The Complete Ikaris Respect Thread

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First of all I would like to welcome everyone to the Ikaris respect thread!

I hope everyone finds this a interesting respect thread and enjoys the time they take in reading it. I always try to make my respect threads as detailed and interesting as possible.

Also I would like to make a quick mention of something there is a point during time that Ikaris becomes the Prime Eternal. So after he becomes that I will list the feats with that title ahead of them. Since with that title comes the power upgrade, (the supposed power of Zuras). Although it may perhaps be just a general upgrade to that character. Neither theory has been fully stated.

But and again this is something that I will say and this is probably one of the most important parts if not the most important section of the respect thread that you will read.

The Retcons section. The Eternals are subject to a somewhat chequered history. And as such I would advise ALL of the people that read this respect thread to go to the Retcons section first. It will really help you get a swing of things. And just to note it wont solely be Retcon related but involve changes that again you MUST read lest you go insane with all the goings on in the Eternals kingdom.


I. Forcefields
II. Strength
III. Eye Beams
IV. Physiology and Durability
V. Speed
VI. Mental Powers
VII. Flight/Flight Speed
VIII. Teleportation
IX. Fights
X. Retcons/Changes

I. Forcefields

This section of the respect thread will be dedicated to the points where Ikaris uses his shields or forcefields as they

can be known as to certain effects.

Here Ikaris creates a forcefield to block bullets from Kro's Deviant soldiers, with Ikaris being described as reacting

with "lightning speed".

From The Eternals v1 #1

Ikaris can create a forcefield that can withstand the rigors of space.

From The Eternals v1 #3

Here Ikaris creates an aura akin to a forcefield that blocks him and Margo from the view of everyone else.

From Thor #284

II. Strength

This section will be for displaying all of Ikaris's strength related feats.

While weakened Ikaris rips open a metal door.

From The Eternals v1 #19

Ikaris states that while Thor and the Forgotten One may both be stronger than him, the difference in strength between

them isn't a huge power gap. Rather the variance between ""Two Mighty Mastodons". He then proceeds to lift a very large

amount of a collapsed building, showing a high level of strength.

From Thor #287

Ikaris first uses his Eye Beams to place a small hole in a Deviant warship, he then proceeds to rip it in half.

From The Eternals v2 #4

Ikaris one shots a mind controlled and disguised Sersi.

From The Eternals v2 #11

Prime Eternal Ikaris rips apart part of the shell of the Celestial empowered Ghaur.

From The Eternals v2 #12

Prime Eternal Ikaris is able to stop a Space Shuttle dead in it's tracks, and to think it was travelling at a very fast

speed at one point makes it an impressive feat.

From The Eternals v4 #7

III. Eye Beams

Here I will be compiling all of the times that Ikaris has used his Eye Beams in comics. The Eye Beams of the Eternals are

very special indeed. With them being able to manipulate atoms among other things.

Ikaris uses his Eye Beams to down a group of Deviant soldiers.

From The Eternals v1 #1

Ikaris uses his Eye Beams to put Margo to sleep, which shows that he can control the affect of his beams to an extent.

From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris uses his Eye Beams to take out a group of Deviant soldiers.

From The Eternals v1 #4

Ikaris while weakened uses his Eye Beams to melt through a metal roof.

From The Eternals v1 #19

Ikaris uses his Eye Beams to melt through a Celestial killing weapon.

From The Eternals v1 #19

Ikaris uses his Eye Beams on reject (later known as Ransak the Reject), where he states that he is lucky that he only

used his Eye Beams to singe his shirt. Because he could have disintegrated his entire being.

From The Eternals v2 #9

Prime Eternal Ikaris is able to hurt Ghaur who has absorbed a form of Celestial energy that gave him a form of power

perhaps equal or less to an average Celestial. Although I would guess it probably isn't the full power of a Celestial.

But still a very good feat.

From The Eternals v2 #12

Ikaris is able to cause Hercules pain with his Eye Beams.

From The Incredible Hercules v1 #116

IV. Physiology and Durability

Scans relating to Ikaris and his biological make-up (his immortality among other things will be included here). And his

durability related scans will also be stored here as the 2 aforementioned things correlate together.

Here Ikaris is described by Kro as being immortal, saying "an Eternal can't die".

From The Eternals v1 #2

Ikaris is uninjured (although described as being hurt in the next page) by a blast that is described to be able to kill

"a hundred humans".

From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris resists an attack from The Neural Beast, a being which floods the cores of your nervous system with an extreme

level of pain.

From The Eternals v1 #18

Ikaris resists temperatures from a Deviant craft that in his words are the temperature of molten lead.

From The Eternals v2 #1

Ikaris resists having every molecule in his body burnt by Thena.

From The Eternals v2 #5

Here we find out that after being captured while weakened Ikaris has survived being exposed to a vat of acid and being

crushed by a car crusher.

From The Eternals v3 #2

V. Speed

All Speed related feats for Ikaris wil be kept here.

Ikaris is described as reacting with lightning like speed when he blocks bullets from Kro's soldiers.

From The Eternals #1

Ikaris is again described as acting with "lightning like speed" when rushing Margo into a plane.

From The Eternals v1 #3

VI. Mental Powers

This section will include a broad range of powers used by Ikaris in relation to his mind and his ability to control

things with his thoughts and other related powers.

Ikaris is able to control a plane by mere thought. And he also was able to project an illusion for the whole duration of

The Eternals #1, #2 and #3 until he decides to reveal the fact that his civilian looking clothes were in fact an


From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris sends a thought wave through a door to communicate with Sersi, with another mention of him using an illusion to

cover his clothes again.

From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris uses his mind to support Margo thereby allowing her to fly alongside him.

From The Eternals v1 #12

Ikaris constructs a whole battleship from scratch (with schematics from Makkari) with his mind powers. Which includes him

moving many simultaneous pieces of materials at once.

From The Eternals v2 #2

Prime Eternal Ikaris uses his Mind Powers to make a women forget all of the people in the room permanently.

From The Eternals v3 #5

Prime Eternal Ikaris Mind Controls Hank Pym to do as he wants.

From The Eternals v3 #6

VII. Flight/Flight Speed

This section will cover all of Ikaris's feats relating to his flight and his flight speed where stated.

Ikaris is able to keep pace with a plane.

From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris showing his ability to manoeuvre throughout the sky in sharp movements.

From The Eternals v1 #3

Ikaris describes his flight as "mental and physical fusion-!! mind and matter working in perfect harmony".

From The Eternals v1 #6

Prime Eternal Ikaris starts from being at the top of a lake and he saves Thena's son that is stuck in the car and a dog.

In 7 seconds.

From The Eternals v4 #1

VIII. Teleportation

This section will be dedicated to all of the times Ikaris has sued teleportation.

Ikaris teleports himself, Margo and the plane from the current location to New York.

From The Eternals v1 #3

IX. Fights Part 1

Here is the part you have been waiting for! All of Ikaris's fights will be contained here.

Ikaris (and later on Sersi) vs a Cosmically Empowered Robot Hulk

This Hulk had the exact same power level as the real Hulk as shown by Zuras here. SO not only was he on a base level as

powerful as the true Hulk but he was constantly amping off of cosmic energy from the Uni-Mind.

From The Eternals v4 #3

A bio is here if you want to know more about him.

This Hulk was amped after the Uni-Mind (who emits comic energy) was near and around the Earth. And as such the cosmic

energy enveloped this Hulk and the fight began...

From The Eternals v1 #14 and v1 #15

Ikaris vs Makkari

After being placed under a form of mind control by Dromedan the Terrible the two Eternals are forced to fight each other

with both of them trying their hardest to not throw any punches.

From The Eternals v1 #16

Ikaris, Zuras, Makkari and Sersi vs Dromedan the Terrible

Dromedan the Terrible is a creature of great mind power, with him being able to hold many of the Eternals in place. Which

leads into as huge drawn out fight with it eventually leading to a brilliant ending thanks to Ikaris.

From The Eternals v1 #17

Ikaris vs Druig

Ikaris engages in battle with his cousin Druig.

From The Eternals v1 #19

Ikaris and Thor vs Metabo

Ikaris fights and loses in battle to Metabo. A being that was solely created to completely counter every attack an

Eternal can throw at him.

From Thor #286

Ikaris vs Ares

Ikaris defeats Ares in one panel.

From Thor #291

Ikaris vs Cataphrax (initially masquerading as a large human)

Ikaris comes to clashes in a boxing match with the Deviant behemoth Cataphrax. Although he for the beginning disguises

himself as a large human. The fight then progresses on from the boxing match. As we learn that Cataphrax was fighting

Ikaris for a certain reason.

From The Eternals v2 #1

Ikaris vs Kro

Ikaris fights the Warlord Kro and is about to kill him until Thena interrupts the battle.

The Eternals v2 #6

Ikaris vs The Forgotten One

Ikaris engages in a brief battle with The Forgotten One.

From The Eternals v2 #9

Ikaris vs Thena (Fights Part 2)

This is probably one of the most important battles in Ikaris's history in Marvel. And I definitely think everyone who

reads this should pay a lot of attention to this battle in particular. This battle is a decider between whether Thena,

the current Prime Eternal. Deserves to keep that level of power that she has that comes with that office (the power of

Zuras). The battle is short as most of it is obfuscated as shown in the scans.

And the part that we see here is one of the very big things in Ikaris's history.

He is now officially Ikaris the Prime Eternal.

From The Eternals v2 #9

Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Apocalypse

Ikaris briefly engages Apocalypse in battle.

From New Eternals: Apocalypse Now

Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Blastaar

Ikaris defeats Blastaar. Although this was just after Blastaar had been engaged in battle with the Avengers so he may or

may not have been weakened from the previous fight.

From Avengers v1 #310

Ikaris vs Hercules

Ikaris, mistaking Hercules for Gilgamesh attempts to apprehend Hercules.

From The Incredible Hercules v1 #116

Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Druig and his Eternals

At this point in time Ikaris has withdrawn his oath of fealty to Olympia and Zuras. And as such he is free to fight in

anyway he wishes.As described in this issue. Ikaris has become somewhat cold and determined. And the final panel of this

fight is probably one of my favourite fights involving Ikaris.

From The Eternals v4 #7

Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Druig

Ikaris engages in battle again with his cousin for the 3rd time. And as described previously Ikaris isn't afraid to let

Druig know the wrath of an Eternal that isn't sworn to an oath.

From The Eternals v4 #8

Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Red Hulk

After Sersi is threatened by Red Hulk a warning signal goes out to Ikaris, he then makes the decision to engage the Red

Hulk. They remain in constant battle until the Red Hulk causes the Volcano to spew out a load of magma, which could

threaten the people on the volcano with severe injuries. Ikaris decides, instead of continuing on with the fight. Instead

decides to prevent the magma going any further and averts the disaster.

From Hulk v2 #49

Mind Controlled Prime Eternal Ikaris vs Namor, Captain America and Jimmy Hammond

This for me is one of those fights of Ikaris's where I am on edge constantly. Ikaris here is probably regarded the most

highly as he has been in a while. On this occasion Ikaris was placed under mind control by the Kree and was sent to kill

the All-New Invaders. Another thing we know from this fight is that for most of it Ikaris trying his best not to kill

them despite being under mind control. We also learn that Captain America had stitched a plan. To hold Ikaris in place

until Bucky and the others arrived. He never informed Namor of this though as to make sure he was at full fighting force.

And we learn from Cap himself, that Ikaris is too powerful for anyone in the group.

The battle only ends after control of Ikaris is severed tahnks to Captain America. Who is to say what could have happened

had that not happened? Ikaris most certainly was beginning to unleash his full power. And who knows where that would have


From The All-New Invaders #3 and The All-New Invaders #5

X. Retcons/Changes

The Prime Eternal

Hopefully if my beginning post was "loud enough" you would have known that I wanted you to check this section first,

because in my opinion if you do not you will become very confused.

The Eternals have been subject to some retcons and changes in their past. In particular the role of the being who becomes

the Prime Eternal (ruler of the Earthbound Eternals) has frequently changed suit. I will now begin to explain the long

story that is the tale of the Prime Eternals.

As we know being the so called current ruler of the Eternals (back in the 1970's) was Zuras. His rule was unchallenged.

During the events of Thor #300, when the Fourth Host of the Celestials was at the peak of making a judgement, Zuras

created a Uni-Mind with the rest of his Eternals. Minus ones such as Ikaris and Sersi. Zuras was killed in the Uni-Mind

along with many of his kin.

Since Zuras has been killed. There currently is no Prime Eternal to lead these great beings onwards. The honour to lead

the Eternals next falls on Thena, daughter of Zuras.

After Thena had been in rule for a while, there were suspicions of foul play by the Prime Eternal herself. As she still

harboured love for the Deviant Kro. In the end Ikaris challenged Thena for the right to be Prime Eternal. With the winner

to be decided in a battle.

Ikaris won the battle, he was now officially the Prime Eternal. And with it came abilities such as this. Being able to

form the ritual of the Uni-Mind for example.

For a long while in the comics, Ikaris has a 100% sure position, he is the Prime Eternal. Volume 3 is where it

begins to get very weird. As volume 3 is where the huge Retcon for the Eternals come into play, which I will now discuss.

(don't worry the Prime Eternal discussion will still go on, note I will be splitting it into a separate section as to not


The Retcon

For many a decade we knew this as the official origin of the Eternals.

Well this was all to change.

Instead of being mere thousands of years old they were retconned into being millions of years old!

This is an extreme jump in years to be retconned. You may wonder how it all happened. It all starts with the "child"

Eternal known as Sprite.

In Volume 3 of Eternals, a huge amount of things have changed. Every single Eternal bar Ikaris and Thena(who both could

resist the power to resist what I shall soon explain).

As soon as Volume 3 kicks in most of the Eternals all complteltey forget the past lives (compared to nothing like this

last volume). Here are some images of the people who have forgotten themselves.




And most shockingly of all... Zuras (note Ajak is the person next to him)

The Eternal who was supposedly murdered by the Celestials when they formed the Uni-mind has returned somehow. Here is how

it happened.

Here is Sprite explaining it to Makkari. Or rather the still unawakened version of him.

So Sprite has been casting illusions and warping reality for millions of years. Or rather this is the retcon that

was presented and this is how it was explained. Sprite took Zuras and Ajak and gave them the illusion that they had been

speaking to a Celestial. Sprite organised a Uni-Mind powered by Celestials and used that to warp it into what we face


And there are two other retcons around the Eternals. another thing organised by Sprite.

I will be calling this the Celestial Retcon.

Eternals since thanks to Sprites meddling (or the retcon) are now honour bound to protect the Celestial race. If an

Eternal would attempt to attack a Celestial they would be risking certain death.

And here is a brief set of scans from The Eternals v3 that explains this perfectly. With many of the Eternals offering

explanations. Thena telling Iron Man she can't approach the Celestial. Ikaris mind controlling Hank Pym into not

attacking the Celestial because of this honour bound oath.

Here is the next set of retconns.

Eternals still can't die so to speak. But if they do suffer sufficient enough injury that they do die (i.e the famed

molecular dispersal) they are reassembled by the machine. They can basically be genetically created and rewritten.

As more perfectly described here by Phastos, "a device that perfectly replicates Eternals, then somehow integrates their

conciousness fully intact into their new husk".

Phastos again states here that without that machine if they die they will be gone for good.

And finally this the quite sad scene when Zuras finds out. As much as Sprite should have paid for his heinous actions. I

can't help but feel it shouldn't have been this way. Sprite also explains what he did a bit more here too.

Quite sad really. But that is the retcon in it's whole.

Now, back to the Prime Eternal discussion

Back to the Prime Eternal

So as we know already that Ikaris is the Prime Eternal. Then with the advent of Zuras returning back to life. We suddenly

see that Zuras has somehow taken Ikaris's position.

(this scan is from the Eternals v4 annual)

Without any word mentioned or uttered. This annoyed me quite a bit. Because I thought that Ikaris had done his due by the

Eternals. He had shepherded them through hard times. And that Zuras didn't deserve the right to take up the position of

Prime Eternal. But I then came to these scans as I neared the end of the v4 run of Eternals.

The remaining Eternals are discussing whether Ikaris should remain as the Prime Eternal. When all of a sudden Zuras (the

supposed Prime Eternal again) arrives with the other Eternals. And Ikaris begins the ritual of the Uni-Mind with the

Dreaming Celestial and Zuras openly joins it. Confirming the fact that Ikaris remains the Prime Eternal!

And you see even now I am confused. Zuras was made the Prime Eternal by a writer. Ikaris then performs the ritual of the

Uni-Mind which is more proof than anything. Specifically as it was in front of Zuras. I tend to believe that Ikaris

remained the Prime Eternal but I would welcome peoples opinions on the matter. I have gave most of my opinion here.

This is the end of my respect thread and I would very much like to thank everyone who reads this.

Sweet respect thread dude. Very complete.

Originally posted by Damborgson
Sweet respect thread dude. Very complete.

Thanks mate.

I made sure to compile every last appearance he ever made that was featworthy.

He had other appearances that I haven't included.

But they are just mainly him standing behind a group of people or aren't anything special in terms of feats. Like he is just standing there etc.

Very nicely formatted thread, dedicated to a very underrated character. thumb up

Now it makes sense why you asked for The Herod Factor. stick out tongue

Also I should say while I am at it.

Zuras is a funny character.

First he gets taken down a peg by Thena's son.

He can't even hear Thena when she is speaking right next to him.

A senile Eternal but then again I don't blame him.

Originally posted by Galan007
Very nicely formatted thread, dedicated to a very underrated character. thumb up

Now it makes sense why you asked for The Herod Factor. stick out tongue

Cheers mate,

Yeah some comics are weird like that.

I managed to require every single comic I needed out of every ever appearance Ikaris made except from that which I couldn't find.

Thanks again.

And you're right Ikaris is very underrated. A lot of power packed in that Eternal.

I know sweet FA about the character, but that's impressive, man. Great work.

Great thread man.

Branlor Swift
Good stuff. I was just reading the Eternals the other day.

Just finished reading through the thread. Amazing work like usual One Angry.

Great thread. Ikaris is more powerful than I realized.

Just one thing - no scans of him facing Black Bolt?

Good stuff

Originally posted by StiltmanFTW
Great thread. Ikaris is more powerful than I realized.

Just one thing - no scans of him facing Black Bolt?

I thought that was a What If. That's the only reason I didn't put it in.

Originally posted by carver9
Just finished reading through the thread. Amazing work like usual One Angry.

Originally posted by -Pr-
I know sweet FA about the character, but that's impressive, man. Great work.

Originally posted by abhilegend
Great thread man.

Originally posted by Branlor Swift
Good stuff. I was just reading the Eternals the other day.

Originally posted by -K-M-
Good stuff

Thanks guys.

Blue Area Vet
I love Ike Harris

Originally posted by Blue Area Vet
I love Ike Harris

Yeah he's a good character.

Sin I AM

Originally posted by Sin I AM

Thanks, glad you liked it.

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