Will Ezra turn to the dark side?

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Darth Abonis
At the conclusion of Season 2, will Ezra fall to the dark side? It would actually be cool to see him turn to the dark side, kill everyone except Chopper and Season 3 will focus on Ezra as an apprentice of Darth Vader, hunting Rebels. It would explain, why Obi-Wan Kenobi is so important to Leia that she has to risk danger by swinging by Tatooine, and why Yoda has such a jaded viewpoint.

Hope not as he would likely be redeemed.

That would be a dramatic shift in character and POV, I doubt he's going to. If he does I don't see it being all that long and I don't see him killing off the entire Ghost crew either.

Is this not already a foregone conclusion? We've already seem him submit to Maul and use the dark side, he's turned.

He's not gonna slaughter the Rebels crew though, that's kinda dumb. erm

In season 3, yeah, but only briefly due to the holocron and Kanan's handicap.

If he does, the joke that he's Snoke could actually become a legitimate theory.

It's seriously not even a joke at this point.

Lord Stark
Originally posted by NewGuy01
If he does, the joke that he's Snoke could actually become a legitimate theory.

No it isn't Ezra isn't old enough to have watched the Galactic Empire rise and fall.

The **** he isn't. And this is still rise of the Empire era.

If Ezra does turn to the Dark Side, there's almost no way he'll do it under Maul. Maul destroyed his chances after blinding Kanan, but I can see Ezra becoming confused and conflicted just as Quinlan Vos and Anakin were. It's just a matter of which side he'll choose. Tbh I reckon he's a knight of Ren

|King Joker|
If Ezra doesn't turn to the dark side, I hope there's some serious conflict within him akin to Vos or Anakin, yeah.

I don't want him to be, but Ezra will effectively become Anakin. I just hate Ezra now because he's a whiny little ***** and Kanan is shit too, he wouldn't even take Adi Gallia in a fight! no expression
I guess I'm finding it hard to like a bunch of shit new characters no expression

|King Joker|
I don't think Ezra is too whiny to the point where it's intolerable. The Anakin comparison is to point out how he may become conflicted between the light and the dark side of the Force. Kanan isn't the best of fighters for sure, but him being incapable of beating Adi Gallia shouldn't be too unexpected; she's an experienced Jedi Council member who's held her own against Savage Opress and General Grievous. Kanan has only recently reached the rank of Jedi Knight and his training under Billaba was cut short. But it's pretty obvious Kanan is increasing in ability as time goes on, so fret not. smile

Hmm I guess you're right. Do you think Kanan has that much potential now that he's blind? I mean I know Rahm Kota turned out fine after his incident but Kota was an experienced Military man and Kanan is just a Jedi Knight erm

|King Joker|
Yeah, he can still progress. As Kanan's voice actor has said it'll be a "make or break" moment for Kanan, so we'll see how he copes with it. He'll either turn out stronger than ever or capitulate to the handicap (for the sake of the story Kanan will surely get over the handicap).

It may even be a better thing for Kanan in regards to the Force, because it'll make him rely on different aspects of it, allowing him to work out different parts of the Force he never really did when he had his sight. You don't need sight when you have the Force, usually. Because of Kanan's relatively little experience, yeah, it'll be interesting to see how he handles the situation. I believe he's the first canon blind Jedi, actually. mmm

Really? Is that Jedi cook Zao canon coz I think he was blind. Anyway I think the show will make Kanan take it well because it is for kids first and foremost, they aren't going to show him get wasted in bars like Kota did which sucks lol. I just hope they don't show him beating Maul in a straight up duel or I'm done tbh. Maul contended with Sidious for God's sake.

The Ellimist
It would kind of defeat the whole point of Yoda's vision if Kanan chose wrongly.

How can he resist Maul ?

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