Newer purchases: Blu Ray or DVD?

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This thread is related specifically to newer releases in a comparison to picture quality between DVDs to Bluray. I recently picked up Age of Ultron/Fury Road on DVD due to price, and I really can't complain about the quality of he picture. For collectors who have bought newer DVD titles and own their blurays, how much of a difference is there if any between the quality of a newer DVD to a Bluray? Just wondering as bluray in General really benefits older titles, but I'm curious if it applies to newer releases?

Thank you for your opinions/thoughts


DVD for me, too.

The Ellimist
I can't imagine Carthage being a person in real life with a job and stuff.

Recently gotten on blu ray
terminator 4: salvation
scrooged staring bill murry
Jurassic park the orignal movie
captain American civil war
teenage mutant ninja turtles out of shadows
x-men Apocalypse

Blu ray for the most part, especially for movies, but I still get the odd DVD for ones not on Blu and older title blind buys.

Recently gotten on blu ray
today I picked up
harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
harry potter & the chamber of secrets I now got all the harry potter movies!!

this pasted week I picked up :
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract comic book super hero cartoon movie
Disney's 1977 musical Pete's dragon part live action part cartoon

Recently gotten tv series on dvd:
nickelodeon's teeange mutnat ninja turtlers rise of the turtlers computer Anmited tv series
nickelodeon's teeange mutant ninja turtlers enter the shredder computer Anmited tv series
power rangers lost galaxy the complete tv series
power rangers ninja storm the complete tv series




I recently got a blu Ray, the reason was that certain newer films hit blu Ray before DVD and you can actually find certain films that are out of print on DVD on blu Ray

Blu Ray I bought:
The professional blu Ray with theatrical and extended cut
Tales from the hood
The believers
Red sparrow (pre order)
Insidious the last key (pre order)
Black panther (pre order)

DVD wise (this year n last):
Ant man
Happy death day
Ghost in the shell
Brawl in cell block 99
Kingsman 2
alien covenant
Blade runner 2049
Guardians of the galaxu 2
Spider-Man homecoming
Wonder woman
Thor ragnarok
Channel zero no end house (pre order)
Thor ragnarok (pre order)
Star Wars last Jedi (pre order)
The shape of water (pre order)

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