Why was Lee Harvey Oswald allowed into the country?

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This is something that has always bugged me and I thought it deserved its own topic. For those that don't know, the death of JFK was not the first time Oswald received media attention. He had received some a few years earlier, thought of course not anywhere near as much.

The reason was that Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union. He wasn't just an ordinary defector, but a marine. He lived in Russia for about two years in the early 1960s before he decided he wanted to come back to America. This wish was granted and he was even allowed to bring his wife who he had met in Russia.

In the early 1960s the cold war was in full swing. Why was it that a marine was able to defect and then return to America without facing any consequences? It appears he wasn't even officially debriefed. You would think given his connection to the military he would of been arrested as soon as he set foot on American soil, right? Imagine if in this day and age a marine went and defected to one of our enemies and then tried to come back. It's hard to believe he would be welcomed with open arms.

The only reason I can figure for them to allow him back into the country is if he never truly defected. Which if true of course has all kinds of serious implications. It seems the Soviet Union even thought he wasn't a true defector because they took him and just set him off to the side and put him to work in a factory where he couldn't cause any trouble. I also find it odd that Oswald knew how to speak Russian. I can't figure out why a normal marine would have to know how to speak that language.

So anyone familiar with the military and the law in general..is there any reasonable explanation for why this man was allowed to come back to America?

For same reason as everyone else...

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Your looking for legit/legal reasons in a corrupt system that no longer cares about it's citizens!
He was someone that could.be used, that's why. Simple as that. Or are you still the part of the unwoke that thinks he was a lone crazy gunman

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