Your matrix reloaded favorit bit

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I liked all the movie but for me moment from the car chase when Morpheus and key dude standing on the top of the track and neo pick them up was the best Happy Dance

the whole meeting between neo and seraph. That's my favorite bit

the driving (wrong way) with the bike by trinity was the best

I especially enjoyed the stopping of the bullets, by Neo, as well as the perfect bullet time collision of the two trucks.

E collision was good.
And all flying bits in the movie were preety cool

Ummm probably the car scene.

Yeh me too, nice action in there, especially those ghost twin thingys :P

The car scene was great.

My fav is probably the part where he realises he has powers outside the matrix and stuns the hell out of Trinity and everyone watching the movie smile

I really liked the bullet time semi-trucks crash. Also, when Neo flies through the city and everything is thrown about in his wake.

Oh and the part when the agent goes after Trinity out of the building. I liked the way he jumps out so matter-of-fact, like he's following someone into a pool of water or something.

hm...i liked it all, but my fav i'd have to say is the first Neo vs Upgraded agent fight with the Rob D - Furious Angels playing in the background. The fighting was so was like ballet, but better!

Neo vs. all the Smith clones.

my favorite part is when jason tells morpheus
"not everyone believes what you believe"
and morpheus replies
"my beliefs do not require them to"

Every scene with Sareph was my favourite smile

The fight (Sareph vs. Neo) was the most even fight Neo took part in. It makes you wonder...

Anyway, in the rest of the movie, Neo was too dominant (which made it slightly dull) *L*

And like the Sareph character and his style, can't deny it wink

I know you didn't ask for it... But favourite scene in the first movie: "There is no spoon".

Hehe, that was a good retort smile

my fav scene in matrix 1 was the first fight between neo and morpheous

The Omega

the part were adrian says :drop your weapon and go away from that door
(like he wants to say leave my brother alone!)

Hi Ya fellas

it was with some gr8 satisfaction i watched trinity bn shot i liked that bit and i liked the bit where neo was fighting all the agent smiths that was kewl smart

1) The Oracle scene. It developed the Oracle's character a bit more and introduced the concept of rogue programs.
2) The very first fight scene with the 3 agents. A bit short though.
3) When Morpheus and Trinity escape from the twins (in the car park). The way they talk is so sinister ("just like new"wink.
4) When Morpheus kills the twins. You have no idea what he's planning to do when he's holding the katana and the car is speeding towards him.

he doesn't kill them!they survied

ANY scene with the Twins does it for me!

Got lots but:

Trinity in the biginning (the dream) and when the dream comes true.
Persephone and Neo.With Trinity being very pissed stick out tongue
The freeway chase specially the bike part!

Got more but lets leave at that:

I lilke the whole highway scene and i loved it when the 2 trucks smashed in to each other then neo comes and saves morpheous and the keymaker. Neo vs Smiths and seraph and neo cause seraph looked so calm and held his own against neo. big grin

The Gryphon
the burly brawl. That was one of the greatest fight scenes I have ever seen in my life!

the best scene for me was the fight scene between Neo and the vamps in the great hall of Merovingians chateau especially where Neo stops the HUGE sword with hand and all of them look on in amazement and then his hand bleeds. excellent scene!!!

I like the Neo vs 100 Smiths Scene.

I like it all, but I especially like it right when Neo gets hit and flys againist the wall, smashing it. Then he lands on the ground and looks around, kind of like realizing he needs a little help or some sort of weapon and he dashes up and pulls that pole out of the ground. I like the slow motion moves from then on.

Has everyone forgotten about the architect scene? Yea, it has no bullet time but it is one of the scenes in the movie that changes our entire view of the matrix movies.

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