was the Oracle not Persephone.

If Persephone were the creator, Seraph would be guarding her because she would be what matters most.

In the new trailer, the Oracle's code is shown as green (when the multiple smiths are infecting her). So why is Seraph gold, even though he's probably from the first Matrix.

Try 600 years scine the Second Renaissence. (I beleive I am the first IN THIS FORUM to refer to the EVENT and NOT the Movie) . 600 years because Morpheus (methinks) said that the Matrix and Zion and all, was 100 years old. SO 100 x 6 gives, 600.

The Agents ARE NOT from this version, because:

"It happens Like before"

"No, not exactly"

Or something like that.

crash> im not convinced the agents AREN'T from this version...i think the agents, the oracle, are recreated each time...

Maybe, the hardeware my be different, but the memorie is intact, THAT is for sure, and logical. Why learn something again and again? When you can us past experience?

but the oracle has already said that they get rid of old programs, and REWRITE new programs...Why would Agents be any different? I also thought that the Twins could possibly be past Agents...i thought, but wait, they can go through things...true, but, if you want to save your friend, just shoot at the agent, and they go clear, freeing you, they rewrite agents, so now they can dodge bullets rather than go clear...purely assumption, of course, but...interesting nonetheless, no?


A Seraph in the bible was said to have been like a fire demon glowing intensely. Something along those lines anyhow.

She said old programs are up for deletion when (and only when) new and improved programs come along. Maybe the old ones weren't doing their job when Smith got killed (not exactly like before) and the new Agents at the beginning of reloaded were bigger, faster, stronger, and looked a lot more Menacing than Smith and the crew. I believe that was the first time Smith was actually "killed" and up for deletion.

When you upgrade an OS like Windows 2000, you don't rewrite all of the code, you just basically ghost it, add your upgrades and patches, and you have Windows XP. Same with the Matrix, mainly the same programs, some new, a few differences.

I had a theory on Neo in the thread "An interesting thought" saying that because he didnt choose to return to the source he cannot die. Well, look at it. Perhaps Seraph is the same way. He is the mind of the one from a prevoius version of the matrix, yet he cannot die. The matrix wont let him. So he keeps on going in the Matrix. Since the Oracle told him about everything, he is "indebted to you forever" as he says to her. Just a thought. Sorry if this didnt make sense, I've been drinking :P

his name alone, seraph has to do with angels. He is the protector of the oracle, ie an angel watching over her so to speak. perhaps this explains his gold color code

I don't know why he is gold, but they made a point of showing Neo's reaction to it as well as the color. This did not happen with any other character, so I think it is safe to assume he looks different than everyone else, including the Oracle, Mer. and Archie.

I don't think anybody (except maybe Hamann) is a past One.
The past Ones all chose to reload the Matrix and go back and repopulate Zion. If Mer, Seraph, Archie, etc. made that decision, they would not be hanging around in the Matrix. Hamann is a possiblity, given his age, and his belief in the "One." It might be that he was a past one, or that he was one of the first offspring of the original gang of 24.

Seraph, Oracle, Mer. etc are not erased when the Matrix is reloaded.
Pretend I have Windows 98 and Norton Virus Scanner on my computer. If I upgrade to Windows XP, what happens to the Virus Scanner? It is not part of the operating system, so it is not deleted. It is still on my computer, but not used, because I probably have a new virus scanner compatible with XP. If I keep upgrading to Windows 3000, Windows Ultimate, Windows Deep Thought, etc. The original Norton is still there, unless I delete it. If it was active, it would see all that happend in the past systems.

That is what Seraph, the Oracle, etc are like. When, why, by whom they were written I do not know.

Hamman would have to be 130, at least, to be a previous one...hes about fifty...And just because we do not SEE the code for mero, Archie, etc, does not mean they aren't gold, also, seeing as how, if Neo had seen it with Seraph, they wouldnt need to show their aura as well...of course, it could just be that Seraph is a heavenly body, thus he glows...

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