RIP to Darwyn Cooke.

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Darwyn Cooke conveyed how much love was in his heart and the depth of dedication to his craft with every piece of art he created. Almost no one achieves that, but there it is right there for anybody to see. The direct and elegant simplicity of his character designs and sequential storytelling are iconic and timeless. Everything he released was a must-buy, not only as a master class in panel-to-panel narrative but just for the breathless rush of a new wonderful story pulling you up out of yourself while propelling you ever onward to the last page. EGO and SELINA'S BIG SCORE were of course intimidating debuts, but as everyone who's read it knows, THE NEW FRONTIER is nothing short of a jaw-dropping fully-realized masterpiece that stands with some of the finest work the medium has ever produced. He was regularly compared with masters like Kirby and Kubert, and rightly so. The only downside of his variant cover month last November when he drew 23 covers for DC Comics was that whenever you finally opened those books up those Wednesday nights, there was a very bittersweet, almost heartbreaking tension in the gap between the tone and spirit of those covers and the interiors that really couldn't hope to match the deep craft, raw energy, and pure delight in just those single images. He nailed everything right until the end. Rest in peace, Darwyn Cooke, we are all so much richer thanks to the brightness and hope that you brought into the world.

Endless Mike
Sad to hear that.

A real legend and if things are to believed a great human being.

RIP Darwyn.

This is truly a sad day for the industry.

RIP Darwyn. Your work will be sadly missed. salute

talented man.. loved a lot of his work

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