Team MGS3 vs Team GTA: San Andreas

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Solid47, and

VS,,,,, and

Naked Snake, The Boss, EVA and Ocelot vs CJ, Sweet, Cesar Vialpando, Big Smoke, Ryder, Catalina and Officer Tenpenny.

I'm making this fight because I found some MGShaters who thinks Big Rigs is better game and Superman 64 has better story and ending than MGS4 and thinks characters like Jason Brody, Joel, Captain Price would beat Snake. And my friend who thinks this guy( would curbstomp Snake.

Weapons and Gears: Snake has a Sneaking Suit from MGS3, CQC Knife, Colt M1911A1 Custom with 100 rounds, Ithaca M37 with 30 buckshots, XM16E1 with 270 rounds, Dragunov SVD with 30 rounds, 5 White Phosphorus Grenades and 5 RGD-5 Grenades.
The Boss has her white Sneaking Suit, CQC Knife, Patriot with 500 rounds and 5 RGD-5 Grenades.
EVA has her Shanxi Type 17 Mauser with 300 rounds and 5 RGD-5 Grenades.
Ocelot has his Combat Knife and 3 Colt Single Action Army with 120 rounds.
CJ has a Body Armor, Knife, Desert Eagle with 70 rounds, Combat Shotgun with 30 buckshots, two Micro-SMG with 300 rounds, M4 with 250 rounds, Sniper Rifle with 30 rounds, Flamethrower with 4 liters fuel and 5 Grenades.
The rest of GTASA cast has access to Baseball Bat, Chopstick, Dildo(lol), Pistol with 100 rounds, Shotgun with 30 buckshots, TEC-9 with 250 rounds, SMG with 250 rounds, AK-47 with 200 rounds and 5 Grenades.

Round 1: Shootout in Weed Farm from Far Cry 3.
Range: They starts against each other from 100 meters.

Round 2: CQB in Scrapmetal from BF3.

Final Round: Team H2H without weapons or tools inside an large empity hangar. CJ can use Martial Art and Boxing skills that can be learned in game.

Music: for Round 1. for Round 2. for Final Round.

Which team wins and why?

Well, team MGS3 Stomps


Yeah, MGS3 is too good, a better one would be Saints Row, but that'd be a stomp in the other direction.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.