Different Forum Moderation for different forums

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Why are some forums given no moderation and people can say whatever they want, but in other forum people are warned and banned for doing the same thing?

Isn't this one forum where all the rules are the exact same for every single person and forum?

Here is one example

Originally posted by Bardock42
Why do you comment in this thread (with a baseless accusation no less) when you don't even read the OP?

That just seems really intellectually dishonest. Originally posted by Time-Immemorial
I read OP. And I already knew he was not going to the funeral, do you think I get my news from KMC? You have been lying about who you really are to everyone, so who is dishonest here?

Let me get this straight, you are only allowed to post baseless "claims" and "jokes" but no one else it.

Keep thinking that and trying to play me as a fool when you do it in every thread.

Just face it, you have no one to talk to here but me because no one here can stand you because you lie about everything. Originally posted by Ushgarak
You're on thin ice TI. If you don't learn from your last ban, the next one will be much longer. You must cut out all such aggressive posts- and no, this is in no way bias, because you, and only you, are in the wrong here.

but here there is no moderation

Originally posted by quanchi112
You are such a pervert. Of course you know all about your organization. Originally posted by quanchi112
Says the self admitted creep pervert. Someone asked their wife and you're a creep.

Originally posted by Esau Cairn

Yeah I'm insulted.


So as the example shows this is not broad moderation across the forum, but single personal moderation based on dislike.

Moderators can't be everywhere or read every single thread. Especially not in the Versus forums where there can be a ton of new posts every day.

They also keep an eye on trouble posters.

There is moderators in every forum and we all know there are forums were flaming and shit talking happens. Thats not the way its supposed to be, if people are going to be allowed to post "aggressively" in one part, it should be allowed in other forums. You can't have a double standard. As far as trouble posters, its a ghost crew herelaughing out loud

A good portion of the moderating team haven't even visited for a long time.

The forums I posted are in active use and have mods, and Ush is a global mod and admin.

I've also noticed there are definitely certain posters the mods respond to quite quickly when they are deemed to be doing something wrong..and yet other posters from the same forums that can seemingly get away with a whole lot more before they are called on it.

Like Bardock antagonizing me and then I get warned.

As ever, take moderating queries to PM.

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