More than meets the eye

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I'm a big fan of everything James Roberts has done. Thought his More Than Meets the Eye mini was a work of genius, with how it made you care about characters no one really cared about. And, I've been enjoying MTMTE's "Reimagined Galactica" meets "Cheers" a lot more than I've enjoyed the flagship title and other mini's..

But, I'm not too sure about where he's going with the current arc. Going to put this in spoilers:

So you've got Getaway, who tried to trick Tailgate into getting himself killed by Megatron, hoping that would lead to Rodimus turning around and taking him to Cybertron to stand trial for his latest crimes and, hopefully, face execution.

And Getaway did this in the sleaziest way possible.. He knew Tailgate has feellings for Cyclonus. And so, he convinced him using a gift of memory altering claws with an "evil erasing virus" would impress Cyclonus. I know, it's stupid, but Tailgate defines niave and trusting.

The plot falls apart, Getaway is imprisoned with his arms, legs, and jaw removed, and life goes on.

Fast forward, and Rodimus takes nine other bots on a mission to get something, or investigate something (I forget what..). The crew happens to be made entirely of the core members of the comic, because plot. They arrive at their destination, and get attacked and shot down by the Decepticon Justice Division. They take cover in a friends home, finding him murdered, and try and call their ship for support.

Getaway answers, and reveals the twenty/thirty something members who are not in the core group were working on a mutiny from the start. Megatron getting a reprieve from execution to find the mythic Knights of Cybertron simply cinched it, but Rodimus has been on thin ice for awhile, due to his percieved incompetance and risky decisions.

So that's where we're at. Now, on to my problems:

Bluestreak is in on the mutiny, and he saw the DOJ murder a friend right in front of him.

Blaster is also in on it.

Hell, NONE of the crew should be ok with sending their Captain and his support to the DJD, as every one of them had doubles on a second Lost Light who were murdered by them, for the most trivial of reasons (They were invited to haul away Overlord and agreed not to kill anyone else. Then they found Drift, a former Decepticon, and reneged on their deal.)

Issue #51 has things back to form.

Still not happy with the setup, but the payoff more then justifies it. Plenty of character moments (as usual), with Megatron (As usual) and 10 (Believe it or not) stealing the show. 10 in particular has a scene right out of Last Stand of the Wreckers.

Also, an 11th hour appearance by Ratchet and Drift.

Thanks for making this thread, I tried to combine two when i made the other but i ****ed up with the title when making it

probably better off with the two different threads.

Anyone following this at all?

Assuming not, going to forego spoiler tags:

Megaton surrendered to the Decepticon Justice Division. I have a feeling he's going to play the "Your duty ends with punishing me, because I ordered the abandonment of the cause" card. Which is factually accurate.. At this point, you can't accuse someone of treason if your leader disolves the hierarchy.

But Tarn's not exactly the most stable Decepticon, so who knows if that would work?

And out of nowhere comes Overlord!

God, I love this comic.

Tarn's conversation with Megatron was interesting. And he made some good points. Many of the dead died FOR him, and not just because of him.

The thing is, what's Tarn even fighting for anymore? He's basically a rebel without a cause now.. And Overlord made him look downright foolish, by provoking him into killing his own man.

Oh, as far as Phase Sixer's vs 1 percenter's, Tarn seemed pretty certain Megatron could defeat him. And since Grimlock had him on the ropes, I'm inclined to agree.. Seems the only real difference between most phase sixers and 1 percenter's, is phase sixer's have a tougher spark casing, which is what they claimed was a major feature of the process..

Obviously, Six Shot would be an exception.

The stage is set for one hell of a last stand.

And how did Brainstorm build Magnus up to classic Fort Max specs so quickly? What did he do, set up a slow chamber or something?

Betting this thing ends with Megatron unleashed. Either he filters the fools energon out of his body, or he taps an emergency ration of Ore 13, aka Super Energon, that he snuck on board. (I mean, they hid an f'n phase sixer, so it's far from a stretch.)

So, fool's energon is a load of crap. Who saw that coming?

Megatron stomping an entire army was glorious to behold. I'm hoping that the ending is simply a red herring, however, and that it isn't as easy as breaking one gun...

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