BLAIR WIND vs CARVER9 (mid-herald tournament)

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I guess I have to waste one of my posts but, what Blair is doing in this thread, I don't think that is allowed. We didn't do a fusion dance and combined our characters...if I read everything right, our characters are 1 entity which means, there's no separation. I don't even know how to reply to his post. Nothing against you Blair...I'm just a Lil confused right now and I'm sure this battle style you have going on here will not fly with the judges. This is a amalgam battle.

Blair Wind

Hello Blair...

Glad I get this chance to go against you. You and Scoobs are the main reason I joined this...I wanted to gain the opportunity to challenge the both of you. I respect your debating style and I want to have a win against the both of you under my belt, so lets give this a try.

Blair, as stated before, my bots wasnt my main tool in this battle because it isn't needed. You separating your peeps is a downfall on your part. A HUMONGOUS flaw in your tactic and I'll explain why. Ok, like I've told you before, I hold an advantage and I still hold it.

You provided a scan of Magik teleporting "at the speed of thought". Theres so much wrong with that scan that its ridiculous but we have to accept what she said. She dodged an attack and said (judges please read this because its it twice). She said Captain Marvel MAY move at the speed of light. Ok, she's not saying that Captain Marvel IS moving at the speed of light, she is giving us a description of how fast Marvel can go. This does not mean that Cap is moving that fast during that scene, again, she is telling us how fast Marvel could go. The proof that we have that Marvel wasn't going that fast is because Magik countered it with a speed of thought tactic.

So again, lets focus on the speed of thought here since again, that is exactly how fast Magik PARTIALLY teleported (since some of her body was still visible). The speed of thought.

Wonder Woman has moved faster than AMAZO THOUGHT PROCESS.

She blitzed and tied him up before he completed a memory. She blitzed him before he got off one word in his mind. Look at Blair scan see how many words Magik got to say before she teleported half of her body and compare it to the Amazo scan.

Speed of thought though. Magik teleportation is as fast as the speed of thought. Lets use another comparison here.

Wonder Woman moves faster than a heart beat, FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF THOUGHT. Faster than a Dream.

But again, Magik moves as fast as the speed of thought.

LOL... the speed of THOUGHT (which is in Blair scan) is nothing to me and again, NOTHING in that scan TELL US that Captain Marvel was going the speed of light. It states, Marvel MAY GO the speed of light but... Blair gets blitzed and easily just like this White Martian did.

Thats not the impressive part about that scene though. Look real hard at it. Look who is beside Wonder Woman before the blitz. Look who ask where Wonder Woman is at. Flash. Wonder Woman grabbed, carried a White Martian into space before FLASH saw it. Blair is dead. How fast can a White Martian be...

The thing about Blair tactic is, this isn't some type of DBZ fusion dance. He will not start the battle of as one being and then separate into 3. Blair decided to take the approach and separate his people during the onset of the battle. I will see this. There's no hiding this. As soon as the battle start, I will see 3 people in front of me. Theres no way around this. We prep, I look forward within the seconds of prep and I see 3 individuals in front of me that I am thirsty to kill. My tactic remains the same, I blitz during the onset. This does not change. Magik will die because Blair speed ft isn't good enough. It is not good enough. Magik will die. Like I've said before, I can drain the magic clean out of her body as shown in my previous scan and as shown here...

Or like I've shown before in my previous scans of draining. Remember, he moves as fast as the speed of thought which is boo boo. I blitzed AMAZO faster than his thought could process. I can post scans of her blitzing faster than Amazo could move again but whats the point? I am plenty of fast to take out Blair main people. Wait, Vulcan is still there. I kill Magik IMMEDIATELY. That lame speed ft Blair posted wasn't enough and I still have enough time to scoot over and lop Vulcan head off. Vulcan best speed ft is flying through space incredibly fast but when it comes to true speed, he just doesn't have it. Let me guess. You all are thinking, this guy flew real far. Even though he went through portals to get to the Shiar side of the Galaxy, he still had to reach those portals in good time to do this. True, but he is still slow as hell. Why do I say this? This is why.

Vulcan was as good as dead. He did not even see the bullet coming and Gladiator had all day to process said bullet and decide on if he wanted to intercept it. Again, Vulcan did not have the necessary speed to counter this object and was shocked when Gladiator grabbed it. Thats less than street level speed. LOL... Vulcan gets turned to mince meat. Vulcan doesn't have any force field showings that proves he could hold back a full assault from me. I almost forgot. This is the reason why I know Vulcan couldn't withstand a hit from me.

Yes, thats a hit and Vulcan was knocked the hell out after that hit. He was knocked out long enough for Warlock to get away and that was plenty of time... right Blair.

Blair hindered his characters. I started my attack off with a blitz. While I'm blitzing, I see 3 people now. This isn't a fusion dance...3 people are in front of me and I have a killer instinct.

Forget me not isn't powerful enough to tickle me and forget me not powers doesn't work so well against telepathy because Psylocke remembered him (I'm trying so hard to find this scan) due to telepathy AND Shield machines were able to detect him as well and my armor and magic is more powerful than any machine.

Why am I bringing this up? I have an important piece of information that was placed in the rules by my buddy Psycho and here it is...

"Character Knowledge: Contestants are fully aware the characters drafted, including its history, and weaknesses."

This is an important scan here. LOL... Forget me not powers are not an instant process. Lets see how long it takes for it to come into effect per FMN own mouth.

LOL... Gizmo will forget him in about a min or two. WTF. Yeah, hes dead. I'm not forgetting a thing and by the time that happens, I will be doing a dance routine on Blair forehead that I will never forget about. Let me just add a lil more icing to the cake though.

Forget me not at least wants to be recognized for at least an HOUR.

Im not making this up yall. Its right there in the scan.

Lets continue. He tells us why he like Professor X so much and lets all guess why. It isn't because of that bald head he has. Its because...

Yes, Charles remember him and why did Charles remember him. Lets all say it together. TELEPATHY.

I want to dig deep into this. Forget me not tend to enjoy telepaths more. I wonder why he likes them. I wonder why Psylocke was capable of REMEMBERING him. Let forget me not tell you.

I have more scans about forget me not. Blair keeps raging on like its something thats instantaneous but its not. The bag.

They had an entire conversation with him for panels AND THEN they forgot about him. He even had time to sit alone and think before this happened. I can keep going with this but I'm not. I can post a kid having a conversation with him throughout an entire comic but I've proven my point. With my scanners...

And adaptive capabilities...

And FGM slow power processing, this is one of the easiest battles ever.

Blair Wind

Post 4...

Really Blair... Really. Where to start? Where to start?

Alright, lets start with Magik. Those speed fts still doesn't prove anything and yes, I can make it to you in no time at all. I CAN go light speed and I will prove that in a few. Anyways, you post a scan of Magik teleporting before Mjlonir got to her. Prove how fast Mjlonir was going when that happened. She was able to get a word off before Mjlonir even got close to her. The beauty of this is, Hulk was able to dodge the same kind of attack from a Thor that was raged out.

Let me guess, Hulk is as fast as Wonder Woman as well? Come on Blair. I can post showings all day of people dodging Mjlnor. Did you really consider that a ft? A ft fast enough to dodge Wonder Woman?

On to her speed which is the reason why I know for a fact she would get to you before you reacted (even though the Wonder Woman carrying a White Martian into space was good enough)...

Here Wonder Woman was able to not only catch up to some speedsters that were going above light, she was able to enter the speed force.

And like I've posted before, she blitzed Amazo before he got the chance to get out a thought.

Lets continue with Magik. You previously brought up the soul sword. Saying that was an attack you were going to use right off the bat and honestly, that is one of Magiks main offensive power. Too bad Doom has not only encountered the soul sword, lol, he resisted its power...

He resisted the sword and you even trying to teleport from me is hindered since, well, Doom CAN redirect your teleportation just like he did to VooDoo.

I can redirect your teleportation to a direction of my choosing. You're not safe from me Blair. Your powers and your main tactic is flawed and I have the speed to do as I please to ensure I get the win against you.

Also, Blair kinda lied during this match. He said that he will infect my armor/mind and showed a scan where Doom mind was tampered with when fighting the Hulk. The ONLY reason that happened was due to Doom absorbing power from a poisoned Cosmic Hulk.

This was prepped by some of the powerful minds on the planet. Unless Blair plans on poisoning himself, I see no way possible with him messing with my mind. Its not happening.

What have I proven with my post about Magik? He is still too slow to counter my blitz because a showing doesn't exist proven he could react before I took him out. I've proven that Magik teleportation is flawed here since I can counter it and have her teleport in any direction I want.Her soul sword has been resisted by me. I've dealt with the power. My armor has tasted it and again, my armor learns and adapts.

And Forget me not. Blair still has not proven his power is instantaneous because again, its not. Blair, you're being misleading to the judges. Post the entire showing.

Lets see how long that Xmen talked to FMN.

Thats one page.

Two pages.

3 pages.

Do I need to keep going Blair. Post the entire sequence, not part of it. By the time I decide to even get the thought of forgetting you, you'll be dead. Your power isn't instantly, it takes time, even in the scans you've shown. I've prove in my previous post that it take a bit for his power to come into effect.

LOL... now lets move to Vulcan. The bullet was right in front of his face. It wasn't a small bullet either. Anyone with any noticeable speed couldve dodged or caught that bullet let along saw it. Let me not post street levelers dodging similar attacks. The bullet was in front of him, he just couldn't perceive it just like he will not perceive me while I'm killing Magik/Forget me not. I would love for you to post some speed fts of Vulcan that proves he could react to Wonder Woman. Let me post one for you.

Look at how he dodged that attack. I can keep going with this. Vulcan does not have the speed to react to someone like WonderDoom. It aint happening.

Also, you're talking about messing with my energy. Prove it. Provide a scan of Vulcan absorbing magic through a shield. The ONLY reason he was able to mess with Warlock power was due to Warlock using it offensively. I have knowledge of you. The smartest man on the planet. I'm not dumb enough to feed you power like Warlock was...

As shown, Warlock was literally feeding him power. I will not give him that Luxury and I sure as hell need proof that he can mess with my energy through my shield. My shield is tailored made to keep power out.

I'll wait for that scan showing Vulcan powers working through forcefields, then I need you to prove that it would work against a force field like Doom. THEN I need you to prove that it'll get through armor as advanced as Dooms.

So lets do a recap. I blitz to Magik going Faster than the speed of light. Blair has not proven he can react to such an attack. I take her out before she got a thought. Dodging Mjlnor isn't proof that he can dodge someone as fast as me. He tries to rely on FMN but that power as stated and shown isn't fast enough to activate. Magik is gone. Her powers are pointless. The soul sword and as shown, her teleportation can be used against her (and its nothing like Nightcrawlers teleportation where the entire body disappears, during mid teleportation, he body is still visible which gives me more than enough time to redirect her teleportation. Dont need to rely on that though since Magik will be dead as soon as the bell ring).

Vulcan doesn't have the durability to withstand my physical might and he sure as hell doesn't have any way of getting through my shield and armor. I absorb Vulcan shields and pound on it until its gone (please provide scans proving that Vulcan can withstand attacks from Wonder Doom). His shields get absorbed and Vulcan gets beat to sleep with utter ease.

Blair Wind

My last post Blair. This was fun and enjoyable. I want to start in a spot that I didn't start at in my previous post.

No matter how you put it Blair, Doom resisted the power of the soul sword. Here's the most important part of that scan... Doom has tasted the power of the soul sword and per Dooms adaptive system that is built into his armor, I feel 100% confident that his armor will resist its power. LOL... you've admitted this as well. Here are your words on Dooms potential at resisting abilities once tasting it "Doom had come to the team needing help (ulterior motives, obviously) and allowed Rachel to read his mind to show his intent was good. Because of that, when she attacked him later on, he was able to use her brain waves against her".

We know once Doom taste the power of something, he has something in place to resist said power. He shows it again here.

Also, lol, you are not hitting me with that sword, even though I'm sure I will resist its power like I've already proven. Let me explain why you will not hit me with that sword. You will not hit me because of my bracers and my reaction speed. You hitting me is like Wolverine tagging a high end Flash. It aint happening. Let me show you why.

Your magic is powerful but I was able to block magic from Nekron himself.

So we know her bracers can block powerful magic. How powerful of an attack can her bracers block?

Here it blocks the Omegas from a pissed Darkseid.

LOL... she slaps away infinite power.

Do I honestly need to keep going? So we have seen the capabilities of Wonder Woman bracers. Now I just need to prove that I can block that slow a** swing.

Here she deflects shards from the shattergod that was being expelled from across the universe.

Casually deflect these beams.

How fast are those beams?
They were made out of light.

Slapping heat vision from Amazo out of the air with ease.

So what have I shown? I've proven that Wonder Woman can block powerful magic. I've shown that Wonder Woman bracers can block powerful attacks. I have one more thing I want to show.

Wonder Woman reactions are in her muscles.

Who is her muscle reaction being compared too? Supermans. I HIGHLY doubt Blair arm muscle speed (lol, he hasn't even shown any speed fts relevant for this thread, let alone being able to tag me with a sword that he will not get the chance to use) is fast enough to him me.

Alright, Blair said that I'm not fast enough to make it to him... to cover that small distance between the both of us. Wonder Woman has some of the best short speed burst showings in comics. So with my next scan, I will show you all her short burst of speed (since I've already shown you her long distance flight... catching up with speed force users and carrying a White Martian into space faster than Flash could see).

Lets use her fight against Amazo again.

I am going to provide a set of scans and list scenes from these scans proving my case. This is her fight against Amazo. The scans that I am referencing is in one link so I'll explain which part I am talking about.

As shown above, like I've stated, this is her fight against Amazo. As shown on the 3rd page of the scan, she was able to tie Amazo up and blitz him before he went intangible. 4th page, she gives us a description of how fast Amazo is by telling us that he is faster than Clark. 7th page her and Amazo was standing face to face.She was able to fly through the roof, come back down through the roof and blitz Amazo through the bottom part of the roof before he got the chance to react.

Lets continue.

After deflecting the Shattergod shards, she immediately out pace them.

I know I've shown this before but I just want to add more to it. Wonder Woman cross distance to tie up Amazo arm before he got off a full thought and in the same scan it was mentioned that Amazo is as fast as Flash.

Her quick burst is fast enough to intercept heat vision.

She blitz off and change into a completely different outfit, does her hair, put on shades get rid of her Wonder Woman gear and move to an entirely different section in the span of a second. No one even see her move (lol, your slow reactions will not see me move).

Happens again here. She is sitting down talking and hear someone screaming help. She gets up, take off her shades, does her hair, get out of her clothing, fly over to the area where the person was screaming help and deflects a bullet.

So what did I establish here? Wonder Woman quick burst of speed is legendary. To the point that she can blitz Flash like characters and intercept heat vision and bullets.

What else did I establish? Her long distance flight is legendary to the point that she can enter the speed force under her own power/speed... blitz a White Martian into space in no time at all. What do I need Blair to prove since I've proven Wonder Woman quick burst and long distance speed does not change. I need Blair to prove that she somehow gets slower between her start off speed (which I've shown is elite) and the speed I will have by the time I've covered this short distance to take Blair out. I feel safe at saying I will make it to Blair in no time at all. What do you all think?

Also, I've proven that I can hinder teleportation and I can as I've shown with VooDoo and Nightcrawler. Your teleportation is hindered here (even though you will not get the chance to use it). The only thing I need to do is provide proof that I can do something and I've shown that with scans buddy. Your teleportation is under my control. Thats IF you get the chance to use it and I highly doubt you will.

Also, why do you keep mentioning messing with my mind? You're not doing anything to my skull Blair with Vulcan let alone messing with my perception with Forget me Not. You provided a false scan of Doom absorbing Cosmic energy from Cosmic Hulk which was prepped by Leader and the gang which messed with Doom mind. You're misleading the judges. Doom have to many showings going against him being manipulated...liiiikkkeee...

LOL... my Will has allowed me to resist Purple Man powers, AT CLOSE RANGE.

And like I've said before, I will shield myself from any mind games.

Then add on to the fact that I have armor guidance system and sensory apparatus, I will NOT lose track of you but like I've stated before, you will be dead before FMN powers come into play.

LOL... and Blair brings up draining my forcefield and used the elder God showing as proof of this. LOL... thats not proof that you can absorb Dooms sophisticated shieldings. My shield has withstood the power of Celestials and far more powerful forces than you and again, its not a normal shield. You need to provide proof that Vulcan can get through someone like Doom shielding. LOL... and are you really trying to go into a draining battle against someone who is quicker on the draw and against someone who has the best draining power showing in comics from draining Franklin, to Galactus, all the way to the Beyonder. That is a losing battle for you. You even attempting to take this route would get you killed. I have proof that I can drain you dry (no homo)... you draining an elder is crap compared to what I can do to you either from a distance draining wise, or close up. You can choose.

Also, Blair using my statement of Vulcan beating Strange is irrelevant because for one, opinions change and two, Strange with help RAN from Doom.

(Not done)...

As shown, Strange ran like a trick from Doom...

What else did we get from these scans. We see that Doom can track opponents from across the globe and the most important, Doom armor adapting to attacks used against it. I'm not afraid of you Blair. If anything, my character will chew you and your attempts up and spit it out.

I want to discuss more about the force Field Blair is trying to absorb. As shown above, it withstood the power of Celestial might. Hell, it even withstood the power of Beyonder...

As shown, Beyonder power koed Galactus but Doom is up and moving due to the power of his shield. As stated, Blair need some hard evidence proving he can absorb my shielding, let alone attack me through it. Nightcrawlers power failed to get in, Magneto powers failed, Beyonder, Kitty phasing, the Infinite Gauntlet...

As for Forget me Not. As explained earlier Doom has blockers against that and I'm sure Diana being a god and being able to see with the eyes of a God and understanding with God wisdom, that ability will not work on my character.

Illusions doesn't even work from Gods.

So again my tactic is, attack Blair at unbelievable speeds. Speeds that he has no countered yet. None of his scans prove this. Not one. I blitz him with with quick reflexes. Arms moving in a blur with multiples of attacks and as shown Wonder Woman reflexes are legendary. I will find weak spots in Magik right off the bat due to my lasso showing me where to strike...

Blair Magik character is dead before she can blink. Before her heart beat, before she got off a thought...

I kill Magik as soon as the bell ring. I then move over to Vulcan (who is right beside Magik), drain his force field and hit him with a death blow. As shown, Vulcan can not take a hit. Warlock koed him by throwing a canister at him and I need to see something from Blair proving Vulcan can survive an assault from Wonder Woman punching him at untold amounts of time with elite strength.

You all have to remember, as shown in my scans, Forget me not powers isn't instantly activated, it takes time and i have proven that. Time is a huge factor for Blair because in a fight against me, he needs all of the time in the world to even out the fight because I am going to start this fight off moving at my top speed from the beginning to the end. Forget me not powers not being active during the onset of the battle is a hinderance against his potential and honestly, it wouldn't even work due to Doom's armor that has adaptive capabilities, even when attacks are being used against it (and at the end of the day Forget me not power is an attack) and Doom and Wonder Woman senses.

Magik is powerful but she doesn't have the speed to hit me or the power to get past my bracers. The crazy thing is, I dont even have to think about blocking Blair attacks, its automatic. Lets not forget that he will not get an attack off though. I have also proven that I can control his teleportation ability without him even knowing it.

Blair trump cards are to teleport which is hindered by my speed since I will make it to him before he got the chance to do that.

Use Vulcan to drain my shielding and power which again is hindered due to my speed (and killing off Magik as quick as possible) and Vulcan failing at going into an absorption battle against the best absorber in comics.

Attacking my mind like the scan he brought up with Banner but failed to mention that Doom absorbed an infected Cosmic Hulk power which infected his mind. Unless Blair plans on poisoning himself, that tactic is a fail as well because 1. he needs to prove that he can get past my advanced shielding..2, he needs to prove that he can get past my adaptive armor, and 3). my most powerful weapon, my will power. He needs to prove that he can get past that as well. Lets not forget about Diana protective aura that follows her and prevent things from happening...

I am highly protected from Blair and his offensive attacks. His defense will fall to my power. He just isn't strong or powerful enough. I am his Freddy Krueger. I have countered all of his attacks. I hope you all enjoyed. I had a good time doing all of this. Thanks again Blair for the opportunity.

Blair Wind

Blair Wind

Ruling submitted to PG.

psycho gundam
These are the ones that I've received so far but it's a majority vote:


Congrats Blair

Blair Wind

psycho gundam
Originally posted by carver9
Congrats Blair That was a really good showing for both of you so I hope you're not taking it hard. It was definitely competitive and with a little more Doom usage you could have done some real damage.

Nuuh...I'm not taking it to the heart. It was pretty fun going against Blair. I'm glad it's done and now we can see the finaly.

Good match both.

Congrats to Blair.

Now let's get the god damn final underway.

This was a good match. You've certainly got some skills Carver. Taking out Scoob etc. You are good at doing the tournament style thumb up

Congrats to both of you.


Nightcrawler teleports by jumping dimensions not electromagnetically?

this tourney has been awesome

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