The soundtrack

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hayden's minx
I just got the soundtrack its quite good even if you don't like that sort of music I think it relates more to the matrix that the first soundstrack, maybe because more were specially recorded for it anyhoo, have any of you guys got it? wat do ya think? wats ur fave track?
Mine is Sleeping Awake the POD one coz its a real matrix song ...
"dreaming of Zion"
roll eyes (sarcastic)

i didnt really like it. i was excited that it has a cd that is the score and then one that was a soundtrack but then in the end it disappointed me

I got it the day it came out...i loved it! i'd have to say that the Mona Lisa Overdrive is my favorite. That's the song that plays during the 14 minute car chase scene. My second would be Furious Angels....that's the song that plays during the first fight scene with Neo and the Upgraded Agents.

hayden's minx
Yeh the car chase is a really great part of the flick

RIght, here it goes.

I watched reloaded with a couple of mates and they both HATED it. They were really slating it after the credits. The hall was about 70 % full (ABout 350 people) and about 10 of them left mid film. This is usually not a good sign.

The plot is too intense in parts and too bland in others. You really have to strugle in parts to either keep up with whats going and just to stay awake in others.

For me the best part of the film was not the effects.... I though the '100 smiths' scene was too 'plasticy and fake looking' the effects in the first one were more realistic. The best part was the dialouge between neo and one of the other charecters in that room, the only problem was taht it was very intense.

I liked it and will try and watch it again though.

Captain REX
What does that have to do with the soundtrack?

Anyway, welcome to the forums.

I thought it was kinda dumb everytime Neo went into a fight, that techno music started playing.
Its fine the first few times, but come on!roll eyes (sarcastic)

The music on the trailer for Revolutions was awesome I'm not sure if it was in Reloaded or not. I think I will buy the soundtrack though just to see if I do like it.

no, but i did get the songs from the trailer. the Rob D songs are hard to find as instrumentals. off the top of my head, the techno song playing when the warner bros logo flies by in the trailer is

Overseer - Supermoves

Don't know if you saw it but I have a post of secrets on the matrix wesite and on there are alot of soundtrack extras.

I finally got the soundtrack today its actually better thn I thought and I thought it would be O.K. The enhanced CD features are nice as well. I really liked the animatrix trailer, man I can't wait to get the DVD June 3rd.


This thread is all about the SOUNDTRACK, K?

does anyone know wat the soundtrack is in the cloned msith scene- really need to get hold if it?

yeah......its Burly Brawl

My favs.
Furious Angels
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Burly Brawl

In that order big grin

whoa.....u have the exact same favorites i do................sweet! Burly Brawl has got to be the best big fight music......whoa! wait a minute........we cant forget how i love it

woo furious angels Happy Dance

What time Neo fights? blink
There's nothing wrong with it, Tex! If my mouth made techno music I'd be able to recreate it with perfection.. stick out tongue

Noooo Can't forget Neodammerung!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! sad


Yeah! "Rock is dead" and "This is the new shit" are AWESOME! They just work so well.

Actually, P.O.D. is a Christian band, and they mention Zion in a couple of their other non-Matrix songs (ie. "Breathe Babylon" on their disc "Brown" from 1996). But yeah, that particular song seems to be written for the Reloaded soundtrack, so yeah. Probably just a Matrix reference, but not necessarily. whistle

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