KMC Tournament - abhilegend vs beatboks

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Power Level & Format: 2-character amalgam. Low Herald each.

Post Limit: 5

CIS & PIS is OFF!: We are drafting 2 characters, and its abilities. You the participant take ownership of how said characters & abilities will be realized in combat.

Character Knowledge: Contestants are fully aware the characters drafted, including its history, and weaknesses.
Also the Amalgam can use powers as good as the originals.

Amping Rules: Disallowed. Materials that aid a power (i.e. Jeffries/adamantium) are allowed. Power amping is not (i.e. The Ray + Kara)

Note: Amping is a state of empowerment fueled by some source source, that increases a characters physical prowess or ability.

Tech Creation & Non-Autonomous Constructs/Summons: Low Herald limit.

No you can not summon an entire realm or dimension.

Interchanging Feats: You are in control of the character, but you are also confined to what that character has accomplished historically.

You can't borrow feats from someone else, even if your similar characters.

X-Man can not Borrow Feats Cable.
G.L. Hal can not Borrow Feats from G.L. John.

Prep: You are given time to raise shields. Otherwise NO prep time.

Creating gear can only take place in the heat of battle, after the bell has rung.

TP: Low Herald

Speed: Up to lightspeed.

Banned Powers: Reality Warp, Time Manip., Duplication, Power Copying, Autonomous Constructs (tech or magic), Memory Retention

Note: Space Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, and the Speed Force is allowed provided that the drafted characters are low herald and below.

Functional Immortals are Banned: Functional immortals such as Lobo, Mr. Immortal, Deadpool are disallowed or voided.

Standard Gear Rule Character comes in with what he is historically known for caring.

Non standard gear must be created you NOT grab it from your lab, and equip yourself with it.

BFR BFR is banned.

Self BFR is only good for phasing.

Good for 1 second.
Date: August 26 - September 03

abhilegend vs beatboks
abhilegend: Magneto & Jade
beatboks: Pre 52 Mr Miracle & Aquaman with Water Hand
Location: Earth - Roman Colosseum
Judgesmessedin I Am, Prof. T.C MacAbe, Digi



Ahh Abhi, nice try but unfortunately it falls short.

So now to the holes in your argument.
freezing water hand
So your would freeze the water hand and eliminate it would you?? Let's see ow that worked out for Marauder when the tale continued in issue 24 of Version 6.

That's right, he just pulled the water hand back together and then proceeded to tear Marauder apart.

Never mind the fact that the "near absolute zero" is never getting close enough to my build to even affect the water hand.

That there is one of hundreds of times that Scot Free has been in the void of space with nothing to protect him but his equipment (before he ascended to the Alpha effect). Equipment both of his suit and his mother box. The void of space where the temperature is only 2.7 degrees above "Absolute zero". 2.7 away IS almost (or as close as you can get). This tactic is just a fail, and will do nothing for you.

magnetically removing mother box
1.In your own scans the MB was shown able to return to Scot and continue to aid him.
2. The only thing that delayed that was the wrapping that disabled it until Barda was able to remove it. Wrapping that also disables Supes. Wrapping you don't have.
3. Without said wrapping the MB can still operate and doesn't need to be near Scot to do so. It is after all sentient.
4. Scot didn't have a protective shield up in that scan as he did here before the battle started.

In short also a fail.

The rest of your strategy falls apart because you can't enact it.
So what did you achieve
Well frankly you made things pretty hard for yourself.
You managed to freeze all the water I flooded the Colesium with entrapping you within it.

You managed to seal yourself in 100,000 cubic meters (91900 tonnes) of ICE.

Ice that is made up of water that my character build has complete control over

Ice that because of that control will counter the magic of Jade (make it wither)

Absolutely brilliant move.

The rest of your strategy falls apart because you can't enact it.
The only one freezing is you as the temperature change didn't even get close to me.
You haven't penetrated my protections so drawing out life energy (which wouldn't be possible anyway since the water hand is linked to life energy which is why Arthur can heal with it, and could easily be replaced) simply isn't going to work.

So let's look at this. I have your body trapped courtesy of both the Ale and your own opening tactic crossed with mine.

With it Scot could trap even Darkseid (who is vastly above your build), even if he couldn't trap or control his soul. Could Fre3eeze Sup

There are literally dozens of ways i could shatter the ice. With Mother Box, Multi Cube, vibration wave generators in Scot's gloves, his lasers, or simply the water hand.

This will bring 91,900 tonnes of ice crashing down on your head. A head I might add that will by this point only have the power of Magneto. A magneto who may be struggling to concetrate with all that cold.

While this ice is crashing down on you I will have all the tricks of the multi cube attack
Project Alpha waves to sedate you
Project vibrational waves to weaken your force fields

the water hand extended in tendril form (as Arthur did many times in this time) and remove your helmet.

Bye bye TP protection. Good luck trying to concetrate to hold off all that Ice whiel my TP is giving you a seizure

Post 2 (on iPhone)

First for what was left out

This continued ( or was supposed to) about how it froze Superman and Orion. Both undeniably high herald. The fact that it froze both easily proves it could have equally immobilized an amalgam of the two. Using the Alr immobilized two high heralds and one above. Easily leaving your amalgam at my mercy. You'll notice in the scans where Scot confronted Darkseid he didn't even bring his omega beams into play.

This should be a pretty easy as well as interesting debate on Abhi's part. All he (the pre-eminent Supeman defender on this site or almost any other) has to do is contradict everything he's ever said about Superman. He has to prove that Magneto is more powerful than Superman. Should be a pretty easy task given the knowledge he has on Supes I would think. That's. Debate I'm eager to see him offer wink

So we've seen the context of the scans he sold as a means of attacking my build doesn't work for him. Freezing the hand isn't a win, and won't happen due to the protective field that can and has protected from near absolute zero.

The magnetic removal of MB from Scot was only effective because of another means of disabling it that his build doesn't have.

Then we have his scan of Cosmic boy vs Orion. Interesting isn't it that he specifically asked about whether I was limited to only the feats for scot's MB but to make a case has to use attacks against other New Gods. Let's look at this objectively too.

1.Orion has a history of operating in combat without even employing his MB, compared to Scot who has a history of relying heavily on it.
2. MB's are how new gods boom tube so the scan itself actually proves that magnetics in no way hamper it's operation.

In the scans in my OP we see Arthur using the water hand to go internal into Blackmanta's heD and effectively fix him. Internal attacks are also on the table for me here. Judges This is an option not the attack I'm presenting ATM. I wouldn't want to suffer a second round for doing too many things at once.

So now let's all wait with bated breath for the biggest superman defender on any board to show us how magneto is greater than him. Remember judges magneto is all Abhi has to play with since anythin Jade brings to the table is undone by the waterhand

First Post

All well and good. Jade can vaporise beings who can overpower Wonder Woman. Casually.

And oneshot Power Girl. Even taking magic factor, that's a serious powerlevel right there.

Mgneto can onshot Hulk and Dr. Strange together.

Using TP on ****ing Magneto? Lulz. Not even Xavier can enter Magneto's mind if doesn't wants to. What chances does Aquaman has?

Even Phoenix couldn't beat Magneto using TP.

Meaningless. Water can't get through my shields.

Meaningless. Dimensional travel is not allowed. Heling wouldn't save you from getting KOED.

Good thing it will be shattered long before that.

Again meanigless.

Scans please. Magneto can actually grab a speeding Northstar in the midst of a blitz.

The only thing worthwhile there was scans of force field where a cropped scan shows Scott asking Mother Box to create a force field.

And here it creates an electrical field.

That will be a child's play for Magneto to remove and crush Scott.

Meaningless. Alpha waves can't sedate Magneto when even Xavier can't.

Total illegal move. Scott possessed totality of ALE which is half partof the source.

It even merged with Scott's ALE power.

And as per the rules, the amalgam can't be more powerful than high herald when ALE is an abstract entity.

Totally meaningless. You can't bring ALE in a low herald tourney. Its just not allowed.

Oh really?


Yes, as your scan shows he needs absolute concentration to pull it again. Which Magneto wouldn't allow him as he will only think what I will tell him to.

My magnetism allows me to control even psis like Xavier and Jean along with everyone else in the group.

You don't stand a chance against it.

With absolute concentration. Which you won't get here.

That there is one of hundreds of times that Scot Free has been in the void of space with nothing to protect him but his equipment (before he ascended to the Alpha effect). Equipment both of his suit and his mother box. The void of space where the temperature is only 2.7 degrees above "Absolute zero". 2.7 away IS almost (or as close as you can get). This tactic is just a fail, and will do nothing for you.

What the hell? How does Scott being in space has anything to do with the fact that the hand got frozen and shattered casually?

Only when Barda removed the bindings.

In a large amount. The wrappings which disabled the MB was torn apart by Barda. Anyway Magneto's fields can disable Hulk and Dr. Strange.

So yes, he can easily disable MB.

No, it can't. The magnetic wrapping completely disabled him.

Does he? You posted MB creating a electric shield which Magneto will absorb easil and then disable MB.

Magneto's field can take the pressure at the core of earth. Some ice wouldn't be able to even budge him.

How will your character deal with so much pressure though? As you don't have your hand to control it.

You have no protections here, you don't get your hand here. I can blast you to smitherness, stop blood flowing into your brain.

ALE is not allowed in this. Ice wouldn't even bother me.

Cold only makes Magneto more powerful.

So, no he wouldn't be struggling with cold at all.

That's your plan? Where nothing actually works? Pity.

What are you trying here? Bore me to defeat? And the wrapping which disabled MB was easily torn apart by Barda. So, no it doesn't takes Superman binding wrappings to disable MB unless you think Barda was stronger than Superman.

ALE is illegal here. You don't have the water hand as I shattered it long ago.

You don't have anything here.

This is fun.


Post Three

No, it doesn't. And Jade's power isn't solely magic. Connecting with Life Entity changed her powers.

Good luck negating starheart though. Some random magic negation doesn't gets you to negate all magic no matter how powerful. Its no limit fallacy at the best. She is powered by one half of starheart here. Post a feat of Arthur negating magic at that level.

Using Xavier and Strange. You don't have that level of mental power. And yes, he was alone able to KO Hulk and Strange.

And how are you going to remove my helpmet through my force field?

No, it doesn't. You can't get through my shields whic are composed of Starheart and magnetism when nobody in DCU can get through it.

Jade's shields are totally impregnable. Show me Arthur manipulating someone's water in their body inside a force field.

No it didn't. The only shield you raised were electric shields. In the second you posted Scott asking MB to create a force field with no scans of the actual force field. Post the full scan or issue number so I can post it. At this point you have no shields as I absorbed your electrical shields.

Irrelevant observatio. Are you as fast as Northstar?

Because the only shield scans you posted were of electric shield.

They are more powerful by feats.

Nope. ALE is too powerful to be in this tourney.

I don't care what it is. You don't get to use ****ing ALE's full pwoer. Scott destroyed entire source wall with one blast FFS whose just shockwaves knocked out Superman. That is just too powerful.

Yes, they are far more powerful than Aquaman.

So, no Arthur can't affect Magneto. Not even close.

How rubbish. The bindings were magnetic in nature. That's why MB tried to create a reverse magnetic field and failed.

You aren't suggesting normal wrappings disabled MB, did you? Because Magneto can simply bind MB in a metal and be done with it then.
Here he can't boom tube away. MB was total helpless against magnetic field otherwise.

And what happened when he destroyed that dome? His own field took the pressure of entire planet. You try reading carefully next time.

No, it didn't. Just because you go into space doesn't mean you are immune to near absolute zero level temprature.

ALE isn't legal for this tourney.

ALE is a different character altogether as shown in my scans. At present you have amalgam of three characters, Aquaman, Scott Free and ALE entity. ALE entity isn't allowed as per the rules of the tourney no matter how much you whine about it.

You are bring up total red herrings here.

No you can't. Post Arthur controlling blood flow in someone's body. ALE isn't allowed here for the last time.

Its not an unlocked power. Scott was allowed to keep ALE by Source. As soon as he destroyed the source wall, he was stripped of its power. Its a total separate entity.

So, no you are not allowed to use ALE.

Without his shields. He has his shields up here.

Good thing is Jade isn't solely powered by starheart here.

No it didn't. I have absorbed your electric shield and shattered your hand a long time ago. You are just in denial.

That wasn't Magneto focusing on his shield. He was simply storing that magnetic field by a globe and went away to create his mutant.

And here he is. So no, that scan isn't actually relevant here.

Nope. You don't have ALE, your TP is nothing compared to Xavier, you don't have your water hand, your consciousness has been stopped by blood in brain and you are getting blasted to atoms by Jade and Magneto's blasts.

You are totally ****ed here.

Post 4
posting on iPhone during work break so I won't be able to put scan evidence up.
I can do all scans in final post as requested as I have the issues at home

I can only assume Abby is googling scans or relying on respect threads because this seems to be quite a bit wrong

anti-life entity
While this certainly is an anti-life entity it has never been what Scott free calls upon. In cosmic odyssey Metron used the anti-life equation to travel to anti life force, it was then that he discovered the entity. He is doing so allowed the entity to send aspects of itself to the DC universe proper. It could only send aspects because it could not its self travel to them.
At the end of that mini Dr fate combine his power with that of high father Orion Etrigan and Darkseid to destroy dimension preventing the entity from ever again reaching the proper universe.
This was compounded in in


Post 4

OK, this is a huge tangent which has nothing to do with the topic. Even you conceded that Scott was given the full power of ALE and we see ALE leaving Scott and merging with The Source.

So, you used Scott Free merged with a different character ALE which is the half part of Source. That makes your amalgam of three characters, ALE, Scott and Arthur with abstract level powers.

Total illegal as per the rules of the tourney. I don't care what power you use or don't use. This is not three character amalgam tourney with abstract level powers.

You have chosen Scott Free as your character, not Scott Free merged with ALE. Those are two different characters with different powers. This is a totally illegal move and I will not respond to any attack coming from ALE.

It flat out couldn't. That's what made Jade unique. FFS, can you even read the scan?

No, it isn't. Its only a part of her power. Here Omega Man, the darkness of the entire Multiverse says that he power source is the same as his.

So, no its not entirely magic. And so, Arthur can't negate that portion of her power.

She defeated Alan with totality of starheart and Alan wasn't able to pierce her shield. So, no he doesn't.
That's some ABC example. Tempest can't make shields that not even Superman can break. And ALE isn't a power unlocked, it was given to Scott Free by The Source in DOTNG.

The only shield scans you posted were of electric shield.

So, yes Magneto will simply absorb it.

Who the **** cares? Post a scan where he created a shield which is not electric.

This is such a circular logic, I can't even try to get what you're trying to prove here.

Magneto disables Mother Box as it has already been disabled by magnetic wrappings by a magnetic force-field. You have posted no counter to it.

This is a mess. What are you trying to do here?

At the end, I'll wrap up my points:

ALE is not allowed as per the tourney rules.

You have posted no counters for Magneto shattering water hand, disabling Mother Box, freezing you solid, draining your life force, making you immobile by manipulating iron in your body and blasting you to bits.

You have made no counters for Magneto simply absorbing your force field which is electric in nature.

You have made no counters to how you would breach Magneto or Jade's shields.

You have made no points at all to how you would actually beat me.

You have made no arguments at all.

You have already lost.

Good day.

Match done.

Good job guys.

Its in the hands of the Judges.

Sin I AM
Still undecided...

Originally posted by Sin I AM
Still undecided...
Send me a pm when you make a decision. smile

Sin I AM
Gimme about an hour or two. Ive read thru this thread more times than i care to admit but im not one to hold up progress

Prof. T.C McAbe
My PM is out, Judgement has come! Sorry guys that it took me so long but you both did a good job and made it hard for me to decide. Props to you beatboks and to you too Abhi, you are in my eyes both winners. ^^


Note: Magneto is legal draft.


Good job guys.

Ahbi wins this round, and moved to face none other than Scoobless.

Contracts abhu, best of luck in the final

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