Bama Haters Going Insane

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Last night, in the Cotton Bowl, the Alabama Crimson Tide destroyed the Michigan State Spartans 38-0. Now, I haven't followed football that closely in a long time and didn't watch the game but I was still quite pleased to hear that the Tide rolled over their opponent so easily to make it to the National Championship game... AGAIN (as they've done so many times before) because I used to be a big-time BAMA fan and still would be if I still followed college football (or any football, for that matter, or even ANY sport, at all). Anyway, even more than I enjoyed hearing the news Alabama won, I was really pleased reading so many butthurt comments by so many BAMA haters on twitter:

This is really sad. Some butthurt loser is so upset that he claims he's going to start killing people on the Alabama campus.

Butthurt, indeed.

Nice Twist Thread Star.

What you mean?

Esau Cairn
^Ignorance is a God Given Right.

Everyone sounds like a douche in the article. Not only the people going crazy over a sport, but the guy who wrote it and who makes a little comment after every tweet.

I mean he bashes someone for not spelling a word correctly and then goes and misspells a different word himself.

Omega Vision
I think the Crimson Tide were happy not to play the Buckeyes again. Not saying the Buckeyes would have won, but they for damn sure would have been a better match than the Spartans, who were only there because of that miracle punt fumble against Michigan. For that matter, the Wolverines would have probably done better than Sparty. I hope they get rid of Conference Championships and replace them with an 8 team playoff in the future--less bullshit that way.

Tomorrow night, the Tide takes on the Clemson Tigers for (yet another; they have probably over a dozen already which is more than anbody else) National Championship title. BAMA is no strangers to dealing with "Tigers" as they trash Auburn and LSU on a regular basis. Don't know if I"ll bother to watch the game but hope that the Tide rolls again.

Alabama 45
Clemson 40


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