Who's the Oracle in Revolutions?

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That nice black woman diedsad

Whose her replacement?

Well I completed the Enter the Matrix videogame and the new Oracle is in the game.

She's another sweet, kind, motherly black lady. Anyways in one of the cut scenes in the game, the Oracle explains to Niobe that her original Avatar was destroyed by the crazy Frenchman for giving Neo the information about the KeyMaker

Captain REX
Ah crap, the Oracle's actor died? That suxxors. sad

Does the new Oracle look like the old one?

btw, welcome to the boards Nameless. smile

I really liked that actresssad

when did she die?..hey..where are you ppl getting the info?

Matrix filming was plagued by such problems. Aaliyah was supposed to star in both but died before enough of her scenes were shot and so they had to re-cast.

Poor Gloria Foster (Oracle) died not long after (October 2001- just goes to show how long it took to make this film!) but luckily far more of her scenes had been shot. I am not actually sure if they will use any of that for the third film or just the new version.

There is no Oracle officially confirmed for the third Matrix. But obviously she will be in it.

Thank you for the welcome.

The original black woman in the first two Matrix films died, not sure of how or when but I know that for a fact.

As for the woman in the videogame cut scenes, she has no resemblence to the original Oracle. She looks more like a grandmother, a bit older, a bit wiser.

The actress's name is Mary Alice. She has not done any major blockbuster films but has been in the film business for 25+ years.

As for her place in Matrix Revolutions? I am not sure if Mary Alice will be in it but she did a great job in Enter the Matrix.

I found this lil article bout First Oracle and Second Oracle:

"Though familiar Off Broadway, Ms. Foster became famous on Broadway in 1995 as Sadie Delany, the gracious 103-year-old whose story, and that of her more vinegary 101-year-old sister, Bessie, was told in Emily Mann's "Having Our Say." The play, based on the sisters' best-selling memoir, opened at the Booth Theater to near-unanimous good reviews, including stellar notices for Ms. Foster and her co-star, Mary Alice."

So Gloria Foster's co-star is taking over the role! How Matrix like eh?

Gloria Foster died in September 2001 of Diabetes.

She will be missed.

maul's woman
They probably have all that they need of her. She died after major filming was completed. So she probably has not been replaced. Remember RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS is really one film and filmed all at once.

i don't think they finished filming by that time
I heard from the behind the senes that Keanu Reeves spent a year only in Australia filming the movie.
I'm not sure but i heard that filming started in march of 2001

maul's woman
Interesting. Well she isn't listed in the credits for Revolutions so it's a wait and see unless the Wachowski Brothers already chose someone new.

In a way that's ok. The system can always change the appearance of the advance programs. This will be a change. It's May so its almost 5 months to November. They have time to do any additional filming if they wanted to.

I was disapointed by the death of the first. I really liked her, she was the perfect person for the role in my eyes. And I'm really disapointed about the new actor, the one whos in EtM. She has a strange lisp, or accent. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it bothers me immensely

she so will sad

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