Pillars of Eternity

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Has anyone played this game? What did you think of it? It's been called a spiritual successor to games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape Torment.

I have really enjoyed it so far, my main character is a wizard.

I enjoyed it a ton. My main character is a fighter. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the level cap being 11. Although I suppose that was what the cap was in the first Baldur's Gate. Still, that's my one complaint about THAT game as well.

Good enough- but not as good as BG was in its day. It's a bit too anally dense with its background world. Also, they had a chance t make a new system free from some for the restrictions of simulating a tabletop system (excellent job though BG did, D&D was never designed for computer gaming), but they seem to have designed one just as clunky and troublesome.

They also cocked up the Monk (which I am playing), which you can tell about by looking at the development and seeing how heavily they had to keep redesigning it.

That sounds like a bunch of complaints but the gameplay is still pretty solid, and the art style etc. is bang on like the old days. I'm glad people still make games like this, anyway.

Yeah we need more games like this. Every game now just seems to be all hand holding. I just look at people who love Oblivion and Skyrim, when Morrowind would f*ck those same people up.

Which is funny considering Fallout 4 was being considered a hard game because it doesn't tell you much about the systems it has.

It's somewhat true but nothing too big.


Looks like the Sequel, Deadfire, is coming out April 3rd.

This game is one of my favorite recent RPG's and has possibly the best combat system of any isometric RPG. The sequel is adding a lot into the series that has me super excited like multiclassing and subclasses, though some of the changes to the mechanics are making me kind of nervous that they're trying to reinvent the wheel and failing. Still, this'll probably be a day one purchase for me.

Is anyone else a fan of the first game and have you been following the development of the second?

In case anyone was interested, Deadfire was pushed back a month and is coming out in a few days, on the 8th. The first was one of the best designed RPGs ever imo so don't miss out on the sequel.

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