KMC Tournament - Leonidas vs Scoobless

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Power Level & Format: 2-character amalgam. Low Herald each.

Post Limit: 5

CIS & PIS is OFF!: We are drafting 2 characters, and its abilities. You the participant take ownership of how said characters & abilities will be realized in combat.

Character Knowledge: Contestants are fully aware the characters drafted, including its history, and weaknesses.
Also the Amalgam can use powers as good as the originals.

Amping Rules: Disallowed. Materials that aid a power (i.e. Jeffries/adamantium) are allowed. Power amping is not (i.e. The Ray + Kara)

Note: Amping is a state of empowerment fueled by some source source, that increases a characters physical prowess or ability.

Tech Creation & Non-Autonomous Constructs/Summons: Low Herald limit.

No you can not summon an entire realm or dimension.

Interchanging Feats: You are in control of the character, but you are also confined to what that character has accomplished historically.

You can't borrow feats from someone else, even if your similar characters.

X-Man can not Borrow Feats Cable.
G.L. Hal can not Borrow Feats from G.L. John.

Prep: You are given time to raise shields. Otherwise NO prep time.

Creating gear can only take place in the heat of battle, after the bell has rung.

TP: Low Herald

Speed: Up to lightspeed.

Banned Powers: Reality Warp, Time Manip., Duplication, Power Copying, Autonomous Constructs (tech or magic), Memory Retention

Note: Space Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, and the Speed Force is allowed provided that the drafted characters are low herald and below.

Functional Immortals are Banned: Functional immortals such as Lobo, Mr. Immortal, Deadpool are disallowed or voided.

Standard Gear Rule Character comes in with what he is historically known for caring.

Non standard gear must be created you NOT grab it from your lab, and equip yourself with it.

BFR BFR is banned.

Self BFR is only good for phasing.

Good for 1 second.
Date: August 26 - September 03
Leonidas vs Scoobless
leonidas: Pre 52 Jay Garrick & Bastion
Scoobless: Pre 52 Blue Beetle & Enchantress
Location: Earth - Roman Colosseum
Judges: SquallX, Blair Wind, Bently




k, so, got some time tonight and figured, what the hell, i'll take a whack. i'm afraid there are a couple rather gaping holes in the sad bug's opening salvo... sad


this bit:

hate to be the bearer of bad news, (in this case i really do...) but....that's not legal my friend. no rules are explicit--the ONLY thing we can do in prep is set up a shield. feel free to ask id if you'd like. i just looked back at your previous match and saw you did the same thing in prep. i thought you went all undetectable at the start of the match. PG should have called you on it...

what does that mean? well, it means he enters the match unshielded, and has to cast a spell (a couple different one judging by the scans...) BEFORE he can hide from me. but of course, as i outlined in my OP, before he even gets the chance to think about a spell, he's frozen from my point of view. at that point, i scan him and seek countermeasures to his abilities and: the rest is history.... erm

unshielded, the sonics would CERTAINLY incapacitate him for a brief time as i blitzed him. recall this scan:

a few punches from a normal flash laid him out and had him bleeding. here is something else:

after absorbing some speed from adam, jay hit johnny sorrow (a trans level being) with an ftl IMP (impossible mass punch) capable of punching a hole through space-time. no expression

and you asked me why i chose jay.... lol

something else of note in the scan--jay comments that he is USED to seeing the people around him appear FROZEN. part of the life of a true speedster.

now, i can't go THAT fast because of the rule, and the scan even says he can't go lightspeed because he risks falling into the speed force. but he CAN come within a hair's breadth of light speed. here he is actually beginning to MERGE with the speed force as he chases down RIVAL:

as he had begun to merge, he was technically speaking, moving at light speed. incidentally, he SAVED rival from falling into the force by stealing his speed. rival was actually a being of PURE ENERGY when he did. cool feat. thumb up

so, all of that is to say that when i blitz him, and hit him at anywhere NEAR lightspeed, unshielded as he is, it'd be like a (love) bug hitting the windshield of a bullet train. there can be absolutely no doubt that a blow like that, or a hundred regular speed punches with my cl100 strength, would end this within the first second of the match.

assuming he DID survive (he could not have) i still have the rest of my strategy outlined in my OP, including speed steal and nano assault, followed by scarab removal and death.

#1 is a pretty big gaping hole... but, just cuz he raised some other things, i'll poke a couple more holes:


he wants to go undetectable and shows a few scans to try and make his case. first off, the beetle scans: if he were alive and it mattered, i would tell my dearly departed friend, that THAT is also illegal:

the scarab shifted him out of our dimension to avoid john stewart. if he went through with that type of cloaking, he'd SELF BFR and disqualify himself. (which at this point, might be his best bet...heh)

then there is the "odin" scan:

so, not only was that NOT odin, (it was loki) it was a loki who still didn't possess the full odin power--so little did he possess that eric masterson was actually able to knock him on his a$$...

which leaves proof of his 'undetectability' to fall on one scan of heimdall SAYING: "I SENSE A PRESENCE" no expression and a second heimdall scan where she asks for privacy and says heimdall can't hear them. would he have even tried?? do we know the spell would have worked? who knows. but one scan of heimdall maybe not being able to hear her hardly makes her fundamentally 'unfind-able'... especially given my sensory array.

don't forget, it is nimrod's JOB to find superhumans and adapt countermeasures to deal with them. even IF he were invisible, it wouldn't take long (especially with jay's processing speed) to adapt a way to locate them.

a couple other things before i head out:

THE SPELL: first, he'd need to get NEAR me, and moving as fast as i do, no chance that could happen. i have serious doubts it would work on a robot like bastion, but it wouldn't matter. before he started speaking, he'd be punched in the mouth 100 times. not bad for an old sprinter... shifty or i could just use periodic, random AOE attacks to keep you away until i adapted a way to see you:

BASTION'S DURABILITY: bastion at one point came into possession of both the t-o virus, AND the apocalypse strand. these 2 things have been used to explain his upgrade during second coming. anyway, here's a look at what his durability ACTUALLY looks like:

rogue possessed the powers of: colossus, psylocke (who's TK was off the charts and was being used to AMP colossus's punches in the fight), angel, and she had x-23's AND logan's weapons and healing factors to boot. note what bastion did to the bone claws... lol

so, yeah. his durability is fine. thumb up



the scarab is NOT a fan of magic:

the scarab acts 'hinky' around magic. it doesn't read magical entities very well, and sometimes gives NO countermeasures, or ones that don't work. and what has scoob done? he's gone and BOUND it to the ENCHANTRESS! who knows how the scarab would react surrounded by all that magic?? the amalgams ARE subject to inheriting weaknesses if they translate. instead of getting a magical/techno being like he's going for, there is at LEAST a chance that the enchantress's magic will do more HARM to the scarab's abilities to function, than it will to HELP them. perhaps sensors are screwed up? maybe it can't detect through magic shields? who knows how magic could impact the scarab, but it's not unreasonable to think it might have SOME impact....


scoob's gonna be fighting seriously uphill from here on out. that illegal opening left him COMPLETELY wide open to the exact strategy i outlined in my OP. his undetectability (moot as he's too dead to TRY and make use of it) is nowhere near as almighty as he thought, his love spell would never get uttered and even the nature of his amalgam itself is....questionable seeing as how the scarab does NOT deal well with magic.

sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the....

Colour coded for your reading pleasure

The Enchantress & Blue Beetle

The Love Bug


Arthritics Anonymous

---- FIRST THING ---- (and one of the most important things)

Originally posted by "Id"
Prep: You are given time to raise shields. Otherwise NO prep time.
Leo seems to interpret "shields" as a purely kinetic energy blocking, an overly simplistic viewpoint.

I am "shielding" myself from detection, this "gaping hole" is only a hole in your perceptions (your's and your characters')
I am "shielded" from sight, sound, technology, other magic users, telepaths, friggin' ADHD racist robotic amalgams and whomever else might be snooping around.

If you had drafted a psi character i would have "shielded" myself to that specifically as well

Even IF there are some judges who are still considering what exactly "shields" entails, look back at the wording of the rule - we are specifically given the TIME it would take to raise shields (whichever kind of shields those may be) the rule is in place to stop ridiculous universe levelling prep (and you know it)

Judges, the reason leo is trying to throw a flag on my play is that he knows his mechanical mesh up can't find my own, no matter how hard he scrambles around looking for my lovely blue bug.

His ENTIRE plan depends on this one simple fact.... and he got it wrong.

Lastly, Heimdall sensing "a presence"

Heimdall - the guy who can hear flowers growing on the other side of the friggin cosmos
He's vaguely aware someone may or may not be somewhere in the vicinity, that's an awesome feat of "shielding" herself from detection. Followed by yet another act of enchantment, which comes so easy to her, whiuch leo has ZERO defence gainst.

---- NEXT ----

Questioning the Scarab around magic? maybe on his first time out the gate it was weird for Jaime, since then he got himself a hot little girlfriend who happens to be a witch, he was on a team with a demon, he went to hell, he fought other demons (he fought Ares) trust me, he's over it. And frankly, questioning the validity of my amalgam seems desperate ( stick out tongue )

---- ON TO ----

Super speed + sonic attacks = fail (seriously, if your moving slow enough to use sonics you aint blitzing anyone)

Nanites aren't finding me anymore than the rest of you is, which is to say - not at all.

Wishful thinking of Miss Martian is not really a feat, a nimrod blast that can't shred regular clothes isn't taking out Scarab armour and at no point will my armour be down to allow you to remove the Scarab with a simple grab move (that only happened after the Reach shut it down to begin with, which isn't viable anyway as it has since adapted)

---- AND THEN ----

Amora may not be "known for" durability, but she is still Asgardian.

Not a wimp
Chick fight
Can enhance herself and/or the Sarab's strength
So yeah, she's not "known for" brawling or strength, but it is all there, she just prefers the magical approach, Jaime and the Scarab on the other hand love throwing a punch or two, so the Asgardian enhancement wil be appreciated by them

Continuing the durability debate:

Tanking hits from a "bloodlusted" GL 1
Guy is actually trying to KILL HIM
Later in the series, Guy states he's never wanted to kill anything more in his life, and he STILL didn't get through the armour.

Re-entry and faceplant into the ground...
... and gets back up without a scratch on him
BB can handle all that with the durability of a skinny, unathletic, teenaged boy ... an Asgardian Blue Beetle would be monstrous in comparison

---- MOVING ON ----

The "statue" feat leo posted required the speed of Jay, Rival AND Black Adam, pretty sure he has no one to leech off in this battlezone. Also, speedsters aren't always automatically at "lightspeed" or even close to it... in the scans leo provided Jay takes pages of a battle to get up to Mach 3.

Nimrod is designed pretty much solely to adapt to the mutant X-gene, he once fought the Juggernaut and sonic blasted him (but failed to KO him) ... has Bastion ever beaten a non-mutant? anyone on par with any low herald that wasn't the result of X-gene mutations?

Beetle, on the other hand, has incredibly advanced scanners from a culture that stalemated the Guardians of the Universe around 50,000 years ago and can detect the weakness in any enemy

Weakness detection
Can analyze any superhero's weakness (and kill it/them)
And, since you are a oversized half robo-freak, magnetism will probably come in handy:

Omac's are like Bastion, right?
They are both adaptable, mechanised beings
and they are both composed of metalic and nanotech components

Able to immobilise a ton of OMACs and hold them for around 17 years... imagine if he upped the magnetic power a few thousand times (cos we're not going the "non-lethal" route here) think that might f**k up mr Bastion's computer banks? probably!

So I can Magneto the shit out of your tech AND I can TP your mind subtley or overtly

I forgot to post the subtle mind control scan earlier
Cap's pretty strong willed, right? He didn't even realise he was being duped, I could plant any idea in your head from any distance away... and speed is not a factor in magical TP head-screwage

Maybe I tell you everything is ok, power down, forget about me, chill out, grab some Z's... or just that you love me (the old classic for Enchantress)

Remember, this works on robots, humans and gods alike.

The great thing about Amora's powers is that I never need to get involved in fisticuffs, but she and Jaime are both fully capable of throwing down when the need arises

---- CONTINUING ----

You tried to use the rules against me (because you are desperate big grin ) which made me go read the rules again, I forgot that matter manip was ok in this tourney, thanks. smile

Got wood yet? You're about to
Do you happen to carry "the great sword of guard"?
No, really? You don't have it? Damn, that's a shame.

---- WRAPPING IT UP ----


My cloaking/shielding is NOT illegal
I can (from a distance) mess with his head and, via magnetism, his electronics
I can turn him into a tree
I can sense any weakness
I have no need to reveal myself
My durability is pretty insane
I have an immense amount of options for any situation
And I still have a ton of stuff I haven't used yet....



i withdraw my concerns about the legality of his OP. but not the logistics of it: he's attempting to combine 4 DIFFERENT SPELLS:

(1) regular old invisibility, (2) the "odin" cloak, (3) whatever spells she used with heimdall (one where he actually sensed she was present) the other where he couldn't see or hear her, according to her.

(and as an added bonus, he also tried to bfr himself. lol)

forgetting my adapting speed, his approach has MANY problem:

(a) proof that she can actually LAYER spells like that?

(b) would one hiding spell reinforce the others?? i mean you're invisible or you're not. 2 invisibility spells won't make you MORE invisible

(c) the 'strongest' spell, the ODIN one he keeps touting, seemed like some barrier they needed to HIDE under to stay safe, and gave no indication they might attack through or transport it

(d) he really builds up heimdall, but he's hardly infallible--an air spirit has slipped past him, the queen angel walked into asgard unnoticed and loki has come and gone several times unseen. does he have any feats where his senses PENETRATED some type of spell? then there's the fact that heimdall lacks my own tech/energy-based scanning abilities. can he even detect a variety of energy types?? identify and track them? MY senses go WELL beyond the physical

the point? maybe hiding from him magically is NOT such a great feat...

then the obvious issues:

(e) the scarab is a VERY large, technological energy source that doesn't react well with magic. could she hide it as effectively as she could herself?? doubtful. here we see proof that amora herself is anything but comfortable dealing with high level tech:

the tech is "beyond her ken". she did succeed, ultimately, but getting through the tech required her to focus PRECISELY and it was anything but easy for her. and in THIS case, we already know the scarab itself acts "HINKY" around magic... hiding it as easily as she hid herself is CERTAINLY not a given, especially as i'll be scanning SPECIFICALLY for high level energy sources using high level tech...

iow: hiding from heimdall=/=hiding from me


desperate? pfft. lol

laughing out loud with a simple spell he was choked and had his armor removed. no adapting, no help from the scarab at all. the scarab and magic do not mix. (and all the scans i've shown have come from near to the END of his run--ie, he was VERY experienced at that point...)


for the FIRST stop-time feat i showed in my OP, he absolutely did NOT have anyone's speed. the second scan said jay is USED to people appearing frozen to him...that implies times when he is UN-AMPED by others' speed.

so, yeah. stop-time=droolio

cloaked or not, he is still frozen to my POV. that would give me AMPLE time to adapt at super speed to whatever he has tried to do. here are a few examples of INFERIOR nimrod's adapting:

notice--they dehydrated namor, took off hellion's HANDS through his TK, BURNED iceman and set fire to ARMOR! adapting to find the scarab would be no problem.

BUT LEO, SHE'S MAGICALLY HIDDEN!!1! CAN YOU ANALYZE MAGIC?? lol here we see AN EARLY MODEL SENTINEL (FIRST GENERATION!) was able to analyze and defend against one of the greatest magical items in comics--THOR'S HAMMER:

analyzing for magic wouldn't be a problem given that bastion is CENTURIES beyond that first version.

we also know she doesn't love tech, and the scarab doesn't love magic so the spell likely wouldn't be as effective as it could be. i also know she appears on the opposite side of a small BF. given the speed and time i have, my scans WOULD adapt a way to find her, but if it is taking too long, i'd just unleash a sonic attack to break her concentration. her spells are not in any way, SHIELDS. that means that, while he is invisible, he IS STILL COMPLETELY UNSHIELDED. even if she WAS invisible, the sonics would affect her and make sure her spell failed and incapacitate her (recall it dropped JUGGERNAUT). and the instant i see her, this match is done.

i showed what happened to beetle when he was blitzed not once but TWICE by a flash. here's what was left of amora when SHE was blitzed by monet:

lol EIGHT FRACTURES and TWO BROKEN BONES. from a cl10-20 monet moving....nowhere CLOSE to how fast i'm going. please see previous jay scans. smile

so, my strat remains ENTIRELY unchanged. i scan, adapt a way to find him, blitz his STILL unshielded form and end it. or i use wise area sonics THEN blitz.

but, let's say worst case scenario: he avoids sonics AND my scans. in time i WOULD adapt a way to see him, or, the instant he powered up the scarab and attacked he'd be revealed. there is no proof whatever that he can handle my speed. i'd just keeping moving, mixing in random teleporting at super speed and setting off powerful AOE attacks and sonic attacks to prevent him getting close enough to even TRY his love spell thing. as for influencing my mind, good luck:

why is that such a cool feat? because cable has affected mechanical beings in the past:

he tried the same thing in the same issue on bastion:

that means that all computer minds are NOT the same, so those vision scans in no way mean he could affect me with his long range tp attack--or his love spell for that matter.

PART 2 (having to change the way i was thinking about the match has led to a longer post than i anticipated.... embarrasment


beetle has some decent durability feats. but he has at LEAST as many ones that show his durability doesn't match up to the higher characters in this tier. here a brand new dr polaris takes him out with ease--actually KILLS him:

his durability is good, not great (the attack put HOLES in the armor) and couldn't handle my blitz.


nimrod took out juggs (whose powers are MAGICALLY BASED) . no expression not only did he handle juggs, he dealt with SELENE, a mutant AND sorceress and high level matter manipulator:

how powerful IS she....?

lol and she was powerless to stop nimrod. we saw an early sentinel analyze MJOLNIR and i could show NUMEROUS scans of early model sentinels battling and adapting to non-mutants. hell, bastion's TECH has proven to be WELL beyond thor's, and even reed's and stark's ability to counter:



the inferior nimrod's adapted almost instantly to MAGNETO's EM command. adapting to your magnetism? a non-issue.

MATTER MANIP. man, know the rules! matter manip IS allowed, just not ON an opponent. in the first rd i had an omega level matter manipulator, remember? if i could have turned LOB into a tree i would have.....

oh, and a quick LOL at scoob for talking about nimrod's power blasts not being able to tear apart clothes. laughing out loud he WAS able to take out rogue/colossus/x-23/logan with one blast though:

and here, even PHOENIX's shields couldn't take the blast for long:

my firepower is fine. (BTW, quick shout out to ANGRYSCOT for the scans. thumb up )

ADAPTATION SPEED: i want to make sure everyone knows how fast nimrod could adapt BEFORE he gained access to the speed force. here is adapts to surge's electrical attack AS IT HAPPENS:

and here:

those are just a couple examples. and bastion has SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded himself since then. now, with the speed force available? adaptation would be nearly instantaneous.


(1) his cloak is HIGHLY suspect. no proof he can layer spells, no proof it would be good against tech scanning, doubt caused by her lack of understanding of tech, and the scarab's dislike of magic... we saw an early sentinel analyze MJOLNIR and in the STOP-TIME phase i'd have LOADS of time to adapt to finding her.

invisibility=NO SHIELD. a poor, and risky exchange imo. once she's found, it's over--she gets blitzed and if by some miracle he can survive the beating gets his speed stolen and nano assaulted. the scarab becomes the newest sentinel? regardless, as it loses integrity, i rip the scarab right out of him (no adapting to that as the scarab itself is under attack) then i kill him with disintegrator rays or fists. a powerful blast can tear HOLES in his armor and KILL jaime...

(2) his mind tricks fail, his magnetism is useless (here even PHOENIX's tk can't latch on to him):

and beetle would never have time to adapt to anything i do.

worst, WORST case scenario? i randomly cover every centimeter of the BF and into him! lol invisible=/=intangible.

cloaked or not, doesn't matter. he's done before he knows what hit him. nwoot


since i won't have much time to close things wed, thought i'd go over what i see as the biggest factors in this match now--because really, my opening strat determines everything that follows...


let's simplify.

scoob will come up with a number of clever points in his posts. dude is a pro. but, no amount of cleverness gets him around the single biggest factor in this match--my overwhelming speed advantage. looking beyond rhetoric and tangents, we are left with a simple question: can i find him before HE adapts to my super speed?

it's a race. smile

the onus is on him to convince you that he can weather the opening of this match, and survive the "STOP-TIME" phase. he can't. scans, old and new:

ALL of you look slow to me... and he's talking to a legit speedster in POWER GIRL

hours like years....minutes like days...

time comes to a grinding halt... then he evacuates everyone AND catches all the beams.

where he'd need to find a way to adapt to my abilities in seconds, i might have, what...hours?

and MY adaptations do NOT require conversation, or a middle man to choose from options. they are calculated and enacted. withOUT the speed force i adapt faster and more efficiently than beetle. now?? this scan gives you an idea of just what jay is capable of in the "wink of an eye":

he covered HUNDREDS OF SQUARE MILES. now he can fly and port. no expression i'd mentioned off-handily that in an absolutely WORST case scenario, i could just cover the entire battlefield and basically RUN INTO HIM. lol i wasn't kidding..... BTW, in his young days jay WAS able to run at light speed:

he'd be at light speed in this match, AND have access to senors that are centuries beyond anything we have now. ask yourself: how many algorithms WILL bastion will have run in the blink of an eye...billions? trillions?? all dedicated to one thing: the express purpose of adapting a way to KILL him.


we've seen a high level sorceress (selene) powerless against him, and we saw an ancient version--the very FIRST version--of a sentinel successfully analyze and counter MJNOLNIR. bastion himself was BORN in a mystical world. magic is just another ability to counter.

i have also repeatedly shown that magic is NOT something the scarab deals with very well. more examples:

laughing out loud obviously the scarab is not infallible. the spectre easily steps through the "anti-magic" shell then, with a touch, shuts down the armor.

here is fails AGAIN on a magical target:

i've shown enough scans to prove that beyond doubt, the scarab is not compatible with magic. with that in mind, it is very difficult to predict how it would react to amora's spells, how it would function through them, or around them. in short, amora may do more HARM to the scarab, than help.


how do these issues relate to BASTION? as if familiarity with magic and SPEED aren't enough, i ALSO have other very important advantages scoob never considered when selecting his hide-and-seek strategy:

(a) i KNOW she's there! she arrives on the BF the same time i do. i just can't see her. yet.

(b) i have 'general knowledge of my opponent'. that means i KNOW i'm searching for magic (and the scarab's large energy source)--i KNOW what i need to adapt to

(c) we're enclosed in a VERY small battlefield and i even KNOW, in a general sense, WHERE she is (she appears on the opposite side of the BF from me)

add those things together, with my own processing speed and the time i have to work within the STOP-TIME phase, and it really is impossible to imagine i could NOT adapt a way to find him and kill him.

something else for the judges to consider: i would likely need t one-shot me, or i'd be able to track him down and kill him. recall, this didn't even slow bastion down!

nor did this:

hope needed to call upon the PHOENIX FORCE for the first time to end him.... and don't forget--JAY ALONE has battled scythe h2h, but ALSO BLACK ADAM:

and was PUNCHED from NEW YORK to DALLAS by ZOOM--without even being KO'D!!

that speed force aura offers some awesome protection on its the SF is powering bastion's healing preocesses....

i'd also force him to adapt to MORE than just speed. if you somehow buy he'd remain hidden, i'd be randomly teleporting, all the time scanning and looking for anything i can detect and adapt to. as soon as he attacks, i would INSTANTLY know where he is and given my reaction times, could vibrate through the attack. say he went with a nuke. no problem. here jay reacts AFTER AN EXPLOSION ALREADY BEGAN:

a RIDICULOUS feat... jay has DOZENS of scans of vibrating through objects and energy, and has even vibrated, multiple times, out of the universe and out of time. when he was young (and in the body of nimrod he'd be VASTLY improved even over his young self...) he was able to vibrate FASTER THAN LIGHT:

old yes, but still canon to jay....

what that means is i would have time to OUT REACT whatever attack love bug tried, and that he would then be forced to find a way to counter my intangibility while having given away his location. he could never, ever, get close to me.

i could even go invisible:

lol i know it's old, but like i said, still canon. and there are more recent ones (even the new stop-time scan above has him moving too fast to see, when he attacked scythe he was too fast to see...)

intangibility, invisibility, just MORE things he would be forced to adapt to.

back to STOP-TIME: i mentioned sonics to break the concentration needed for the spell. here are a couple other powerful AOE options that i could use:

all i need to do is break her concentration for a second to find and blitz them--and RECALL: they are HIDDEN (NOT EVEN INTANGIBLE!) BUT UNSHIELDED...

i would also have time to do this:

SONIC BOMB that caught PROF ZOOM off-guard. it would DEFINITELY break amora's concentration.

or this:

again, that is scythe, who broke alan scott's neck and beat down the JSA team including dr fate....


sonics, air pressure, sonic bomb--any of them could be used to "unveil" them before they even had the chance to THINK of doing anything.....i might even just be able to unleash a nano swarm to swarm the BF.

and we know once they ARE discovered the impact of a blitz (see jay vs scythe), followed by my secondary attacks (outlined in the OP) WOULD end him.


beetle's scanners can be jammed:

no reason i couldn't adapt a way to jam them even BEFORE i launch my attack... or even adapt a way to DRAIN him, then kill him BEFORE he can adapt to it:


i think this post pretty clearly outlines all my advantages, everything backed up with multiple scans. he can NOT answer my speed, and has no answer for my STOP-TIME processing and adaptation. his mesh is questionable, and his strat of hiding vs shielding is a costly one.

last point: i mentioned that maybe hiding from heimdall wasn't so great. here loki simply teleports right past heimdall! heimdall also never sensed loki's astral self LEAVING asgard:

***as i said--hardly infallible and hiding from heimdall=/=hiding from me***

if scoob wants to win...


The Enchantress & Blue Beetle

The Love Bug


The Tin Canuck

The Magic issue:

First off, I think we can ignore anything related to Loki, the Spectre and Eclipso - I fully admit they are way more powerful than anything allowed in this tourney, so comparing their feats to mine, i'm always gonna come up short, but just because Loki can elude Heimdall, doesn't mean anyone can sense Amora... and just because the freakin' Spectre can lock down Beetle's armour (and escape an energy cage) has no bearing, whatsoever, on this match.

The Spectre is practically the most powerful being in comics, I'm fairly certain he could f**k-up our entire roster of first and second round amalgams with the wave of his hand.

Eclipso? "Eclipso is the primordial manifestation of God's wrath" - so same deal, way too OP to compare to anyone in the tourney.

Leo's only defence against magic is throwing up scans of elder gods and high herald level sorcerers, nothing that relates to any of his own abilities.

Honestly, I'm not sure that's true in this tourney, a lot of the rules have differed from the past and it states that matter manip IS allowed - right next to the speed force rule

The Sentinel issue:

As per the GL rules, any feat performed by any sentinel, Nimrod or otherwise, who is NOT ACTUALLY BASTION should just be ignored. I'm not throwing up Dr. Strange feats for Enchantress.

The Mesh issue:

Beetle has fought alongside a ton of magic users without problems, his teammates are magically powered (or even demons) his girlfriend is a sorceress and half his powered friends from mexico are based in magic, it won't be an issue.

Also, it's a friggin amalgam tourney, the characters are assumed to function normally with their "partners" if I marged the Human Torch with Venom, would I be plugging a weakness or killing myself? I personally go for the first choice. All amalgamations are assumed to aid, not harm, themselves.

The Prep issue:

I showed multiple scans of invisiblity spells to illustrate a basic power, of course i'll just use the most combat effective one.

The Magnetism issue:

Holy scan cropping Batleo - no expression
Here's how it really went down with Magneto and the 'rods:
First, Magneto crawls out of a hospital bed to fight
He was never remotely close to 100% in that battle
and his "simple' magnetic attack still managed to f**k up all Nimrods present

Magneto could barely stand when he recycled those Nimbots, Beetle, with his massive power supply
"at current output" = over 6,209 days...
"at current output" - this tells me (clearly) that he has the option of increasing that output significantly, at that level he took out a boatload of OMACs - if you look back at the scans I posted earlier it shows that the magnetic field was specifically adapted to the OMAC physiology, meaning the wavelength can be altered to anything required. Disabling OMACs is pretty cool considering he was still working with a non-lethal mindset (that's gone here BTW) You can't outrun a magnetic mind wipe at, well, let's say 144,000 times the power used in that scan (dumping 17 years of power into hours) that's if the power cells deplete after a few hours

Your being composed of metal means I don't have to locate a speeding blur, I just need to flip a switch and your trapped and your "hard drives" are formatted.

The Invisibility issue:

Leo swearing

Well.... that's just wishful thinking, Nimrod never really adapted to Juggernaut's power, he just had to work around it. Tony Stark has been working with magic for years and he still can't see Strange standing right in front of him.
Tech simply doesn't stack up well against magic, we've all seen it in different comic books over the years, magic is just incomprehensible to the purely scientific types.
A word from the pros
Nimrod can't "adapt and overcome" magic, if he could he would have switched Juggernaut's power off (like Thor did) he had to work around it because he can't understand it, and neither can Bastion.

Beetle can "mess with" the teleportation frequency
Turns out your teleport tactic might result in a KO, maybe you end up inside a wall, faceplanting into the ground, turning inside out....

The Enchantment issue:

Bastion is a machine, Cable couldn't TP him - makes sense (Cable only TP'd with machine man when they were directly linked via the TO virus)
This isn't Telepathy though, this is magical enchantment, and it has already affected machines such as the Vision.
Secondly, only part of your amalgam is Tech, the other part is human (you said the same thing about my Vision/Super Skrull amalgam in a past tourney) claiming TP immunity based on a 50% tech brain is only 50% effective... which is irrelevent as, again, this is MAGIC.


Offensive Power:

So the Enchantress is a little underappreciated on the CBVs forum... it's understandable since she's always around Loki, Thor, Odin and other top level gods and monsters. But put her in a battlefield of "lesser mortals" she can become a scary woman to deal with. Here's a few feats from the Queen of Green:

Able to kill the Hulk (in one shot)

Can magically blind leo's senses

Can hypnotise with a look...
... or without line of sight
... or from half a world away

Creating a kick-ass magic sword
and using it to defeat Nightmare in his own realm

Can paralyse with a gesture
Trapping machines, mystics and speedsters alike
even freezing other gods

Can floor Thor with a single blast
...and again
...and again (again)
and she like to brag about it too

Burning the face right off of an elder goddess (Hela)
That's a mean woman

There's also illusion casting, teleporting, shields, telekinesis, healing powers, life drain, etc, etc... witchy stuff, you get the idea.

Offensive Power:
Feeding time
Still hungry...

Taking down Validus
but sucking at lying

speedsters (just cos leo knew it was coming, doesn't hurt it's featness)

OMAC Prime (same basic powers as Amazo, already copied Wonder WOman and others here)
but still inferior tech to the Beetle scarab/armour tech (just like Bastion is inferior)


I'll do a summary post next time.


The Enchantress & Blue Beetle

The Love Bug


Flash in a pan

Magic and Magnets

Ok, the mini scan dump above is partly there because I wasn't sure how long I had left and thought the match might end earlier than now.

Feats are great, but they need to be used practically. I'm not suggesting that I will just energy blast a speedster while he's running around, even with the Scarab's tracking it's a tough shot. What I'm saying is that I will use magical TP/enchantments, magnetic field AOE (area of effect) attacks and even create invisible force fields around the BZ to slow him down / stop him.

Force Fields:
enough to effortleslly stop a charging class 100 brick

Easily defends against a nuclear explosion from dead center....
....not a hair out of place

Running/flying into that at high speed will definitely be a shock to the senses, especially while distracted by mystical, hypnotic, "jedi mind tricks" as illustrated previously.

I'm pretty damn sure that speed isn't helping a robot escape from a uber-powered magnetic trap specifically suited to his physiology = immobilisation. Once he's mentally or physically immobilised Love Bug comes in with the Thor smashing blasts, feeding off his energy, the dark magic sword that can take out a demon lord in his own realm (Nightmare) or the Hulk KILLING blast (he was seriously dead, Odin had to bring him back to life) Or, the old fall back, adding to my gimpy love slave entourage.

See, it really only takes a moment, just one moment of one part of one plan to take affect, and Love Bug has the capability to end this match in a single shot.

The Speed of Magic

Speed is great when it comes to dodging bullets, punches, falling trees... whatever, but when an attack is intrinsically "unavoidable" such as my mystical enchantments, running at light speed or standing motionless is all the same, I don't need a target, just a thought (spell) that will "magically" find it's victim. Without magical/mystical shielding it CAN NOT be avoided ... and robots can't adapt to energy they can't comprehend.

Leo is trying to sell you a Flash powered Amazo, but what he's really got is an "old flash" powered sentinel with no ability to detect/disrupt magic and which can't counter, or even move when faced with an uber-powered, cyber-brain scrambling, magnetic field.

The Inevitable List
He still can't find me
He can't avoid my head-f**kage
He can't escape my magnetic trap
He can't see my force fields and may go 'splat' into one
He can't survive my stronger attacks
He's Canadian (so vote for me)
He's throwing up Loki and Spectre feats to try to distract you
He's scan cropping because of the holes in his argument (I exposed this twice already)


Just remember, my main attack, the magical enchantment, does NOT need direct line of sight, does NOT need to be targetted like a gun and can NOT be blocked by scientific means.

It may seem "un-combat-like" ... because it is! Not all characters are there just to punch people or shoot lasers out of their eyes. The power of love, nothing Leo has shown you thusfar has touched on ANY defence against Amora's most basic and commonly used form of "attack"

Prepare to become my own personal Gimpinator "Pops"

evil face evil face evil face



scoob NEEDS me to NOT find him during the STOP-TIME PHASE of this match. he NEEDS you to believe i can't adapt "because it's magic", but i showed an old sentinel analyzing MJOLNIR. he says it falls under the gl or magic feats aren't exchanged because there are variations in skill and experience.

sentinels aren't different because of "skill", or "willpower." of course we don't exchange strange and amora. he's more skilled. but what one sentinel is capable of doing, ANY sentinel can do--it's the same tech. in bastion's case the tech is just more advanced. it's akin to drafting ironman and being told you can't use feats from his other or older armors. but by rule, ironman CAN use those other used several armor types in the first match in this tourney.

sentinels should fall under the ironman armor rule.

but again, here nimrod has no problem scanning and analyzing juggernaut (magically based powers):

and recall selene's failure:

i've shown more than enough to support the idea that bastion should be able find him. and don't forget--I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD AT THE START OF THE MATCH.

in the off chance you DON'T think i can find him, i STILL get tons of time to formulate a strategy before he can move or even think. if bastion concludes he CAN'T find her, (but recall all my advantages) i STILL have knowledge of her general whereabouts and one of my AOE attacks would break her concentration and reveal her (a massive wind blast--imagine how powerful it would be given bastion's strength..., a sonic bomb, wide angle sonics, super speed blitz of the area). wind or sonics WOULD stagger her, and the instant she is revealed, this is over. all scoob's offensive scans are meaningless as he never gets the chance to use them.

worst WORST case? you assume i can't find him AT ALL. i simply throw up a force field and blitz the BF:

and wait for him to attack so i can figure out where he is, blitz him and end it.

scoob DID raise ONE interesting point (heh):

Originally posted by Scoobless
Nimrod never really adapted to Juggernaut's power, he just had to work around it.

and? he still punked juggs like no one this side of onslaught has done. a combo of tk and other powers ended it quickly. whether i adapt DIRECTLY to you, or figure a way AROUND your spell, the result is the same--I FIND YOU AND BLITZ YOU....AND YOU DIE.

**NOTE**--NOW he's trying to say he puts up a force field? lol can she even be invisible AND put up a force field? wouldn't it wreck the cloaking spell? and that's just more energy to scan for....

even if you DON'T think i can adapt a way to find her in all the time i have, it doesn't matter.

2. HEAD ****AGE

i've shown cable and even phoenix failing to affect him. her spell on skull required her to be in front and looking at him. she could try with me and be blitz-killed before the sound of her first word reached me. as for the long range magic tp she used on cap:

she knew exactly where he was, THAT's why she could spell him. she's watching him on TV! lol she'll have no clue where i am and so nothing to target. and i'd be moving so fast i'd be invisible. also, if it somehow got to that, i'd have a force field up--no proof she could affect me through a force field....


really? lol a weakened mags has KILLED PROTEUS! he didn't rip the nimrods apart (as he has other sentinels) with his EM powers, he used the BF to kill them. they adapted immediately to his powers. and weak mags control over magnetism>>>your control. i also showed numerous scans of nimrod adapting MID ATTACK to several x-men. with my speed the adaptation would be instant. he'd never get a chance to use this anyway...but it would be less than trivial for me to deal with.


lol if it got to the point where i needed to blitz the BF (it never would) i'd have my own force field up. odds are i would explode you if i hit you. odds are better you can't throw a cloaking spell AND a force field together at the same time though. not and maintain your cloak. or that i'd sense the force field. and if the scarab powered up at all, i'd sense IT for sure.


won't go over this again. bastion's durability/healing is off-the-charts. jay has battled adam h2h, had a lengthy battle, alone, with SCYTHE and been punched across the country and only got a bloody nose. combine them, and factor in the speed force working on nimrod's healing systems? i can take anything he has ever demonstrated on panel. more importantly? i can OUT REACT any attack he attempts.


that should be reason enough to vote for me. big grin


loki is a bit more powerful, true but not by that much. spectre is all over the map. the giant demon i showed in post 1? called up by some dungeon and dragons dudes in their basement playing with 'real' magic. laughing out loud eclipso? traci came in and wrecked her. the giant hound? was raven, who can be powerful at times, but...c'mon.... it's clear the scarab does NOT react well to magic. jaime SAYS IT ON PANEL. what effects would all these spell have on it? i dunno. if this is close in your mind, it's not unreasonable to look at the idea of a poor mesh playing a role in the outcome....


lol the mags one? you showed the rest of the scans. nothing special. sure he was weak, but a weak mags has>>>>control over magnetism than you. and he wasn't directly affecting them in any scan. not sure the other one you're talking about..... confused

he otoh, left out that the enchantress knew EXACTLY where cap was. that's why her spell worked. he also tried bfr'ing himself, had an...issue with prep, AND tried to matter manip me! tsk, tsk. sloppy old man. and he called ME pops. sneer


there is simply no answer for the speed and the offense i bring to the table. nano swarms, speed stealing, turn his armor into a sentinel, energy drain, blitzing power, blasting power.... all of it indefensible because it happens too fast. i could even just go invisible to tech--the scarab wouldn't be able to track me:

that was pierce using BASTION'S TECH, inserted inside him, to make himself undetectable to DANGER. no reason i couldn't adapt a way to be invisible to the scarab (outside of speed).

always keep in mind how quickly i process and analyze, and how much relative time i have to work with....not only at the start, but THROUGHOUT the match.

i can out-react any attack he has, become intangible, teleport, and anytime i move i'm invisible to him. add all that to the amount of time i have at the outset of the match, my ability to spontaneously adapt and think with speed force speeds and my ability to calculate THE MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF OFFENSE OR DEFENSE?

this match can only end one way:

my thanks to the judges and to my good buddy for a great, and long over-do, match. thumb up


Wrapping it up.

The Enchantress & Blue Beetle

The Love Bug


(insert humourous name here)

Ok, that 'scan' scan:

It shows that Nimrod recognised Juggernaut from a memory file someone uploaded to his system, not a single thing about analysing the source of his power or any way to counter him. If anything it helps my assertation that you can't adapt to magic.

As for leo claiming I have to be watching TV to use magic over distance (weirdest argument in tourney history thusfar) Here she casts a spell on a room full of people when she can't see them and is nowhere near them:

And here's a little mini compilation page I made of Amora using her abilities over vast distance without direct lines of sight:

Leo has to argue against the truth because the truth hurts him here, and the truth is simple, magic does not work like a laser, you don't need to see the victim to cast an enchantment, you just need to know who you are targeting (sometimes just the general area and it affects everyone present)

There really is nothing to suggest moving quickly is a defense against any type of spell, enchantment, curse, whatever...

So, basically, everything I said about my "mind f**k" plan is solid and everything leo said about adapting to magic is completely baseless

blitzing the BF

Nah, even at mach speeds (yeah, leo still needs to accelerate and perform tight turns in this part of his plan so nothing close to lightspeed), it's going to take a while to cover every cubic inch of a large three dimensional space, much longer than it would take to send a mystically unblockable (to you) command into your mind, then that's it, you power down, fall in love and kill yourself because of my super horn inducing godly hotness.


Just keep digging... stick out tongue

Scan cropping

Sure there was another one... maybe the Livewire one? you showed her starting to drain him, but didn't show the reversal where Beetle nearly eats her until Jaime stops it.


There is simply no answer for the MAGIC I bring to the table. Mind control, undetectable, energy drain, godstomping blasts, demon lord maiming explosive sword attack.... all of it indefensible because leo's guy can't handle magic... AT ALL. He can't see me, he can't analyse me and he can't adapt to enchantments or spells because he won't even be aware that he's been enchanted, he'll just simply fall in line and do my bidding (just like everyone she's ever used those powers against who didn't have high level magical skills)

I didn't mention Blue Beetle much in this post... magic is obviously my main weapon against someone who can't defend against it. If you want to see more of him then just skim through the scans and arguments I previously posted, he's pretty cool and worth reviewing... and if you really want to see more of Jaime then just vote me through to the next round.

But the magnet thing is still valid, unless Bastion can somehow become 'not metal' and not have computer systems, he is extremely vulnerable to that tactic (which the Scarab can perform while Amora is simultaneously doing her magic thing)

big grin


Wrapping it up (no, really this time)

The Enchantress & Blue Beetle

The Love Bug



Figured I might as well use my last post to cover this one point that I somehow overlooked earlier.


Selene Vs Nimrod
This directly impacts leo's supposed "magic defence" in that it shows that Selene (though capable of some mystic feats) was only using her MUTANT powers against Nimrod. The EXACT thing he is designed to counteract.

Basically this is the final nail in Bastion's coffin of magical susceptibility. He literally has no showings of any kind of defence. and neither does Jay.

Ok... I'm done.

big grin

Match is over.

Good Job Guys.

long pig
Very good job!




Winner Scoobless.

ah well.... good job scoob.

My wonkiness finally paid off.


GG leo, If it had gone your way I wouldn't have been as surprised as I am right now.

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