Reasons for Scimitar's performance against Ent-E

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I saw this post on Reddit listing the reasons why Scimitar performed so good against the Ent-E other than plot in ST:Nemesis (Bear with me, I know you all hate that movie). Do you agree with this:
"""The Scimitar was able to outmatch the Enterprise due to several reasons, and when all those are considered, it makes the Enterprise lasting that much very impressive. I will list out its defenses before going into the offensive components, then other context:

*# First and foremost, the Scimitar's biggest advantage was its ridiculously capable cloak. Its gave out zero emissions unlike other cloaks which meant it was impossible to track, while putting a lot less strain on the power of any of the tactical or maneuverability systems than other cloaks, allowing it to fire it weapons and travel at warp while still cloaked so while the other ships have to fire everything and hope it hits their cloaked opponent while Scimitar can pick them off at leisure

*# Secondly, the ship had DOUBLE-LAYERED REGENERATIVE shielding. Two sets of powerful shields which can regenerate would be very overpowered in itself, and then add it to an extremely large ship like Scimitar which can spread out damage, its practically invincible

*# Thirdly, it was extremely maneuverable for a ship of its size. During the battle it was easily zipping around and dodging several of the attacks, thereby bringing down the opposition's reserves, while striking at critical systems. Now on to the weapon systems

*# Fourthly, that was one hell of a weapon system. 52 disruptor banks and 27 photon torpedo bays, oh my god, that is so much, not counting the Thalaron radiation nor the weaponized shuttles inside (which weren't used till the end anyway.) You can see how easily Scimitar crushed the Warbirds, its shows how robust the Ent-E's defenses are standing up to something like that for such a long time

*# Fifthly, the Ent-E may have been the most advanced ship but it still was not something built purely for combat. That showed here, while it didn't matter before due to its sheer power

*# Sixthly, the sneak attack the Scimitar used to begin the fight allowed it several free shots and on top of that, disabled the Enterprise's warp drive, thus probably damaging the warp core and resulting in the ship not getting full power from it, which just worsened when the debris from one of the destroyed Romulan warbirds crashed onto the warp nacelles. Thus the Enterprise was never able to utilize its full potential.

*# And, finally, I speculate that, since it was supposed to be a diplomatic mission, they did not carry as much ordnance as they would carry into battle and that cost them.""""

Adding on the last point: When the Enterprise managed to get full lock-on on the Scimitar at the end it did serious damage. If they had carried more ordnance they might've even won without the ramming

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