Batman vs Sakura Uchiha

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nolan movieverse bruce wayne
composite sakura (feats from all time periods of the manga and anime, and all movies)

bloodlusted/all out.
distance: 5m
knowledge: reputation. sakura believes the vigilante murdered sarada.
location: alleyway in gotham

Horeeeeee shit. You must really hate Batman. Genin Konohamaru would destroy Baleman. And you put him up against Sakura with all her feats?

She pops his head like a zit before he realizes she's found him.

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nolan movieverse bruce wayne lol

Lol Sakura Uchiha. Reminds me of Kushina Namikaze. Or Ino....whatever her last name is supposed to be right now.

laughing @ this thread

Sadly Suckura could solo the Nolan Batmanverse

You could make this comic Batman and it would still be a horrible stomp. Any version of Batman except the ones that had high level super powers..would be outclassed in every way.

Even Hellbat would have issue dropping her before Bruce died.

batman drives the batmobile and runs over sakura, leaving sakura's crushed carcass on the road for the worms to eat

or just blow she away with the missiles from batwing. considering kishi said that naruto cannot bullettime them they cannot dodge arrows or rockets either

mr miyagi casually catched a arrow and break a tree in half. he would easily blitz and bisect both naruto and suckura in half

naruto cannot even take bullets or break trees. bane doesn't feel pain from bullets and casually decimated a concrete pillar. he would knock both naruto and team 7's skulls off with extreme ease

come back when kishi says naruto can bullettime. then he might be able to touch arrows and scratch concrete pillars

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.