Big Boss vs Chris Redfield

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eek! This fight is to celebrate the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and 28th aniversary of Metal Gear.
Big Boss(real name John Doe) the legendary soldier who saved the world from WW3, commander of the former MSF(Militaries Sans Frontieres) and the newly estabilished Diamond Dogs vs Chris Redfield the former USAF and S.T.A.R.S.(Special Tactics and Rescue Service) member and one of the founders of BSAA(Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

Round 1: Straight Combat in the United States Naval Prison Facility(Camp Omega) from Ground Zeroes at day.
Weapons and Gears: Snake has his Tiger Stripe Fatigue, his standard prosthetic arm, CQC knife, AM D114 Pistol with 100 rounds, AM MRS-4 Rifle with 210 rounds, FB MR R-Launcher with 2 shells, 5 Frag Grenades, 3 Claymore Mines and 4 Smoke Grenades. Chris has his outfit from RE6, Survival Knife, Nine-Oh-Nine with 100 rounds, Assault Rifle for Special Tactics with 210 rounds, RPG with 2 PG-7 rockets, 5 Frag Grenades, 3 Proximity Mines and 3 Flashbangs.
Range: Big Boss must start from the cliff he climbed and Chris starts inside the jail that Paz was beign held.

Round 2: Sniping Duel in the Caspian Border from BF3.
Weapons and Gears: Snake has his Tiger Stripe Fatigue, Stun Arm, Sz.-336 SMG with 250 rounds, Broughton M2000D Sniper with 70 rounds and 3 smoke grenades. Chris has his outfit from RE6, Stun Rod, VZ61 (MG) with 250 rounds, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle with 70 from RE6 rounds and 3 flashbangs.
Range: They starts against each other from 900m.

Round 3: Chris, Piers, Jill and 100 BSAA soldiers have invaded Mother Base. Big Boss, Ocelot, EVA and 100 Diamond Dogs soldiers must eliminate them.
Weapons and Gears: Everyone is heavily armored(Snake and his co are all wearing Battle Dress and Chris and his co are all outfited and with COD's juggernaut style armor) and get their standard weapons and gears.

Final Round: Big Boss and Chris must fight with their barehands in an epic Hand-to-Hand fight in Rokovoj Bereg from MGS3.

Musics: for Round 1 for Round 3 for the Final Round
NOTE: If you don't like those musics just don't hear it.

Who wins in this "epic-battle" and why?

It's 01/09 now. bump

I absolutely love Chris Redfield...but most likely Big Boss takes this.

Big Boss wrecks Chris's A**

I mean Venom Snake instead of Big Boss..... Bump.

Big Boss is who Chris wants to be when he grows up.

Big Boss stomps the piss out of him

Big Boss or Venom Snake?

Chris is stronger, Big Boss is more skilled though, I'd go with Big Boss since I'd favor finesse over raw strength

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