LordofBrooklyn VS Psycho Gundam: THE BRAWL FOR IT ALL

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Blair Wind

Power Level & Format: 2-character amalgam. Low Herald each.

Post Limit: 5

CIS & PIS is OFF!: We are drafting 2 characters, and its abilities. You the participant take ownership of how said characters & abilities will be realized in combat.

Character Knowledge: Contestants are fully aware the characters drafted, including its history, and weaknesses.
Also the Amalgam can use powers as good as the originals.

Amping Rules: Disallowed. Materials that aid a power (i.e. Jeffries/adamantium) are allowed. Power amping is not (i.e. The Ray + Kara)

Note: Amping is a state of empowerment fueled by some source source, that increases a characters physical prowess or ability.

Tech Creation & Non-Autonomous Constructs/Summons: Low Herald limit.

No you can not summon an entire realm or dimension.

Interchanging Feats: You are in control of the character, but you are also confined to what that character has accomplished historically.

You can't borrow feats from someone else, even if your similar characters.

X-Man can not Borrow Feats Cable.
G.L. Hal can not Borrow Feats from G.L. John.

Prep: You are given time to raise shields. Otherwise NO prep time.

Creating gear can only take place in the heat of battle, after the bell has rung.

TP: Low Herald

Speed: Up to lightspeed.

Banned Powers: Reality Warp, Time Manip., Duplication, Power Copying, Autonomous Constructs (tech or magic), Memory Retention

Note: Space Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, and the Speed Force is allowed provided that the drafted characters are low herald and below.

Functional Immortals are Banned: Functional immortals such as Lobo, Mr. Immortal, Deadpool are disallowed or voided.

Standard Gear Rule Character comes in with what he is historically known for caring.

Non standard gear must be created you NOT grab it from your lab, and equip yourself with it.

BFR BFR is banned. Self BFR is only good for phasing - Good for 1 second.

Blair Wind
LordofBrooklyn Opening Post

Dealing with the mentally ill has always been a delicate issue in society.

I have the solution on how to deal with the insane in our world....


Psycho Gundam is a crazed fraud that needs to be EXTERMINATED from KMC!!!


When people speak of how Psycho was run off of KMC they will refer to the BEHEMOTH of power formed by.

Vulcan and Monica Rambeau..




Vulcan's ability to manipulate all forms of energy combined with Monica's mastery over the electromagnetic spectrum means one thing for the maniac known as Gundam..


Resources- Essentially EVERYTHING in the universe!!!

Offense- Lightspeed attack coupled with a neural assault.

Vulcan has the ability to shut off the neurotransmitters in the brain.


Monica Rambeau can enter light form


Captain Vulcan enters light form from the beginning of the match thus rendering him intangible. Vulcan then shuts off the neurotransmitters in his opponents brain rendering them unconscious. The combination of the lightspeed attack and cerebral assault deny any hope of my opponent achieving victory.

The Battle is over before it even begins!!!!


Blair Wind
psycho gundam Opening Post



Time to raise shields but not any normal shield: this will be a passive and continuous repulsion of energy across the spectrum via Vector's power. Here he deflects all incoming energies used to detect his location:

Reed's devices

Tony Stark's devices

Xavier's mutant telepathy

Shit, even Dr. Strange's best spells can't get through.....

It's a one-way flow of energies if Vector chooses it


He lost to Havok after the latter absorbed part of a star's power to amp himself to the point he was able to beat Vulcan. TWICE, so it's not a fluke. Lightray can create whole stars with his "remaining" power, not just the absorbed energies of the core needed to beat Vulcan. Going furthar, Lightray has the power to generate heat of a few suns, few as in more than 1 (note how he cut through a barrier protecting Apokalips like a hot knife through butter) exhibiting more than solar power reserves backing his power.

-The fight-

While passively negating all wavelengths across comic powers that will span beyond the battlefield (as Gamma base Vector was was in New Mexico and Four freedoms plaza, Xavier estate, Avenger's mansion, and the Sanctum sanctorum are all in New York state, thousands of miles away), my amalgam will simply fly in and wreck LoB's shit like Lightray did Mongul backed by solar energies that gave Vulcan his first real defeat. Lightray has used this power to give even Takion fits

Vector's range and influence actually trumps Vulcan's so any attempt by the marvel side of his power to turn into a wavelength of energy (for a single second due to the intangibility ruling), your amalgam falls prey to Vector's repulsion which covers all forms you can transform into similar to this situation however far worse as it's not a wall you can't breach but rather a United states wide "no fly zone". You can't use her powers in this fight as they're being repulsed.

Also a sun can just be dropped on you which is proven to be more power than Vulcan can put up with.

long pig
I want to see destruction!!!!! Entertain me!!!!


The deranged, deluded, animal known as Psycho Gundam picked an amalgam that has energy based offense against Captain Vulcan.

The Result.....


1. The Headshot - Captain Vulcan launches an attack that shuts off the neurotransmitters in the brain of the lame lunatic's amalgam rendering him unconscious and powerless.


What is Gimp Gundam's defense against this assault?


2. Mastery- The crazed, craven, cretin wants you to believe that Vector and Lightray possess a greater mastery over energy than Vulcan and Monica Rambeau...


1.Absorption- Monica Rambeau's absorption abilities allow for a form of attack that is separate from Vulcan's powerset.

Any argument against Lightray's nature being problematic for Captain Vulcan is easily dismissed.






2. Versatility- Rambeau's ability to alter her state along the electromagnetic spectrum is instantaneous. This power negates any contruct created by the mad mental midget known as Gundam.


Supposedly the psychotic simpleton contends that he can alter his field along the spectrum to prevent it.


If not feel free to prove otherwise.

3. Suntan- Captain Vulcan can alter the form of energy being used against him instantly as displayed above. A solar radiation attack is simply turned into any other form of energy Captain Vulcan desires. In addition,"Solar radiation" is NOT a magic bullet against Vulcan by any means.

While the loser lunatic has absolutely NO defense for the neural shutdown offered by Vulcan, the Captain has a means of defending ALL of the attacks posted by the disturbed dimwit known as Gundam.

When you are up against Captain Vulcan and your ONLY means of victory is energy based attacks there can be only one outcome.




psycho gundam
Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
Any argument against Lightray's nature being problematic for Captain Vulcan is easily dismissed. But that's how you have to treat the situation as unfavorable as this.

Havok "sundipping"



Havok absorbing solar power from a praetorian guardsmen



I just noticed I pasted the wrong link when I mentioned Lightray making quick work of Mongul

Vector's repulsion is strong enough to repel
reality itself by mistakenly overusing his power, him simply passively using his power was enough to repel even the powerful spells of classic Dr. Strange. and Xavier's mental powers and takes microseconds to happen. That negation power was at least covering the United states due to the fact New Yorkers tried and failed to use their blocked abilities to get a fix on him in New Mexico, but the entire world was informed of message Vector sent out and was picked up by people as far as Namor's throne room in Atlantis as well as Canada and the Soviet union.

I say that all to say that a repulsion field without exertion can negate all abilities across the power spectrum including Magic/telepathy from the best and covers at least a country in size, and LoB wants to hit a faster than lighspeeder with a lightning bolt.....

Lightray's mother box shields would take care of that


Like a rabid dog the maniac, mental midget, known as Psycho Gundam demands to be put down.


You've seen many abberations from the Gimp Gundam claiming Vectra has the means of defeating, Captain Vulcan.


Let us all take a look at the...


1. The REAL Vector- The demented dirtbag, Gundam, wants you to take an "ABBERATION" within the nexus of realities as the norm. Here is a look at the "REAL" Vector!!!

Vector OVERWHELMED by radiation!!!


DEMOLISHED by Darkhawk!!!


Vectra's power is NOTHING compared to that of Captain Vulcan!!!!!!

2.Visions of DEATH- While Captain Vulcan's powers totally trump that of the Lunatic loser's amalgam, any chance he has at survival requires concentration! Captain Vulcan won't allow that as he uses his powers to manifests his greatest fears and worst moments!





Now,imagine Vectra trying to deal with THE BEHEMOTH that is Captain Vulcan while having visions of the following!




3.The BREAKING of Havok- This is what happens when Vulcan ISN'T fighting Space Armadas, Shi'ar warriors, and other opponents BEFORE he fights Havok in the scan that Psychotic wretch is trying to fool you with.



Now, I once again DEMAND that the crazed coward pushing, Vectra answer the following!


Captain Vulcan locks the maniac, mental midget, into his HOUSE OF PAIN and there is no way out!

psycho gundam
3 things

- Actually, Vector accidentally repelling reality itself was HOW the U-foes got to the nexus of reality in the first place. He fought Hulk in there since he was put there by Dr. Strange where Vector again repelled reality effortlessly, so dialing down his (lack of) efforts short of a reality warp is nothing at all.

- Vector was hit by all of X-ray's energies absorbed by Mjolnir, but in the case of this battlezone the solar energies would be from Lightray which he is immune to, not only that but Vulcan against solar power at that level has proven his downfall TWICE (posted above). Additionally, it took all of Thor's strength, bracing with Mjolnir to withstand that blast from Vector which minus bracing and X-ray's energy to be returned on him Vector almost oneshotted the avengers with a fraction of his powers and were touted as being lethal to them. Not only that but Vector took a kick from Puma then immediately after a clean blow from a pissed Thor, he did get back up by the bottom of the same page but him falling from Mjolnir's backlash wasn't solely due to just that.

- Lastly, Vulcan nor Rambeux can absorb the repulsion force from Vector. Even Mjolnir can't, only brace against it. Bring it up as a negative makes no sense. Vulcan can't even stand up to stellar power in Havok twice confirmed so someone who can easily create stars with their remaining power has more than enough power to replicate said beating, now at lightspeed.

Lightray's death scene that ushered in the crisis is something far above anything you can muster. Nice try (not really)


The unraveled, urchin, known as, Gimp Gundam, is quickly becoming unhinged!

I now present to you....


1.The Power Scale- Lightray and especially Vector are lightweights in comparison with Captain Vulcan. Unlike the pathetic psycho I will not rely on CONJECTURE but prove my points with facts. Captain Vulcan deals with threats on an entirely different scale than the addled amalgam.


A) A REALITY WARPER vs Monica Rambeau


Now the loser lunatic wants you to believe that the combo of jobber Vector and Lightray are too much for Vulcan and Monica.


2.The Achilles Heel- Supposedly Vector repulses "ALL" energy away from him. If that is the case...

How does he Breathe?

How does he see?

There has to be a pocket of energy to allow it and Captain Vulcan can exploit it.

A) Captain Vulcan has the ability to separate himself into intagible pieces traveling at lightspeed to find and exploit this opening. All of these intagible forms are sentient and are able to attack independently.

http://s5d4.turboimagehost.com/t/23641920_3586988-3094654984-pulsa.jpg http://s5d4.turboimagehost.com/t/23641921_3586989-5136300169-pulsa.jpghttp://s5d4.turboimagehost.com/t/23642750_monicavsbaboonlast.jpg

B)Captain Vulcan can process all of the necessary information to attack this opening faster than Vectra can react.


There is no way Vectra can repel and detect thousands of intangible opponents all traveling at lightspeed before he is CRUSHED!!!



psycho gundam
Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
The Power Scale- Lightray and especially Vector are lightweights in comparison with Captain Vulcan.

A) A REALITY WARPER vs Monica Rambeau

Funny you bring up power when Havok's amp to Lightray levels shut your boy down convincingly (and I reiterate) TWICE. Havok specifically stated he had the power needed to beat Vulcan and did so, then proved it again by replicating it with the same result. It's science.

So, LoB, what's happening in this scene that makes it relevant? If classic Dr. Strange showed up to assist against that guy would you say he could be of any help? Vector blocked his spells with ease.

Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn A) Captain Vulcan has the ability to separate himself into intagible pieces traveling at lightspeed to find and exploit this opening. All of these intagible forms are sentient and are able to attack independently.

Originally posted by Blair Wind
Banned Powers: Autonomous Constructs (tech or magic)

The part about asking how Vector sees and breathes is the point of what I had him do in the OP: he can CHOOSE what he wishes to deflect and he chose to keep his television feed going outward but block it's source as well as the myriad of he energy sources he didn't want getting through. Think about what constitutes a television signal that can get to the U.S.S.R., satellite a satellite feed is radio waves. I have no idea what Namor subscribes to to get cable so I will forget that but Reed and Tony's methods to trace and search the planet were blocked, same as Xavier's telepathy and Strange's magic meaning Vector can shut off everything and just allow individual energy sources of his choosing. Also it's comics. He repelled reality itself bust was still able to talk about it while it was happening so I don't know what to tell you.

Rambeux's inability to function in this battlezone is wrapped up in this scan perfectly.


Whatever you transition to with her power that Vector isn't deflecting doesn't work, and on-panel he was only letting the feed travel one way.

when you get knocked to another planet at lightspeed via your intangibility being made of electromagnetic energy you only have a second to get yourself together and return in said form per the rules


The following arguments have been rated PG, PATHETIC GARBAGE, the PSYCHOTIC author is solely responsible for their content.

http://logos-vector.com/images/logo/xxl/1/2/0/120453/ Motion_Picture_Association_PG_Rating_7933a_450x450

1. PG Argument- "Vector CHOOSES what energy he lets in"

Having "Control" over a form of energy doesn't exempt you from being vulnerable to it being breached.

Magneto's control over magnetism is the greatest ever depicted.

Monica easily overcame them. And this is BEFORE subsequent upgrades to her power.


What Vectra allows in is just the means of entry Captain Vulcan will exploit to win.

2. PG argument 2- Per that OLD scan Monica lacks the power to breach the repulsors of Vector!

Gimp Gundam is wrong yet again!








Thanos tech posed absolutely no problem for her powers to overcome.

The augmenting of her power CLEARLY displays that she is capable of handling Vectra's repulsors. Even the ABBERATION of that one time depiction.

2.Fuel to The Fire- When you're a maniacal, mental midget, like Gundam you tend to forget things.

Captain Vulcan not only possesses the ability to BYPASS the repulsors with ease, he also has the ability to ABSORB their power.


If a being empowered by an entire race can't generate enough power to stop Vulcan, Certaintly, a consistent lightweight like Vector can't pull it off.

Captain Vulcan can simultaneously drain the barrier created by Vectra increasing the pressure on him to maintain it while also breaching it.

There is literally NOTHING that this insane imbecile can use that Captain Vulcan can't overcome or exploit.



psycho gundam
Minus the shit talking you don't really have too much substance.

~3 more things~

- Vector's repulsion isn't made up of an electromagnetic wavelength to adapt to or absorb. he moves things through space, matter and energy and of course up to repelling reality itself. There is no manner of wavelength that you can think of that can bypass a force that can block magic, telepathy, electromagnetic energy and physical matter as Vector's power can. That old Magneto showing has no correlation here.

- Vulcan's range of influence isn't that far. All depictions of his power occur under 100 feet or so with the overwhelming bulk of his showings where he either controls energy or whatever happening within 10 feet. he also takes time to acclimate to the energy signature used against him.

- The sun

Already showed what a fraction of solar power can do to Vulcan so I won't beat a dead Horse, but how does Monica deal with it?



So using a fraction of his power to make a star on you, my amalgam can entrap yours in something even a pure energy form is unable to escape from. It literally takes 2.3 seconds for a beam of gamma rays to leave the core and reach the surface of the sun (ignoring the "drunken" walk path) so you'd have to be intangible for over twice the allotted time just to remain in the fight, which you'd be forced to be since star power is far and away out of Vulcan's league. Too much power for him to absorb and too much gravity for Monica to escape from, and my amalgam can repel you even if a miracle happens.


When you are dealing with a crazy, craven, coward, like Gimp Gundam there are really only 2 choices.

1. You put them down quickly.

2. You put them down SLOWLY and savor every minute of it.

Let's go with Option 2


1. UNTOUCHABLE- Don't let the limp lunatic fool you. Captain Vulcan's intangibility IS ALLOWED and the lightspeed capabilities more than allow him to DEMOLISH Vectra with impunity within the time limit.

2.ENERGY FOREVER- Everything is composed of energy and clearly the KINETIC energy generated by Vector's repulsors is vulnerable to being absorbed. The Hulk battle clearly depicts where Banner overcomes it by brute force.


Vulcan absorbs the force weakening it while simultaneously exploiting the opening that lets Vectra breathe and see.

3.AMALGAM OF DEATH- The combination of Vulcan and Rambeau compliment each others strengths and weakness perfectly.

A)Range- Rambeau has created electromagnetic storms in space. The range limitation by the maniac mental midget against Vulcan doesn't fly.

B) Overload- Vulcan's ability to absorb energy is BEYOND omega level and with the combination of Rambeau can simply convert any form of energy that is harmful to him.

4) SOLAR- The lying lunatic known as Gundam talks about Lightray hurling suns as though he is Mordru or Odin. On top of that he even brags about the "SPEED" in which he does it. The solar attack is NOT a fast one, Goku has created SPIRIT BOMBS faster than Lightray has made suns.

That being said, let's put the issue to a rest once and for all!



5) Close your box- Lightray has no depictions utilizing the Motherbox, therefore he can't borrow feats from others with the device.

Now, for the MAIN ATTRACTION!!!



The Gimp Gundam has NO defense for the opening neural assault.

The fight is OVER before it even begins.



2. The REAL VECTOR- The Lunatic lowlife is taking a SINGLE instance of Vector in the nexus of reality using his power. In every SUBSEQUENT battle he has been absolutely ANNIHILATED.

Darkhawk- DOMINATED- (POST 2)
Thor- Overwhelmed by a RADIATION backlash(POST 2)

THIS is the guy whose power is capable of trumping that of Vulcan and Monica Rambeau.


His argument is almost as perverse as his sex tape with Badabing and Mindset involving Olive oil and Raptor porn!



3) UNLIMITED POWER- Intangibility, Invisibility, holograms, psionic manipulation, absorption. These are but a few of the abilities possesed by Captain Vulcan. If you allow for an extended battle( Which you shouldn't read argument 1) There are 2 key factors, concentration and vulnerability. The fears that Captain Vulcan can have them relive is sure to break their concentration. Vector has to breathe and see, therefore some energy is being allowed in. Here is yet another way for Captain Vulcan to defeat the maniac, mental midget.

SUB ATOMIC ASSAULT http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/0/5302/932694-pulsar_photon_civil_war_2_super.jpg

In closing,

This is the worst possible matchup for the combination of Lightray and Vector. Vulcan is beyond omega level in his abilities to manipulate all forms of energy and has displayed that versatility consistently. Monica Rambeau in similar fashion has control over the entire spectrum of energy combined with combat experience that trumps that of Vector and Lightray.

Here are the questions that must be answered?

1. Has Vector displayed anywhere near the power of the Nexus showing after?

ANSWER: [email protected]#$ NO

2.Does Vectra have any defense against neural assault?


3.Has Lightray and Vector ever faced energy manipulators on par with Vulcan and Monica?

ANSWER: NO AND [email protected]#$ NO

Judges it is in your hands and I thank you in advance for your consideration.

psycho gundam
Just had to upload a whole bunch of stuff for work while writing this so I'm glad this is almost done, and I know LoB hasn't been sleeping right cause of this* (more on this later) lmao

Last post....

You managed to say maybe a couple things in that post, however most of which were a wicker man sized straw man....

Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
Captain Vulcan's intangibility IS ALLOWED and the lightspeed capabilities more than allow him to DEMOLISH Vectra with impunity within the time limit. ...I'm not saying it's not legal for you to become intangible, what I am saying is that it won't do you any good since wavelengths across the board are being blocked by Vector's power out of the gates. Reed, Tony, Strange & Xavier were blocked cold by his power and to combine the other part you not so cleverly tried to postulate would be an issue with the whole "block everything" effect, Vector HAS actually lost control of his powers in his 1st ever appearance that did make him repel air against his will, but that leads credence to his level of control when that never happened to him again, in fact not long after his first appearance he was adept enough with his repulsion power to block the aforementioned masters of their respected disciplines (Strange=magic, Xavier=psionics & Reed/Tony=esoteric energies/technologies)

Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
Everything is composed of energy and clearly the KINETIC energy generated by Vector's repulsors is vulnerable to being absorbed. The Hulk battle clearly depicts where Banner overcomes it by brute force. 1) A scan of Vulcan doing that would be nice to accompany that claim, I've yet to see him rob an object of it's momentum or absorb any sort of kinetic energy. He could have used that when he was getting worked by Gladiator, in fact, there is a small minority of his fights where he isn't getting thrashed about something Lightray could reproduce.

2) Like I said before: Vector's repel effect isn't something that can be absorbed in the first place. If anything possibly the wind friction it generates could but the effect itself is not energy. You even posted this fact on the same page with the Thor fight. Mjolnir is one of the best energy absorbing weapons in science fiction but there was a distinct telling of what Thor had to do to defend against Vector and X-ray's powers specifically. They were treated differently because they are different. This parlays into Hulk pushing towards Vector while being repelled by that force. You just have to chalk that up to Hulk being unique cause again in that same showing you posted, Thor couldn't advance on Vector when Hulk always has (3+ times). He can do impossible things when needed, but that feat is not something you can replicate. What you do have to deal with is Vector's energy screen and how it's infallible on-panel.

Might as well put some Lightray stuff up in here

Lightray has absorption feats also. Here he absorbed and fired energy that can power Metropolis to vaporize people imprisoning Orion.

Speaking of Orion, Lightray has tussled with him


As well as blitzing Takion who's a trans level being.


Originally posted by LordofBrooklyn
The lying lunatic known as Gundam talks about Lightray hurling suns as though he is Mordru or Odin. On top of that he even brags about the "SPEED" in which he does it. The solar attack is NOT a fast one, Goku has created SPIRIT BOMBS faster than Lightray has made suns.

That being said, let's put the issue to a rest once and for all!

*picture of Monica still keeping her distance from a star*

If the star is on you you have no means of leaving it's diameter within the time limit while remaining light and conversely if you remain solid you can't put up with the amount of power the star generates. Lightray has flown through a star while bullrushing Takion. That's the kind of scan you can't reproduce. The scan of Monica shrinking is meaningless as well as the other Goku stuff. Have a free sundrop

In closing:

- Your energy based attacks are blocked as well as telepathy
- Your hopes for intangibility are also blocked making Monica useless
- Power isn't on your side, in fact a proven level of power to defeat you
is but half the sum of my amalgam
- You also can't absorb Vector's abilities
- A star makes your efforts defense oriented at best including time not being on your side depending on how you wish to try and save yourself

Before I go

* You're up looking for salvation at 5:19am, my guy?



My verdict is in.

So 2000 and late.

Mine was in even before the first posts went up.

Blair Wind

Blair Wind
ID Vote
This is a very intresting fight. Since both are using flexiable powers, and raw speed to overcome one another.

LordofBrooklyn: Monica + Vulcan
From what I understand his first intentions are to Light Speed blitz in energy form, going for a brain whammy. LoB defensive measure is to be in his energy form for added durability, and phasing.

psycho gundam: Vector + Lightray
In the opening bell Light Speed Blitz, negating all wavelengths, and repulsing powers to ram through or drop a sun on him. Psychos defensive measure was to raise shields.

First Impressions: LoB went for a highly specialized combo, by combining the powers to manipulate all forms of energy, with someone that can modulate all forms of energy, the issue I have is that his combo my lack raw force to muscle his opponent, but in LoB defense he does have a lot of versatility to compensate. In Psycho you have Blaster type character in Lightray. One that is awfully fast, and powerful. And he combines it someone a character that can exert a of "force" to both defend or attack. However in my eyes this makes his fusion character 2 dimensional. Sure it can attack and defend itself with ample force, but it costed him some versatility.

Thats the shit I dont like: Some points brought up from each member that did not sit well with me where the following.
LoB: No Vulcan can not install fear. Vulcan was only able to do so, thanks to Rachel. It was Rachels telepathy that allowed Vulcan to cast illusions of dreadful happenings.

Psycho: No the Sun is not Vulcans kryptonite. Vulcan is not weak to characters empowered by the Sun. Yes Havok beat Vulcan, but thats more or less becuse Havok was more powerful thanks the amp. Anyone more powerful than Vulcan is going to beat Vulcan, now is Lightray more powerful than Vulcan? Well lets get on to that.

How it goes down
I feel that Lightray is more powerful than Vulcan. We are talking about a character that broke through Darksied's barrier, and farts suns on the move.
However I feel that Vulcan can phuck with Lightrays powers, thanks to Vulcans ability to control all forms of energy.
Vulcans physical short comings are neutralized thanks to Moincas energy form.
Interesting to see that Psycho picked Vector, since "force" users is an energy form that neither Vulcan nor Monica can outright reach out and control. Its a situation where Rachel was able to contest Vulcan thanks to her TK, TK being a power that is similar to the "Force" Vector expels.
With that being said. The match opens up, and the two blitz each other on a head on collision. Vulcan's attempt to mind fry Psycho would fail, due to Psycho defenses. Sure LoB would survive thanks to being in his energy state. But how long can LoB survive a constant bombardment that rivals the heat of several stars, and Vector Vectoring not allowing him to do mess with Lightray energy? He wouldn't last. Vulcan/Monica combo would eventually give out.
Winner Psycho.

Blair Wind
Digi Vote

As per my usual, this is stream of consciousness as I read the match. Some opinions may change as it goes on.

- Hmm. Would've liked clearer intros. Took me a minute to figure out who you had drafted. Small gripes. Anyway...
- I'm impressed with LoB's opening strategy. Could be a quick out for PG.
- Just as impressively, PG sets up some shields that seem to negate much of Monica's versatility. I assume Lightray has some lightspeed feats, but LoB is making a big deal of his own speed. PG has a little ground to make up there. Otherwise, no huge advantages out of the gate.
- The manipulation fight is likely going to be a wash, or a slight edge to Vulcan. Both sides have some solid feats. I'll come back to this if needed.
- Speed questions answered by PG. The win is going to have to come from somewhere else.
- I'm a bit torn on the Havok/Vulcan fights. As PG knows quite well, I've used them in tourneys while repping Havok. But we all know Vulcan's best feats sh*t on Havok's best, so it's more of a matchup problem than anything. Which is PG's point, by invoking solar attacks. But there's a lot of manipulation ability between Monica and Vulcan, as well as her speed added to the equation. So I'm not convinced this would be enough. It's a start though.
- Losing to Thor - who looked to be going all out - isn't a bad showing for Vector. Just saying. Same with Hulk, whose PIS powers when he's in a rage are well documented. That feat with Hulk/Vector is slightly more relevant, though, because of how he's depicted. And most of your other feats, both good and bad, seem valid at least. I'd like a little more context occasionally from LoB. I usually knew what I was looking at, but not always.
- You're both dwelling a lot on the shields. I realize they're important, but after a while it's redundant and sacrifices other points/attacks/etc. that could be highlighted. The shields have some good feats, and imo even Monica would have trouble breaching them. But it's clear Vector isn't unstoppable. If he could simply turtle forever and against anything, he wouldn't exist in this tier and with the few lower showings he has. I'm not exactly sure WHERE in between the two extremes his shields are, but somewhere in there is where I'm imagining them. But, point is, give or take a scan, I'm guessing every judge's mind was made up on them long before the last couple posts, when many of the same points were being reiterated.

Lowballing and highballing characters is always tricky in these things. Especially so when we're dealing with lightspeed-ers and alleged star creators, among other things. I don't think either one of you are quite the unstoppable forces you imagine yourselves to be, but that's usually the case in tourneys/BZs and is true of every combatant. Both of you did a good job complimenting powers, though.

This was a really good match, and I came into it with only a limited knowledge of most of the characters. So your posts did a lot to influence me, and at times I found myself leaning both ways.

Anyway, I don't think Vector's shields are unbreachable, but given the speed of the characters, neither one of your plans will go off without the other being able to do something to counter it, and vice-versa. So this is a bit of a back and forth match. LoB offered very little in the way of offense outside the initial plan to shut your brain down. He toyed with some feats for Monica, but they never materialized into a solid secondary plan. While the brain shutdown might be possible eventually, we're talking about herald-level manipulators and combatants, so it wouldn't be as easy as the feat LoB initially showed. And since there is ample speed on either side, PG will get a chance to counter. He showed a significant edge in raw power throughout the match with Lightray, and brought that point home well in his final post. I don't know how representative of the norm that star creation feat is, but even outside of that there were multiple examples of power on a scale beyond that which LoB showed. If you're both getting a chance to take the other out, I'm siding with the guy who has the better initial shields and the potential to simply overwhelm his opposition with raw force.

Vote for PG. Good match.

Blair Wind
Winner: Psycho Gundam


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