Apollo Moon Landings Fake

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I read an article about the Moon Landings fake. I don't doubt them but I just wanna see you guys' opinions.

The moon landing was not fake.

Time Immemorial
Race to the moon was a ploy to bankrupt Russia during the cold war. It worked. We have been to the moon, but not on the missions that were known to us.

Color me intrigued.

The real conspiracy is who is trying so hard to convince people it's fake?

It strikes me as an attempt to convince people that there's a controlling power- one capable of great feats of artifice decades ahead of the time, actually more difficult and expensive than going to the moon (which is, after all, while fairly hard, a relatively *simple* task, make giant rocket, go up, come back), and capable of holding up to techniques from fifty years later- that can watch them and manipulate their reality. Why? It seems likely as a way to make people distrustful and paranoid. If they can make you doubt something big like that, then they can try and make you distrust smaller things- as a way to manipulate you and make you think what you want.

So doubt those who push the fake story.

(Btw, one of my pet peeves: People who claim to be conspiracy theorists who doubt stuff, but then just latch on to other people's conspiracy theories without questioning or doubting)



I don't think it is fake, I think in a way we have the Soviets to thank for it actually. It's been shown in the past that if the country is motivated in the right way it can make tremendous progress in a relatively short amount of time. Take WW2, before the war our army was not even in the top 15 in the world at the time. But when we get pissed off over being attacked and start up..we become #1 in terms of military.

Likewise, when scientists here saw proof the Soviets were ahead of us in the space race they dramatically stepped up their game.

i dont know about fake but i have a question or two about the moon landing itself,
the first is why the flag is flying and not hanging down due to the gravity (low yes but constant so whats up with that). is it just vibrations or kinetic energy causing the fabric to movie ?

the second: some area's of the shuttle whhere lit and others wernt at doffrent angles but in the same general direction of the sun

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