I am confused about the 2 door choice *SPOILER*

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OK, I have read all the threads on the topic and it is still not clear, at least to me, what the two doors lead to in terms of "consequences".

One door leads to the source of the Matrix that Neo believes will have what consequences for the Matrix and the real world/Zion ?
Same door, what will "actually" happen ( from the Architects perspective ) to the Matrix and the real world / Zion ?

Finally, by choosing the door that leads back to the Matrix, what consequences will there be for the Matrix and the real world / Zion compared to the other door ?

BTW, Zion is NOT destroyed at the end of Matrix 2 as evident in the Matrix 3 teaser.

Well, of course, it is not as if the Matrix would just blow up when he goes to save Trinity!

IF Neo goes to the source, the code he carries about the anomally is analysed. A new Matrix is designed, resetting the building anomally (though it will continue to build). Zion is destroyed, and Neo selects seven men (himself being the eigth) and sixteen women to create a new Zion. He becomes renowned as the One, the 'first' person to awaken other from the Matrix, becomes legendary, as the fifth One (the one Morpheus talks of from the past) did, and the whole thing starts again.

When he goes to save Trinity, she dies anyway as he was told, but he then cheats and brings her back to life. But having rejected the opportunity to enter the source and reset the anomaly, now Zion will be destroyed AND the increasing anomaly in the Matrix will (presumably before long) cause it to become too unstable and it will crash, killing all the humans. This will leave all humans dead, everywhere.

So he says.

I see, therefore, in the case of the Matrix reloading, Zion would NOT be destroyed by the act of reloading. Zion is "supposedly" destroyed by the sentinels in both cases. Right ?

By returning to the Matrix to save Trinity, Neo now risks Zion plus an eventual system crash that would wipe out the humans still plugged into the matrix as well. Right ?

That is correct. My only wonder is why the sentinels do not halt their attack on Zion if the Matrix crashes, because at least then they have options,

Good point, assuming the sentinels are operating "in the real world", a system crash would not affect them. Plus so far, they seem to be nothing more than mission drones.

Thanks for the clarification Ushgarak.

genral zink
You know alot Ush. Thanx for clearing it up for us.

I believe the "cause" for the crash of the system will be Smith. Like a real virus, if it has no "purpose" it will replicate itself till the system comes crashing down around it. Neo looks like he has his work cut out for him. Not only does he have to save Zion but the Matrix itself to spare the lives of those within it.

very good point chico, and there is not "other area" to spread to because there is only one matrix.

Smith, like Neo's choice, is an unforeseen variation this time around that will have interesting consequences. I suspect Smith will hold many surprises in the 3rd installment.

If all human die when system crashes, how could they survive crash of the first Matrix?

I assume they re-wrote it all before it actually crashed.

i also think they didn't plug in ALL the humans in the world. probably just a handful to see if it'd work. i think there's a bit of a clip of that in the animatrix.

i recon the "Neo adn the others are robots" theory is the most likely, that the machines lost the war and are kept in the Matrix by humans, this explains how Neo managed an EMP at the end of matrix 2

An all to easy explanation and albeit highly unlikely one. I figure something more along the lines of this happened:

The Merovingian has somehow been able to connect to Neo's mind from within the Matrix and triggered one of his custom made programs to interfere with the Sentinals and as we know from the trailers - Neo is being held captive by the Merovingian.

But that leaves us with HOW the Merovingian was able to do it from a program, and if not a program, how he does it at all.


Neo did infact destroy the Sentinals but due to his mind being altered by the transport process when entering the Machine Mainframe. This could give Neo the ability to use his mind freely within the Matrix at any time thus possibly giving him access to the Sentinals linked to it.

It's probably neither, but I feel they are more appropriate explanations of what the WB's could do.

I also have a feeling that at the end of Revolutions we are gonna see a reason why Neo would never be needed in another film. Maybe he both dies, but lives? Ponder upon this smile

*ponders upon and upon and upon* wink

Soooooo Mr. Ushgarak what you're saying is that Neo has damned humanity...for Trinity? Man if I was in the Matrix I'd kick Neo in the cock-de-sac

it could be that the 'game' between persephone and the merovingian was just that, a show they put up to fool neo and the others. that they're 'in it together'... im referring to the kiss (program in her lipstick?) here.

gabriel: i think so.
love. it's a *****, yes?

oh man, i got edited.

**** that.

The Omega

Id let humanity go down for a night with trinity.

The Omega
Hm, scary thought that men are in control of the planet big grin

oh no god help us all!!!

that kiss has MORE to do with the matrix den we think just wait...

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