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Fangs & Full Moons

It's been a nearly a thousand years since the last true skirmish between The Lycan Clan and The Vampire Brood. Upon that blood-soaked soil the Werewolves, always the lower class mongrels and brutes, had finally usurped the Vampire bloodline as the most dominant species of the two. The Royal House Lycan now sit in luxury, rich and finally living as true as their pride has always boasted.

The Brood were then banished to the lower dwellings, the outskirts of the city. They are angry, dangerous. Although some refused to coalesce into their new standing - refused to be considered lower than the Lycan Scum - and voluntarily walked into sunlight without their mana - the consumed liquid that stayed off the harmful effects of direct sunlight. The Head Families of each clan have reached a tentative peace, although animosity always constantly remained. Although there had been the occasional fight and scrap between the two, there had yet to be any true bloodshed and death between them. Except on this night, the night of the Full Moon - when Werewolves are at their most powerful, there has been that death.

The Young Ms Jeyna Terrung of The Lycan Royal House. A four year old girl, found mauled. The blood drained from her body.

Knowing that an all-out war can be truly catastrophic, both sides aim to solve this mystery of who it was that had killed the young royal, while those who aim to play both sides against each other find themselves entangled further and further into the darkness....


Character Sheet

Personality Traits:
Theme: (One music piece)

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Name: Ambrozia Lefevre (Amber, Ambykinz, Ambrio. Ambear)
Age: 18
Species: Human (With mild psychic abilities.)
Personality Traits:
History: She's kind, caring, mildly sarcastic when she wants to be, she prefers books over people and enjoys night walks. When angry it's hard to tell. She hate a distaste for vampire's and werewolves.
As a child Ambrozia was loved, cared for, smart, outgoing and unique. Her parents knew there was something different about her so they felt the need to constantly move locations to hide her.

At just the age of six she had learned that if she focused on objects long enough and thought about what she wanted them to do - she could make them do it. It started with just sliding objects across the room but soon she was able to lift them, move them into her hand and eventually use them without even touching them.

As she grew older she soon began to question what she saw on a daily basis as to be real. People she spoke to and saw others could not, it wasn't until she brought it up to a close friend that she discovered that the odd people she spoke with were not living, but spirits passed on. She could see and speak to them as if they were living, breathing people.

At the age of twelve Ambrozia's mother passed away with ovarian cancer that had spread throughout her body. Devastated, her father began to drink and spend his time in his study, neglecting his daughter. Amber watched as he spent more and more time studying of the unknown. The creature he described of being dead but living alongside the living as well. Vampires, Werewolves, each specie having it's own unique characteristic.

At the age of thirteen, Ambrozia had come home from school to a bloodied house and no father. She spent days looking for him, and reported the scene. When there was no finding of the body she began to do her own research, believing that her father had not necessarily passed away but was taken.

Moving to the city in search for her father she began to work part-time as a book-keeper. She was able to make enough money for rent and any book that she wanted, which only fed into her research.
While still managing to attend high school she was able to take the time she had for lunch to further her research in the paranormal and in vampires, which she was led to believe for her father's disappearance. It was soon that she began to notice a shadow-like figure with red hues following her about. Not being able to get a good look or tell if the being was dangerous, Ambrozia now keeps her distance.

She graduated with high honors, and at the top of her class but because she was more of an outcast she did not make Victorian. She then began to work full time with her job saving up as much money as she could to pay for her college.

Weeks later she got a call from a friend who was a neighbor of her Mother, to find that her Mother had been murdered. Upon hearing that, she came to the crime scene, where she discovered the inhumanly murder scene. It was then that she decided to seek revenge. Since then she has been tracking down and killing vampire's and werewolves, showing them no mercy.

Dislikes: Immaturity, getting blood on herself, annoying drunks, vampires, werewolves.

I would like to mention that Amber is a character I designed specifically for this kind of roleplay. She was made a while ago, back in 2013. If she seems a bit too much just let me know. She's a threat, but not to EVERY single werewolf or vampire (Just the ones who aren't your characters. XD)

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I don't know if I'll be a part of this, but here's two themes (from the same band) that would be madly appropriate:


I would definitely use one of them (probably the second), but it's just a suggestion.

Those are hella cool! Hopefully some others will join, if not, we're still doing one on one. I'm much too excited for this thread.

Name: Piotr Maximoff
Age: 58
Species: Vampire
Personality Traits: Occasionally Erratic, frustrated. Impatient. Arrogant. Lonely.
Piotr was turned into his vampiric self the night of his twenty-fifth birthday. Born of Russian descent, Piotr had a hard-time connecting with anyone, as he has a near genius-level intellect. He had no outlet for his own creativity and imagination, and everything in his life became mundane. Had he ever considered Doctor's being capable they would have ultimately diagnosed him with depression. It was her that had gotten him out of this downward spiral. A woman named Kou Shibasani. Though she was an older woman, she recognized a kinship in the young man and taught him creative expression. They fell in love. It was her who had turned him.

She's dead now.

Killed by their sworn blood enemies, and again leaving Piotr to spiral into aggression and a bitter loneliness he's felt since his love was taken from him. Butchered by the Lycanthropes.

Now, in this City of an uneasy alliance, Piotr stays locked in the gritty inner-city. Tempted by his vices and instigating when he can. In his loft apartment, Piotr spends his time reading. He mostly stays out of the vicious gang warfare that can erupt between the Vampires and Lycans, but has ties to his blood brothers and has killed his fair share of those vicious dogs.

Piotr also suffers from crippling headaches that require dark solitude and a custom made water tank sleep-chamber that enables him to cut out all of his senses.

When he heard that the young Lycan princess was murdered, he wasn't sure how to feel. Another of his sworn enemy was slain, but at such a young age seemed truly torturous. He wondered if any of his brothers and sisters could be so cruel. But he couldn't put it passed them.

He would investigate what he could.

Dislikes: Loud individuals. Crowding.


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