Gabriel Yulaw and Gabe respect thread (The One movie)

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to the One movie cosmology, there is not just one universe, but a
multiverse consisting of several parallel universes, and for one person
in one universe, there is an alternate of him in multiple universes,
though they are all distinct individuals. The travel between these
universes is policed by The Multiverse Authority or MVA. An MVA officer
named Yulaw was once forced to kill an alternate self of himself in
self-defense, and discovers that every time an individual dies his life
energy is equally distributed among his alternate counterparts, making
them smarter and more powerful. Obsessed with gaining as much power as
he could and become a ""god"" or ""The One"" in his eyes, Yulaw began a
killing spree of his alternate universe counterparts and by the
beginning of the movie only two more are left, and Yulaw manages to kill
the second-last one before being captured. He escapes with the help of
his girlfriend, and targets his final counterpart, a police officer
named Gabe, and MVA Officers Funsch and Rodeckeer race to stop him
before Yulaw completes his task




In the gif below Gabe kicks a lamppost so hard that it dents and falls down

A policeman notes that Yulaw is running at either 50mph or 50 kph in this gif

Yulaw gets run over by a jeep but he is mostly uninjured

While training in his prison, Yulaw punches the metal walls hard enough to dent them

Yulaw scales a tall wall at high speed

Yulaw jumps over a high hedge

Gabe kicks Funsch hard enough to send him flying and catches him before he falls of the balcony with one hand

Yulaw jumps from one bridge to another

Yulaw jumps onto the top of a streetlight

Lawless, a guy with approx. 1.5 strength that Yulaw shows later, (since the energy is distributed equally between all alt. univ. versions) kicks metal bars hard enough to dent them

Yulaw showing he is faster on the trigger

Yulaw breaking free of his (damaged) restraints

Yulaw KOs a guard by throwing a metal piece at his head

Yulaw displays enough skill to disarm and take for himself a guard's gun using hisbelt

A strength and speed feat, Yulaw uses his belt to toss a guy in midair with one hand before jumping up and shooting everyone (3 guards) in the room before he hits the ground

The videos again:

The videos again in the correct code:

In the first video, at 0:16 Yulaw kicks a van door so hard that it flies off the van
Fron 0:24 onwards, Roedecker sprays a fire extinguisher into Yulaw's eyes and hits him with the fire extinguisher four times but he shrugs it off

At 0:31 throws the fire extingusher throgh a metal sign
at 0:37 and 0:40 Rodecker punches Yulaw but he shrugs t off
At 0:43, Yulaw catches a punch from Roedecker and crushes his fist, with his jaw . Roedecker punches Yulaw again twice with zero effect
Yulaw shows off his skill, then kicks Roedecker's leg into concrete ( how the hell Roedecker's leg was still whole after that I have no idea)
At 1:18, Yulaw punches a hole in the van's backdoor and at 1:21 jicjsms the door and Roedecker few feet away
At 1:50, Yulaw blitzes Roedecker, pries the device from his hand and breaks his neck using his fingers before he could press a button on it
At 2:19 his catches Funsch's kick to his crotch before punching a hole in the metal nachinery

In the second video:
At 0:44 he punches through the metal walls of the ventilaton duct and shoots down two officers
At 1:40 he guns down a cop without looking at him
At 3:00 he blitzes two motorcycle cops and hits their bikes with enough force to send 10 feet into the air, then jumps and kicks them in the air with superspeed
Then at 3:16 he lifts one of the motorcycle and uses it to bludgeon the two cops. At 3:22 you can see the second cop went flying into a metal grill with enough force to dent it
Then at 3:29 he picks up the other motorcycle with the other hand, dodges a bullet at close range from the yhird cop and smacks him down and throws away the motorcycle

In the third video Gabe shows some decent skill, by disarning a doctor coming at him with a syringe before kicking it into a gallon water container at 0:40
He shows even more skill by trapping all the officers in their own handcuffs.
At 1:00 Gabe shows his strength by bending a shotgun before throwing into a soft drink.machine, impaling it

In the fourth video you can Yulaw while weakened from the teleportation show off his skill by holding off several opponents

In the fifth video:
At 0:02, Yulaw punches through the metal walls of the ventilation shaft and shoots through the unarmored sides of the cops
Starting at 0:09 he beats down a cop at superspeed with him being in slow-motion to Yulaw
At 0:14 the squad opens fire on him but he blocks it using the cop
At 0:31 to 0:38 he dodges more gunfire
At 0:38 he punts the dead body of his alternate self into the officers like a football
Starting from 0:41 to 0:48, you can see him stomping the officers and simultaneously avoiding bullets while they are in slow-motion to him

Gabe's and Yualw's final fight

Round 1- aggression vs aggression - Yulaw wins:

Round 2 - aggression vs serenity - Gabe wins:

An amazing display of the fighting skills of both parties

At 0:29, Yulaw catches Gabe's punch easily
At 0:41 he casually shrugs off a light kick from Gabe
At 0:53 Yulaw displays some nice agility
At 1:02 Gabe punches Yulaw in the face hard enough to knock him off his feet and send him flying back several feet. Yulaw shrugs it off and immediately returns with a super speed double punch And then while Gabe is still stunned from it Yulaw follows it with a roundhouse kick, knocking him off the walkway. And when Gabe grabs on the railing Yulaw kicks him square in the face to make him drop. Gabe manages to recover midfall
At 1:19, Gabe tries to hit Yulaw in mid-air with a superspeed jump but Yulaw counters it with superior experience and Gabe receives a kick square in the chest
At 1:27 Yulaw holds Gabe up and then kicks him several times, i.e., 8 times in the chest and one of the face and knocks him off the walkway to the floor
At 1:36 Gabe shows some decent reflexes by rolling out of the way when Yualw tries to jump on him and double kicks him. Yulaw just shrugs off that kick
Gabe then takes several more hits from Yulaw and the last oneat 1:57 knocks him to the ground
At 1:58 Gabe use falling down to his advantage by trying to kick out Yulaw's legs from under him and jumping up in one move
At 2:00 after jumping back to avoid that kick, Yulaw does another superspeed double punch that knocks Gabe back into a metal structure, denting it and flash koing Gabe

Gabe now decides to take a different approach to the fight after getting his ass kicked
Starting at 0:37 to 0:47 Gabe almost literally dances around Yulaw.
At 0:52 Gabe shows considerable balance, agility and reflexes by hanging on Yulaw's legs horizontally and then spinning to avoid his punch
At 0:55 Gabe gives Yulaw a double handed palm strike to the face which sends him flying back several feet , denting and damaging the machinery he hits, stunning Yulaw. He is also shocked that now Gabe learned to grasp his powers quickly
Starting at 1:28 a superspeed fight follows
At 1:43 Gabe swipes Yulaw's legs and faceplants him but Yulaw shrugs it off physically, but his pride is now very much hurt
At 1:50 the machine Yulaw crashed into explodes due to the damage
Gabe then proceeds to kick Yulaw's ass with his superior skill. By 2:15 you can see Yulaw's desperation
At 2:24 Gabe socks Yulaw one which realy hurts him
At 2:37 Gabe lifts up and flips Yulaw
At 2:41 Yulaw dodges a kick from Gabe. Gabe follows up by kicking him in the face as if his face is a football, knocking Yualw into the air and before he can fall roundhouse kicks Yulaw into another machine, damaging that as well. Yulaw managed to walk that off as well but he is now hurt and very desperate
At 3:08, when Yulaw picks up a fire axe, Funsch shoots out the machinery behind Yulaw, igniting the fuel and causing an explosion that sends Yulaw flying. The explosion was powerful enough that it knocked Gabe off his feet despite him being several feet away from it. Yulaw's still conscious but hurt
At 3:26, Yulaw rushes his with the axe, Gabe kicks him in the chest, kicks the axe into the air with a backflip kick, then catches it perfectly as it falls and uses it to subdue Yulaw

A video with few more seconds showing what happened in between the two above videos

Whew, its done. Comments please


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