DARKSAINT85 vs SMURPH (mid-herald tournament)

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psycho gundam

psycho gundam

psycho gundam

Damn. Quite the mismatch in OP styles - I go for humour, breadth, and depth, whereas...it's Smurph stick out tongue

But yes, thanks to all readers bla bla bla. In truth, all of you should be thanking me for such an amazing gift of battle!

Let's go through each of Smurph's points, shall we? And we shall see that his Titan is more like the Titanic - sinking on her maiden voyage under her own hubris.

Cool. I can just walk through them - even if I am not aware where they are (judges, imagine a DS-shaped hole through his shields:

Negated - and even Smurph acknowledges this (per his words, it only works 'if any of my opponents are NOT within Aquarian's bubble').

Cable didn't actually bend light or phase shift or any of that. He just telepathically shielded himself. But I negate powers. So he can TRY to shield himself, and he'd look pretty silly because I can still see him, clear as day.

An unusual strategy, for an unusual foe. I likey. It says a lot, when the cornerstone of your offence is....to bleed your own blood on them.

There are so, SO many problems with this tactic, however...where shall I start? To quote Lewis Carroll, I shall begin at the beginning, and go on till I come to the end: then stop.

Firstly, Cable could only access his God Cable persona - because Deadpool's HF was suppressing it. So him bleeding on me, would just be blood with a TO virus that has been majorly suppressed. Either he has it, and can infect me with it - or he doesn't. But he cannot draft God Cable (who has Deadpool's HF suppressing the virus) and still infect me.

Secondly, I am no Rulk. To inject me with the virus, requires cracking my shell. As we have all seen, not only would that be a terrible idea for him (due to the exblammosion), but it requires a whole load of energy.

Does Cable's spikes even have that amount of energy? Moreover, the SPEED at which he shoots those spikes would be severely dampened - null field, remember?

Thirdly, well, we have seen how a probe can easily keep up with the Flash. Superman. WW. All speedsters - even Superman was using his speed. Whereas HIS own speed/strength would be negated:

So if he attempts to teleport next to me - I will see him (as he's now pretty much at ground zero of my null field lol - thanks for saving me the trouble!) and I will know what he's ATTEMPTING to do.

Fourthly (we have a few of these!), my null field would also short his TO virus out (assuming we ignore Deadpool's HF). Assuming it's mechanical in nature, of course. Remember, all machinery shuts down near me.

Hey, speaking of Deadpool's HF, guess who is the only person to have ever fought off the Marvel Zombie virus? That's right. Surfer, Wolverine, Deadpool, Hulk, Juggernaut - they all succumbed (alt. realities, true, but still).

But Aquarian, without any amps, fought it off. And that was much more infectious and widespread than the TO virus.

Having looked at him, I can see his plans:

So I'm not going to make him bleed, anyway. Just in case. This is why I phrased my last sentence - I kill him to death. I can just as easily snap his neck. No bloodshed. Remember, his powers are all shut off when my field reaches him - including durability. Him teleporting next to me, only hastens his defeat.

Fifthly, I am not sure how the TO virus would disable my null field. Judges, please ask for proof of this. I have shown it working even when Wundarr was unconscious.

All negated.

So, in summary:

I can see him, and none of his psi blasts would even touch me.
The cornerstone of his plan involves bleeding on me. With blood that suppresses the TO virus, using a delivery system that cannot pierce my shell, and has no proof of being able to suppress my null field.
Conversely, he has no defence against me shutting his powers down (whilst I keep my own). He actually rushes TOWARDS me, which makes it easier to defeat him.

I continue with my plan. I snap his neck.


Alack, alack, Smurph has returned with a vengeance!

And he has outdone me!

Wait, no, he hasn't.



Wait, we use Marvel.com as proof now?

Oh, is that ALL I have to do?


As Zombie Deadpool remarks (and no, Aquarian here is NOT an alt. reality version - he is the bonafide 616 guy), he's blasting - WHILST the force field is in effect.

So yes, his energy blasts are still in effect. So Marvel.com is sadly out of date (I really should log in and edit my own sections, but I've been so busy lately..).

I hope that was enough, Smurph? Hopefully you don't shift the goalposts ;-)

thumb up

I have shown that psionic energy is repelled by Aquarian. I have shown that Imperiex Probes had no weakness save for shell cracking (strange how Smurph takes Veridium's word as gospel when it suits him, but when in the same section they say they had no other weaknesses....he ignores this). I have also shown that Fate was able to stop Nabu's consciousness. But let us move on to the 'telepathic invisibility' working - or lack of.

Here, Fate's second sight enables him to see past illusions and trickery:

And again:

So no, attempting to use telepathy to fool asomething of the order of Nabu's helm, merged with a machine colony, by using some medical orderlies as proof - THAT is a no-limits fallacy.

616 Aquarian cured himself of the Marvel Zombie virus. THAT is canon.

No. Jared the Wonder Probe is a machine colony, with a null field and is fused with the Helm of Nabu etc. No organics. Never was, never will be.

Noperoonie. Just as Aquarian's null field allows him to have super strength (as noted by Ben; judges, ignore the use of Marvel.com's explanation of his powers!!) AND allow him to still fire energy blasts (as proved by me), and as the tourney rules EXPLICITLY say my amalgam can use powers as well as the original....well, Jared the Wonder Probe also benefits from this.

Your misunderstanding makes me sad. I never said I was trying to detonate it. And even if I was, again, my own powers are NOT shorted out.

Well, you just asked for SOME proof that he could still use his other powers. I have provided this. So point 1 is defeated.
You mean the null field, added to a machine, added to Jared? Sure. That's point 2 defeated. Surely, you're not using a no-limits fallacy??
Point 3 is a rehash of point 2. MY own powers work fine and dandy, as per forum rules. Unless you shift the goalposts, of course.

That's because Aquarian is immune to to his own field. I've supported it cancelling psionic energy, stacked on top of a machine colony, stacked on top of Fate. And have provided scans. Oh, and it has healed him from the Zombie Virus.

So, I guess this match IS straightforward. I have defeated your sole 3 points.

My plan continues, with a neck snapping of....TITANIC proportions!

Originally posted by Smurph
Over the past month, I've repeatedly made time to post, and then, at the last minute, decided I needed the time for other work/school commitments. I basically can't justify KMC time at this point - I regret that things didn't move faster in the fall, when I had more time, but also I should have just realized this sooner.

Anyways, I think I have to forfeit - I'm in the middle of term papers, and I know that exams are gonna be on top of me by the time I'm done.

Sorry for the lame performance Darksaint - this wasn't a match that I could phone in, which is why I never found time to make a good show of it. I think you earned the victory either way.

Hope this tourney finishes. Thanks PG, judges, etc.

Thanks, Smurph, for the round. I await the winner of Carver9/Blair Wind with bated breath.

Until next time!!!!


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