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rules as per id's tourney, 5 post max, BF is a terraformed mars with fully breathable atmosphere but still lacking people.



Deviant Darksaint decided dogs denote dominace....


1. Cosmo Brand TK- This has to be the most pathetic gambit in the history of combat! Debauched Darksaint is contending that mere TK is going to stop the onslaught of Crusher Prime.


This strategy is so flawed that scans are truly unnecessary.

There is no such thing as "Cosmo brand TK".

Cosmo's TK is simply force being applied mentally. That is it. Superboy's tactile TK as stated requires touch but in no way is it a force solely under his control. The same applies to Cosmo's TK. Conversely, the cosmic power of Quasar's bands have a direct relationship with the wielder.

Allowing for debased Darksaint's scenario, lets look at Crusher Prime's ability to absorb and control power.

Here is an example of what Crusher Prime can handle.

Odin's Power>>>>>>>>>>>> Cosmo's TK

There are 2 important things to notice in reference to Deranged Darksaint's argument.

1) Learning Curve- Creel's mastery of Odin's power is instantaneous. There was absolutely no learning Curve. If Crusher Prime can achieve that with a Skyfather's raw power, then certainly he can do the same with mere TK from a rabid Ruskie!

2)Corporeal control- Odin was unable to manipulate Creel's body even though it was completely composed of his power. Again, if a Skyfather couldn't disperse Crusher Prime in his own realm, there is no way puny pup is going to pull it off.

All of this was achieved without the addition of something that renders Creel invincible.


With the power of the Nova Force and the tactical prowess granted by The Worldmind, Crusher Prime easily counters any measure by Limp Lassie.

Now here is what Delusional Darksaint has to deal with.

1) Energy Absorption- The Dog duo's resistance to this attack.


2) Mind-control- The Canine combo's resistance to this assault.


These 2 alone are more than enough to put Darksaint to sleep.



Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn

Can't enlarge the scan.



Dimwitted Darksaint denies documented displays demonstrating dominion.


As you all can plainly see , my opposition, THE SNAUSAGE SNORTER, has no real defense for the cosmic onslaught that is Crusher Prime!!!

Let us again, go over the many displays of folly and falsehood this wretch has engaged in.

1.Dark Deception- This will be short and destructive for the punk poodle in the other corner.

Telepathic resistance- Nova has demonstrated psionic immunity. The lying lapdog was forced to display it to you.

His response

Ignore it voters and affirm that the trans-terrier can accomplish the attack despite canon.

Crusher Prime has psionic immunity.

Crusher Prime 1 Crippled Canine 0

2.Assault in Asgard- Again, despicable dino wants to ignore the evidence that will destroy him.

Creel rampaged throught Asgard as shown in the battle and absorbed a direct energy assault from Marvel's premier skyfather, Odin.

His desperate response

Odin was just playing with Creel and allowed his subjects to be brutalized, his realm ravaged, and his royal person to be assaulted for mere amusement.


The canon stands with Crusher Prime!


Crusher Prime 2 *****-Made Bulldog 0

3)Control of absorption- Mad mutt, Darksaint, wants you to believe that Crusher Prime has "No control over his absorption"


Creel has pin-point precision with his absorbing abilities.

He has displayed this against none other than.......



Crusher Prime absorbed the energy he wanted and maintained absolute control while doing so.

Crusher Prime 3 Piss Poor Poodle 0

4) Light-Speed- Nova has displayed lightspeed routinely in his career. Once again the BS Bulldog that is Darksaint says that he can't manage against Kryptonian speed. Now, I can post Nova speed feats as I've already done but I will just end the issue with this.

Crusher Prime simply absorbs light and uses it to attain absolute, undeniable, lightspeed!

Case closed

Crusher Prime 4 Trans-Terrier 0

Now, I went through all of that to torture the Mad Mutt known as Darksaint but really it was all unnecessary. As I've stated before, there is no way out for the Canine combo, for these 2 reasons.

1) Any attack from Crippled Canine AUTOMATICALLY empowers Crusher Prime!

Speedblitz- Defended by the auto-shields


Crusher Prime now has Kryptonian level superspeed

Tk Bubble( Deviant Darksaint prefers TK condom, the demented doberman)- Crusher Prime has Psionic immunity.


Crusher Prime now has Cosmo level TK

2) Feeble fleabag cannont defend himself against my assault

1) Energy draining- The dogs have no defense against energy draining.

2) The Nova Force- Creel alone is a beastly behemoth. Now coupled with the Nova Force he is unstoppable..

Darksaint is DOOMED!




Darksaint, DUKE OF DUMBASS, desperately dodges debate.


Darksaint, the craven canine, is so gripped with fear that he is breaking with every post!

1) Odin- The point that all but the deranged dog, Darksaint, can view is simple.

A Skyfather's own energy didn't cause Creel to be under Odin's control.

If Odin couldn't achieve it, Rabid Russkie, certaintly can't pull it off.

2) TP Resistance FOREVER- Washed up weiner, Darksaint, puts forth deception and then tries to throw out truth at the last second to cover it up.

It's not working, boy!

Nova, as he tried to brush by, was weakened by THE PHALANX VIRUS.

What has a full powered Nova Prime accomplished against TP assault?


3) Crusher Prime: Master of Control- The Mad Mutt and his rabid delusions strike again.

Osborn's plans are Irrelevant to the point of the 2nd Sentry encounter.

Creel clearly demonstrated his improved control over absorption by NOT getting overloaded by The Sentry when absorbing his powers the second time.

3) Lightspeed bearer- The mangy mongrel that is Darksaint once again insults the intelligence of all those who witness his ramblings.


"Creel has NEVER shown the ability to absorb ambient light"- Feeble fido, Darksaint



Why WOULDN'T Creel be able to absorb light?

The simple answer is that there is no reason he shouldn't be. But, to end any possible debate about the issue, I present the following.

Crusher Prime has the ability to create light!

He creates the light and absorbs it thus allowing him lightspeed.


4) Creel KO'd by alien substances- Darksaint, Duke of Dumbass, REALLY is grasping at straws with this one.

Witness this cry for help

"Once more, when Creel meets something he has not encountered before, something alien, he actually gets KOED."- Darksaint, Duke of Dumbass.


This shows how absolutely asinine this argument is.


Creel never encountered a Cosmic cube before and he absorbed its power effortlessly.

Cosmic Cube>>>> Cosmo's TK/Kryptonian powers

Now, once again I have summarily dismissed ALL of the delusional dog, Darksaint's false claims.

You will notice that the Craven Canine has YET to counter the following.

1) Energy Absorption- Creel Prime simply absorbs the energy from the canine combo.

The dog's protection against energy absorption....


2) Empowerment- While draining energy from the helpless hound, every attack from the opposition only EMPOWERS Creel Prime further.

The helpless hound's defense against empowering Crusher Prime...


This KM level beating has been brought to you by, Crusher Prime!



Dingy, disabled, desperate, Darksaint, defines defeat!

1) Creel Master of Control: THE SEQUEL- Dismal dog must be suffering from an advanced case of Rabies to keep pushing this point.

Duke of Dumbass contends

"Once more, when Creel meets something he has not encountered before, something alien, he actually gets KOED- Darksaint, Duke of Dumbass

This gluttonous greyhound is begging for more abuse.


1. Uru- A substance not found on the earthly realm. When Creel encountered, Mjolnir, for the first time which is entirely composed of Uru, what happened?

He absorbed it efffortlessly

Crusher Prime 1- Something alien- 0

2. Odin's power- Clearly power emanating from Odin is alien to all those other than him. Creel having never encountered Odin took numerous energy based assaults from him?

The result

Creel absorbed cosmic might easily.

Crusher Prime 2 Something Skyfather level alien- 0

This is the death rattle of Darksaint desperately trying to stay from the big Milkbone in the sky.

TK is NOT doing anything to Crusher Prime but empowering him.

2) Energy Draining- First a double post and now an inability to read. Someone, PLEASE, check up on the powerless pup before he succumbs to the onslaught!

The energy draining I am speaking of comes from NOVA PRIME as I've stated since the beginning.

Crusher Prime has the ability to drain energy in the same manner at WILL.

This brings me to another point

3) The NOVA FORCE- Now I know Darksaint is the product of both British dentistry and bad food which have obviously diminished his already limited intellect. NEVERTHELESS, he keeps forgetting that the Nova Force is also accessible to Crusher Prime.

Not only does the putrid pound puppy have the nerve to argue that decades of canon showing Creel's mastery of absorption be thrown out. He also has the gall to suggest that Nova Prime's durability and invulnerability can be overwhelmed and simply "DIFFUSED" across space.


4) The Four winds- This is what I and ALL reasonable, rationale, and fairminded voters and readers should think of Crusher Prime being "Diffused to the four winds"


Have Darksaint, Dog whisperer, answer the following questions.

1. When has Cosmo ever displayed the ability to control a being on Creel's and now in Combination Nova Prime's level with his TK and disperse them as he suggests?


2. When has it been suggested or even intimated that Cosmo can perform such a feat in all of his canon?


Let me now summarize what Darksaint wants you to accept like so many kibbles n bits.

1)Too Alien to absorb- Odin's power, Uru, and varied attacks through Mjolnir, prove this argument to be false.

2) Lack of control- He absorbed The power of The Sentry the second time SOLELY through an advancement in his absorption control. Yet Cosmo level TK is supposed to be too much to handle. Canon proves this to be false.

3) Control through TK- No one has been able to exert control over Creel through his absorption of their powers. A skyfather didn't, a high herald with arguably the most powerful weapon in comics didn't and certaintly a rotten, Russian, retriver won't either.

In closing, Darksaint wants you to DISMISS the established canon supported by scans in favor of both Creel and Nova Prime. While in addition SUPPORTING arguments for Cosmo that have NO basis in canon whatsoever


This beaten Bulldog must believe that everyone must be foaming at the mouth like he is to accept his premise.

The price of victory over Crusher Prime is high and Old Yeller can't afford the bill.





4) Bite of Doom- A Kryptonian powered bite from Fleabag Fido will disable Crusher Prime.

This requires the following

1) Breaking of shields]/b]- Shields that have withstood blasts from Galactus, Annihilus, the explosion of Starships and the heart of stars will be destroyed with a bite.

2) Empowerment bypass- The strength exerted by the bite won't simply be absorbed by Crusher Prime thereby granting him more power.

In closing,

To support Crusher Prime all a voter must do is accept the canon before them and the logical extension of those depictions. In stark contrast, to vote for the Rabid retriever, one must not only deny canon and ignore reason but do the following as well. Add powers and abilities that have never been shown, implied or intimated to Cosmo while also raising the power of the assault to levels rivaling that of cosmic beings.

I trust you voters to make the right decision and I thank you in advance for your consideration.


Bentley's Vote

First of all, thanks for giving me the opportunity to judge the battlezone, I found it very entertaining and lively. Good job to both of you thumb up

Let's keep this short and sweet.


I salute DS for using a thematic one, although one should notice Krypto is stupidly strong for low herald and TP is one of those problems that tend to appear, oddly enough, DS didn't really use either that much. LoB in the other hand has overall flexibility going on for him instead of sheer power both of his picks while a bit more boring are solid.

In this particular level I'm giving LoB the edge, because he utilizes more fully the potential of his characters. DS is more running a fast Cosmo hybrid for most proposes mmm

LoB 1 - DS 0


Both strategies sound solid enough in paper. DS avoided direct contact not to provide Absorbing Man with any potential boost and LoB's defense was better against ranged attacks from the get to go. It's in the offense that things get tricky.

LoB's best bet to nullify Krypto's powers were energy absorbtion, but he only provided those scans at the very end, and those included a rather long sequence of Richard emptying his own power reserves to become "empty" (and this is a newby Nova with a smaller reserve of the Nova Force). It's a good feat, but considering there is going to be a highspeed TK rampage going on, I don't see it coming into play immediately if at all. I wish this was more developped by LoB.

By starting subtle with his TK attack, DS does give a better time window to LoB, who has enough reflexes to somehow react to an unwanted shift on his composition (something Creel alone sorely lacks). Also, when Creel becomes TK energy, how fast will he be moving? We know mental attacks can cover idiotic distances under certain situations, but since this wasn't in play on the match, I'll digress and ignore it for most part.

The second and third plan of DS, did not go answered by LoB, so we are left to wonder about their potential relevance. I see the TK bite as a decent strategy because even if LoB were to become TK energy he could become scattered by Kryptonian level force, he wouldn't necessarily be something as strong as Uru, for example. The Nova Force would make it difficult, but there is a speed gap to mind here (even the scans LoB brought talk about .6 lightspeed, which is less than lightspeed by definition, and that in a travel situation).

So well, all things considered within the bulk of information we got, I'm still giving the strategy edge to DS, in a very close decision.

1 LoB - 1 DS


While some posts were a bit repetitive and both debaters camped in some position, there was enough of a variation of arguments, including some relevant ones, that made them even enough to warrant a comment. First of all, good for LoB to call on a TK user automatically controlling external TK energy, Odin's powers are energy manipulation, while TK by definition (and going by Cosmo's showings) are more of a energy manifestation (finer than Cyclops's blasts for example, but they could be compared). DS did present more scans as evidence and even went to muddle LoB's claims by pointing out some of his critical feats were set up by the plot on their respective comics. DS did shoot more arguments that fizzled, but he was at least wise enough not to pursue them further, when there were easier routes to establish his advantage.

In the end, I think that LoB's amalgam had a very distinct advantage here, but DS was better at attacking it's strong points and better at clarifying why his strategy could work more often than not. LoB was effective shooting down claims himself, but I felt he just grazed the critical points of DS's plan.

So yeah, it remains pretty close, I considered the idea of voting for a tie... but since this is a friendly match I'll save that for another date. Instead I'll vote for

A tie still.

LoB 2 - DS 2

I pray not to need for a tie breaker after this mmm


welllll....this is an interesting turn of events... mmm

So Darksaint wins against that puppy?

laughing out loud

Congrats DS.

Rao Kal El
LOB return your badge on your way out big grin

Good match guys, quite entertaining to read but now for the difficult part, a winner have to be chosen.

1=bad to 5=great

Strategy: LOB + 4 vs Saint + 4

Both participants beginning strategy were simple and to the point, both playing each others strength and weakness; Saint's use of long range TK bubble to stop LOB's in its tracks to LOB grav-metric shielding and energy absorption counter attack pretty much even up strategy on this fight.

Debate: LOB + 2 vs Saint + 4

I have Saint winning in this criteria, he/she pretty much countered most, if not all of his opponents claim and then farther clarified more of his/her point; The counter argument of LOB's TP resistant, Odin fight and the cosmic cube feat for example was nicely rebutted with scan evidence to back it up. I would have like to see LOB reinforce his stance on those points, unfortunately it didn't happen.

Format: LOB + 3 vs Saint + 3

More could have been done for both participants in regards to formatting your debate exchange, a simple quote and answer would have been better uniform and much easier to follow. Sorry guys!

Humor: LOB + 5 vs Saint + 4

U guys cracked me up, made reading your exchange quite fun but LOB brings the trophy, that pic of a mutt in his final post made my day.. laughing

Total: LOB 14 vs Saint 15

Winner: Darksaint85

Really close match up guys, and quite fun to read.. LOB! You cracked me up man..


When a FRENCHMAN comes the closest to being just it is CLEAR this is a brazen act of THEFT!

I moved for that scumbag lowlife, Delta, to be DISQUALIFIED but relented. So confident was I in my clear supremacy that being 1 vote down from the onset would be of no consequence to THE MIGHTY LOB!

Not ONCE but TWICE has the people's champion been denied his just glory. I call for all righteous members to take action. More importantly I call for




Even Flash thinks so.

laughing out loud ds is beink congratulated. thumb up

It's fitting that the yapping chihuahua that proclaims himself the King of the House Of El is defeated by the pooch of the House Of El.

Originally posted by Delta1938
It's fitting that the yapping chihuahua that proclaims himself the King of the House Of El is defeated by the pooch of the House Of El.

Enjoy this moment.

I will rid KMC of your pathetic, piss-poor, presence!!

Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
When a FRENCHMAN comes the closest to being just it is CLEAR this is a brazen act of THEFT!

I moved for that scumbag lowlife, Delta, to be--

Whoa, calm down there buddy. You got that movie part.

That's a huge accomplishment for such a tiny little dog.

Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
Enjoy this moment.

I will rid KMC of your pathetic, piss-poor, presence!!

Bada goes against you.

Originally posted by Delta1938
It's fitting that the yapping chihuahua that proclaims himself the King of the House Of El is defeated by the pooch of the House Of El.

Board Walker
I vote for LOB

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