High Meta Championship11!!!! Digi V Scoob!!1

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apologies for the loss of formatting in digi's second post. another weird glitch apparently. i couldn't quote the post--when i quoted, none of the text showed up--so was forced to straight copy and paste... sad

since the posts are already up, maybe just repost your opening digi? if the formatting is that important?

anywho, good luck gents. i'd like to take a crack at this title one day soon.....

Digi Post 1/3

Alright Chimichangas, let's actually get this show on the road. Let's see what Scoob has cooked up:

Originally posted by Scoobless
Breaking it down, Luke is known for his force powers:
throw, choke, crush - all useless here.

...because??? Look, I'm not going to try to choke or throw an energy being. This is the first of the strawmen Scoob takes a stab at. BUT. My TK is far from useless. Let's see Scoob try to wriggle out of my OP before I talk any more about this.

Originally posted by Scoobless
Force lightning? pretty sure that would be a terrible idea in this match.

Generating it, sure. It wouldn't exactly harm Electro. But Luke has manipulated it. So it buys me some defense. Not that I'd ever need it, wrapped as I am in my TK bubble.

Originally posted by Scoobless
There's also the "Jedi mind tricks" - Electro has shown the ability to overcome TP and even counterattack with electrical impulse disruption.
Light saber - turned off and used as a conducter to deliver a lethal charge to Luke whether he's holding it or just wearing it.
Force speed/strength boost - useless. Electro is still going to be faster and Luke can't touch him without suffering major injury/death.

I start shielded, and have insane reflexes and speed:


Shadows of the Empire pg.225
A horizontal hail of energy bolts stabbed at Luke---The Force let him move faster than he thought possible, and he wove a defensive tapestry with his lightsaber that turned the hard rain away. Ricocheting beams hit and pierced walls, bounty hunters, the floor, the ceiling.


Shadows of the Empire pg.358-359
He had to trust the Force completely---Guri slowed, as if she were suddenly mired in thickened time. He saw her hand descending, saw it moving to smash him, but it was so incredibly slow, why, he could easily just roll aside and stand, before she ever reached him...He did so. He felt as if he were moving at normal speed, though there was a crackling feeling to his motion, a sound like a strong wind whistling about his ears. He came up, pivoted, thrust his open palm against the descending chop, shoved it aside. He used his left leg, a sweep that caught Guri behind the right ankle. Her feet left the floor, still moving in slow motion, and she fell, floated down, hit flat on her back...Time speeded up. Leia's yell still echoed down the corridor. Guri hit the floor.

I don't care if I'm exactly as fast in a race as Electro. He can't harm me and I'm fast enough to tag him with my epic TK skills. That's all I need.

The other two are strawmen. I'm not trying a telepathic assault. I did throw up some illusions, but Electro isn't immune to, say, Mysterio's tricks. And Luke's are a lot better:

...Luke was on the planet below, and that was a projected illusion that he sent to the ship IN ORBIT, that also fooled his Force-sensitive sister. I have other examples, but that's a good one. Luke's illusions are top-notch.

And the lightsaber is a non-entity in this fight. Though it also has known properties of handling electrical charge:
http://i.imgur.com/kj3Thc3.jpg (or just recall the movies, where they accomplished this on 2-3 occasions)

So really, it's just another level of defense. But more than likely, if I ever do get around to needing the lightsaber, I'd just hurl it at Electro and let it disrupt him momentarily, which would give me the opening I need. Like so:

Unlimited Power

Pardon for quoting the Emperor. It seemed relevant. Let's get to the feats:

Legacy of the Force 6: Inferno pg 133-140
In the next instant, Caedus found himself flying across the cabin toward his observation bubble. Luke had not gestured, had not flinched, had not even shifted his gaze; he had simply grabbed Caedus in the Force and hurled him five meters into his chair.
"Don't lie." Luke started across the cabin. "I'm getting tired of it."
Caedus sprang out of the chair... or attempted to. Instead, he found himself struggling against an invisible weight. He felt as if he were accelerating to lightspeed with a faulty inertial compensator.
"Luke, you've gone mad." Caedus reached for the controls on the arm of his chair and discovered he couldn't even do that much. "You can't do this. I know you're having trouble dealing with Mara's death, but..."

"This has nothing to do with Mara," Luke said. "And you're lucky it doesn't. If she were here-if she had known what you were using Ben for-there'd be pieces of you scattered along the entire length of the Hydian Way."

The irony of the statement was far from lost on Caedus, but he was too astonished-and too frightened-to take any pleasure in it. While it was true that Luke had taken him by surprise, it was equally true that he had done so with no visible effort-and that he was continuing to hold him with no apparent exertion.

Bear in mind, this was Luke pinning down Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus), who was a Sith Master at the time and, outside Luke, probably the most powerful Force user in the galaxy. That showing of utter dominance makes Tony's bubble that imprisoned Electro look like a a parlor trick by comparison.

Or if you're more a visual person, here's another effortless example:

Now a reminder that Luke can actually shrug off lightning attacks that hit him:

Or maybe Scoob thinks he can exploit Luke's prosthetic hand...

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor Page 89 to 90
The other stormtrooper swore and triggered an autoburst from his carbine. Luke's other hand, the prosthetic hand that had replaced the one his father had taken, came up in an arc that precisely followed the motions of the carbine's muzzle and caught all five bolts squarely in its palm. He turned the palm upward in a friendly shrug and let the astonished troopers stare at the only effect of the Force-blunted blasterfire: a faint curl of steam that trailed upward from his unmarked palm.

I'm sorry Luke has more powers than Megaman in the final boss fight against Dr. Wiley. I'm going to use whichever I can, and many of them are things Scoob/Electro has no answer for.


There's actually a couple feats I can't find that would make this even more of a mismatch. But there's plenty here to make it a stomp. I'm TK shielded, fast enough to do what I want to Electro, he can't hurt me, and even if he gets to me I can absorb enough of his attack that it's a moot point. Otherwise, he's my plaything. This is all a fancy way of saying I wrap him in a bubble and squeeze. But I might as well shore up contingency plans while I'm at it.


Lastly, thanks as always to the judges and Scoobless. I know it's been a bit of a slow start, but I'm happy that this match is proceeding.

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