Luther Strode: Disciple of Cain

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Who is Luther Strode?

A normal highschool student.

Well, for a while at least until he decides that he has had enough of being a chumpit. Naturally he buys a self-help book called The Hercules Method, and uses it to start training himself into a lean mean killing machine.

The problem is that the training manual transforms him into a lean mean killing machine. Be careful what you wish for Luther Strode.

You might just get it.

At any rate, as it turns out The Hercules Method is actually the Sacrament of Cain. Not just any Cain but the Cain.

The Father of Murder.

This is why you don't buy self-help books from strangers people.

This drags him into the spotlight of the Cult of Cain. Who seek only one thing; the freedom and strength murder grants a person. They notice Luther Strode's particular... talents, and track him down.

They want to bring him into the fold. He said no. This leads towards a downward spiral as Luther Strode's life is inevitably destroyed, and for a time he becomes a violent vigilante. He revels in the killing for a while but realizes it's just not him.

A changed man Luther Strode seeks to bring an end to the Cult of Cain, and kill the Father of Murder himself.

What are Luther Strode's powers and abilities?

As a result of his training both his body, and mind have changed drastically. He has become superhumanly strong, fast, durable, and has become for all intents and purposes immortal.

He is able to heal nearly any grievous wound by commanding his body to do so, and the only thing that might be able to kill him is ripping his head off.

His senses have been sharpened, and he can hear and see much greater distances than a normal human can.

He has a certain "meat vision" that gives him x-ray vision letting him see inside a person's body.

His brain has a form of analytical precognition. He can see all the thousands of moves a person will make before they do them, and act appropriately in order to counter them.

What will this thread cover?

Just about every issue that Luther Strode appears in, and I will include what we see other people like Luther Strode accomplish. As it's relevant for determining Luther Strode's own capabilities. Due to the fact he kicks pretty much all of their butts.

Now with all due haste I will begin with the Strange Talent of Luther Strode.


Here we have the cover page of the very first issue.

We have some words from the author describing where he got the idea for Luther Strode from.

A foreshadowing of what's to come in the future. We see that bullets can't pierce Luther Strode's muscles. We also see him butcher a bunch of thugs. They are like silly putty in his hands and I mean that literally. They are torn apart with pieces of them lying everywhere.

Luther Strode gets The Hercules Method, and begins his training.

We see one of the Bound kill an attendant of his by breaking off one of his teeth, and spitting it at the attendant with enough force that it shoots through his head.

Just to clarify the Bound are members of the Cult of Cain who are so bloodthirsty and murderous that even they are kept locked up by the other members.

Presumably this one is Cain.

We see after beginning his training Luther Strode's appetite greatly increased possibly implying an enhanced metabolism. He is able to see that his mother is going to drop a plate before she actually does so. This is the first example of his analytical precognition that we see in action.

Luther Strode attends to his friend Pete after the latter is hit by a dodgeball. When that happens Paul (the one who hurt Pete) throws another dodgeball at Luther when he is distracted. Luther catches the dodgeball without looking, and then we see him use his analytical precognition again. He takes out Paul with the dodgeball, and breaks his nose.

We see the Librarian on a ship tracking down one of his helpless victims after having killed everyone else on it. He easily breaks down a steel door, and we see him use his "meat vision."

We see Luther Strode and Pete in a bathroom when they are confronted by Paul and his friends. Paul starts a fight with Luther Strode. This is when Luther Strode first uses his meat vision, and then he decks Paul in one punch.


Here is the cover for this particular issue.

Paul comes back for revenge, and tries to hit Pete. Luther Strode stops his punch, crushes his hand, and then decaptitates Paul with a karate chop.

Getting into the zone he sees everyone around him as meat and proceeds to tear Pete in half, and punch someone's head off.


It was just a hallucination, and Luther just let go of Paul's fist after stopping him. It's likely the influence of the Sacrament of Cain getting to him.

"Kiss the Cook."

The Librarian pays Paul a visit, kills his parents by tearing them apart with his bare hands, punches through a door, bends some steel and then kills him.

Luther Strode's physique has drastically changed since the first issue.

Petra is a ****ing tease.

Luther and Pete are out shopping for groceries when the former senses danger inbound. Not sure if it's due to his hearing or analytical precognition but he is able to tell that the place is about to be robbed before two armed thugs enter.

Luther sends one of the thugs flying with a gallon of milk. After catching their attention via dairy product they open fire with their pistols.

Luther aim-dodges their gunfire before plugging their guns with slim jims. He seemed to be able to throw said slim jims so fast that they were comparable in speed to bullets.

Beef jerky overpowered. Please don't nerf.


Here is the cover for this issue. As you can tell this is the one where Luther Strode gets his mask.

A newspaper article detailing what happened in the mini market back in the previous issue.

It's showtime.

Oh, and a little bit more for Luther Strode's senses.

"I am the darkness. I am the night. I am vengeance. I am... bored."

We see Luther Strode jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

Luther Strode can clearly hear and see people down on the streets from the rooftop, and pick them out.

He finds a couple arguing and sees that it's about to turn violent.

Luther Strode jumps down from the rooftop, and tells the man to back off. When the man doesn't Luther moves so fast that he seemingly teleports in front of the man. He tries to throw the man by his shirt but it gets ripped off instead.

Hey, the laws of physics what are you doing here?

Luther dodges one of his punches, and shoves him into the ground. His girlfriend isn't as grateful as she should be.

The Librarian makes another appearance. He found the police transport vehicle carrying the two thugs from the previous issue. He punches through the roof, and crushes the heads of two police officers. He also tears the doors off the back of the the vehicle in order to reach the thugs. Who he also brutally kills.

Luther Strode is able to track down the douchebag boyfriend from before. The man tries to pull a gun on him but he snatches it out of his hand before he can pull the trigger.

The man's punches are useless against Luther Strode. He only succeeds in breaking his own fists.

Luther Strode breaks the man's arm, and then proceeds to beat on him.

Luther Strode and the Librarian finally meet.


Here we are with yet another cover. You know, this one always made me wonder what would happen if the Librarian actually acted as Luther Strode's teacher or mentor.

Luther Strode and the Librarian fight. A lot of furniture is destroyed, some walls are broken, and the Librarian kicks Luther Strode through the floor of the apartment they're in before knocking him out with a punch.

We discover that the Librarian is able to resist Luther Strode's analytic precognition.

Now it's time for a story.

The Librarian brings Luther Strode to his deadbeat dad's home. There the Librarian tells the tale of how The Hercules Method came to be.

We see Cain murdering Abel, and building an empire. We see him fighting armies singlehandily then writing down what he learned from murdering his fellow man in blood.

We see that knowledge being passed down to Jack the Ripper, and eventually the Librarian.

The Librarian paralyzes Luther Strode's father with a pressure point. Offering him up to Luther Strode as a sacrifice of sorts.

He wants Luther Strode to join them.

Naturally, the hero of this story says no. The Librarian kicks his father's head causing it to explode in a shower of gore.

Then the Librarian reveals that the the douchebag boyfriend was under the employ of some unpleasant people. Who are now going after "her."

Luther Strode makes a mad dash out of there running past some cars assuming that his mother is in danger. He goes to save her.

The problem is that his mother wasn't the "her" the Librarian was talking about.

It was Petra.


The next cover, and it's not half bad.

Luther Strode runs through a door, and then slams a thug against a wall so hard that it cracks. He then punches the thug making the cracks worse.

Luther Strode to the rescue. He takes down some thugs, and gets shot at by an uzi.

While that is happening. We see the Librarian take advantage of the fact Luther Strode is busy saving Petra and kidnaps Luther's mother.

Pete tries to stop him by hitting him with a vase but it just makes the Librarian laugh. He then tosses Pete aside when Luther's mother grabs a magnum, an shoots at him with it.

The Librarian easily dodges the bullet after it is fired, and then disarms her. He puts her to sleep using a pressure point.

Pete tries to save Luther's mother again by throwing a kitchen knife at the Librarian from behind. The Librarian catches it without even looking, and then throws it back at Pete.

This cuts off Pete's fingers.

After that the Librarian wants Pete to give Luther Strode a message but Pete stabs him in the throat. This doesn't kill the Librarian, and instead just makes him angry at Pete.

Luther Strode gets up after being shot, and proceeds to butcher all of the thugs like he did in the beginning of issue one.

Petra faints from seeing all of the carnage.

As for Pete.

Well, the Librarian did a number on him.


My favorite cover in the series.

Pete dies but not before telling Luther Strode that the Librarian has his mother, and that they're at the docks.

Another showing for meat vision. We see that it lets Luther not only see beneath a person's skin but also see their internal organs, veins, nerves and skeleton.

The Librarian talks to Luther Strode's mother, and we find out the pressure point he used not only knocked her out cold but also paralyzed her. Which is why she can't scream.

The Librarian also claims that if Cain himself came to retrieve Luther the whole city would have been destroyed.

The Librarian is able to tell that Luther Strode is sneaking up on him, and pulls him out beneath the floor of the warehouse they're in.

Luther Strode is thrown through the floor again but manages to escape from the Librarian's grab.

The moment the Librarian tries to attack Luther again he kicks him out of the way.

Luther breaks the chains holding his mother up, gets hit by a log thrown at him by the Librarian, smashes some more logs, and punches through another one before forcing the Librarian into the floor.

The Librarian pops Luther's ear drums, and then dislocates his arms. Luther is able to force both his arms back into place, and tries to fight back but the Librarian spits blood into his eyes.

Not being able to either hear or see Luther ends up accidently stabbing his mother in the throat with his hand.

As Luther holds his dying mother something changes inside of him. He can truly see the Librarian now, and he realizes that he is just a man. Just like he is.

His analytic precognition starts working against the Librarian.

The wounds Luther had up until then heal.

Luther Strode breaks the Librarian's left arm in a single punch, then the Librarian breaks his ribs, and then he sticks one of the Librarian's eyes out with his thumb.

It's at that point when the Librarian impales Luther Strode with his fist, and rips outs his guts making him into the human equivalent of a slinky.

The Librarian thinks he has killed Luther Strode but he is wrong. Luther gets back up, and then strangles the Librarian with his own intestines before breaking his neck twisting his head by a full 180.

Luther closes his stomach, and commands his "meat" to obey healing the wound.

The Librarian isn't done either though. He gets back up, and snaps his head back into place.

They fight again destroying the infrastructure of the warehouse. Luther Strode breaks the Librarian's left arm again, and this time he tears it off.

The Librarian stabs Luther Strode in the shoulder with the stump of his remaining left arm before Luther throws him through some walls.

The entire warehouse is destroyed in the ensuing fight.

Luther Strode finishes the Librarian off by ripping out his spine, and then tearing his head off along with it.

The police thinking that Luther is responsible for the Librarian's crimes open fire.

Luther's narration notes that he can dodge all of the bullets coming at him but he chooses not to.

He dies.

As confirmed by Justin Jordan.

He would never lie to us.

Well, except when he does.

Luther Strode is very much alive, and Cain is able to somehow sense this.

Next up the Legend of Luther Strode.


This is another one of my favorite covers.

It has been five years since the Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

Luther Strode punches through a door, and hits a thug's head so hard that it explodes.

Luther Strode's physique has gotten even more impressive over the years, and he has been hunting down the criminal elements in his city with the brutal efficiency of the Punisher.

Mr. Duvall and Michael Hill discuss the legend of the mysterious vigilante that appeared some time ago.

Michael Hill talks to a bunch of thugs about a business opportunity...

Luther Strode punches someone's head in half, and hits a van hard enough to knock it off its wheels.

Luther Strode forces said van into a building, and then kills a bunch of mercenaries.

Luther Strode kicks a door down crushing the person who was hiding behind it.

Luther dodges some bullets, and then choke slams the hired thug firing at him into a wall before tearing his heart out.

Just a heads up Binder is with the Cult of Cain, and he is one of the people who binds members who are excessively violent.

This coming from a group of psychopathic murderers who think murder is good, and makes you a better person. Who think of people as little more than meat to be butchered.

A familiar face from Luther Strode's past makes an appearance.

Petra has a bone to pick with him.


Petra has gone femme fatale on us.

Luther Strode is training when Petra breaks into his apartment. He notices her right away even before she enters the building. Quietly sneaking up behind Petra he surprises her, and the revolver in her hand goes off by accident. He dodges it easily.

Luther Strode is able to notice that Michael Hill's mercenaries have surrounded his place even before they attack. He throws Petra out of the way of an explosion, and he just smiles as the shockwave doesn't even faze him.

Luther Strode jumps down from a hole in the ceiling karate chopping two of the mercenaries in half.

Luther Strode speed blitzes the mercenaries, easily dodging the gunfire from their assault rifles. Then cuts through them like a hot knife through butter.

Outside the crime lord Michael Hill and his associate Mr. Duvall are ordering Erikson, and the remaining mercenaries to continue their persuit of Luther Strode.

The Binder gets ready to capture Luther Strode.

Luther kills yet another one of the mercenaries by punching through a wall, and destroying his head. He pushes through the wall, and then grabs another mercenary.

He notices that something is amiss, and uses the mercenary as a human shield. He blocks the Binder's attempt to tranquilize him from another building.

He then throws the mercenary at the Binder using him as an impromptu torpedo.


At least he fulfilled a childhood dream before he died. Think positives.

Luther Strode fights some more mercenaries, and Petra tries to help but only gets in the way.

Luther shoves one mercenary's assault rifle through his chest, and after getting shot by Erikson he kicks his head into a meaty paste leaving another hole in a wall.

The Binder holds Petra hostage but she manages to duck giving Luther Strode the chance to blind him with his blood.

After Binder manages to stop one of Luther's punches it's revealed that he is like Luther Strode and the Librarian.


The next cover.

The fight between Luther Strode and Binder continues. We learn that it requires a conscious effort in order for Luther Strode to heal.

Which is why neurotoxins are especially effective against him because they prevent his brain from communicating with his body.

We get more of Binder's backstory like how Cain was the first who willingly bound himself, how Cain charged Binder with binding people like him, and how Binder captured Jack the Ripper.

The reason for all of this being to keep the Cult of Cain's secrecy because society developed weapons powerful enough to kill them all.

This including Cain.

Luther Strode is able to fight off the neurotoxin, and destroys Binder's syringe with a tooth he spit out.

Luther Strode forces Binder out of the building making him crash into and crumple the truck Michael Hill and Mr. Duvall were in.

As the fight continues Petra manages to convince (read: threaten to shoot him) Michael Hill to ram them with the truck. Luther Strode overpowers Binder and kicks him in front of it.

Binder is no worse for wear after having been hit by the truck, and kidnaps Petra. Luther Strode gets the location of Michael Hill's mansion from Mr. Duvall.

Binder used some nerve blocks on Petra in order to paralyze her.

Binder goes to Michael Hill's mansion, and reveals that he brought one of the Bound with him.

It's Jack the Ripper.

Luther Strode breaks down the front gates of Michael Hill's mansion.

Jack the Ripper gets ready to hunt his quarry.


I like this cover because it does a good job of capturing Jack the Ripper.

Luther Strode breaks down the front doors of Michael Hill's mansion. Luther tries to finish Jack off in a burst of speed but the serial killer dodges his attack.

Luther throws some stone supports at Jack but he easily cuts them in half with his knives.

Jack does a lot of fancy acrobatics to avoid Luther's attacks, and Luther destroys some stone supports.

Jack then starts speed blizting Luther, makes some after-images, and then cuts him up drawing symbols into his body.

Luther is eventually able to adjust to Jack's finesse, and then grabs him mid-flight slamming him into the floor with enough force to leave a large crater. Which also caused an explosion of sorts to happen.

Luther throws a dining table at Jack which he dodges, and then he avoids one of Jack's attacks before grabbing him, kicking Binder in the face, and throwing Jack at Binder.

Luther "catches" Jack's knives in his muscles, and Binder hits Luther with a special taser.

This disorients Luther for all of a few moments before he immediately head butts Binder, punches him in the face, and grabs Jack who was sneaking up behind him.

He keeps Binder pinned to a wall with his foot.

Luther throws one of Jack's knives that was lodged in his chest into Binder's left eye, punches Jack's head making it do a full 180?, and then throws the other knife in his chest into Binder's right eye.

Jack nearly breaks Luther's right arm off, Binder hits hims from behind, and then Jack attacks Luther a bunch of times (there's a lot of after-images) before snapping his own head back into place.

Jack continues to beat Luther down, and then Binder rips the knives out of his eyes.

They are finally able to knock out Luther Strode by working together.

Petra finds a bunch of guns and ammunition, and arms up. Jack the Ripper has found her.


The next cover.

Petra opens fire on Jack with what appears to be a Tommygun. Jack easily dodges the bullets, and swats one away with his knife. This was done when Jack was right in front of Petra, and staring down the barrel of the machine gun.

Considering how close Jack was when he did that? You would probably get something around hypersonic out of that showing.

Jack dodges some more bullets, and is able to track Petra down with his sense of smell.

Binder is tying Luther Strode up in some special chains made specifically for the Bound. He mentions how the Bound live forever, and are "eternal."

Mr. Duvall arrives to help Luther Strode. He shoots at Binder with a shotgun which does little to stop him. Binder doesn't dodge because he is still blinded from before. Mr. Duvall goes for a magnum but Binder knocks it away.

Binder kicks Mr. Duvall through a door but it turns out it was all a trap. Mr. Duvall set up an IED in that room, and set it off with a gunshot. There is a massive explosion.

Binder is left mutilated by the explosion but his eyes are healed now. Jack the Ripper takes advantage of this in order to kill Binder, and secure his freedom.

Jack the Ripper leaves in order to find more prey, and tosses Binder's head at Petra forcing her into the flames with Luther.

Michael Hill's mansion is on fire due to the explosion. Luther and Petra are boxed in by the fire.

Luther Strode, through the sheer force of his willpower, manages to break out of the chains.

Luther grabs Petra, and dashes out of the mansion escaping the flames.

They kiss and make up. There's one problem though.

Jack is still out there.


The final cover for the Legend of Luther Strode.

Luther Strode is able to track Jack the Ripper down to the Abberline Mall. Luther does this by sniffing out Jack. It seems Jack has a particular scent.

Luther rips open the entrance doors of the Abberline Mall.

We see Jack the Ripper's handiwork. He has horribly mutilated, and set up the vast majority of the people in the mall into various poses. As if they are pieces of art.

Yet, not a single one of these people are dead. They probably wish they were though.

Luther uses a pressure point or a nerve strike in order to painlessly kill one of Jack's victims.

Better a quick death than whatever this is.

Luther grabs Petra, and gets her out of the way of a bunch of projectiles fired at them from behind. Jack is goading them on in order to trick them into accidently killing the survivors.

Luther hears the heartbeats of the many survivors in hiding who have yet to be subject to Jack's torture.

Luther and Jack fight.

Luther launches himself across the mall so quickly that it creates a powerful shockwave, and causes a lot of collateral damage.

Petra jumps into the fight, and shoots Jack.

After Jack throws someone's legs at Petra Luther catches them before they can impale her.

Luther and Jack continue to fight as Petra goes to save the survivors, and get them out of the mall.

In his anger Jack tries to attack Petra but Luther stops him by ramming him into the ceiling breaking it.

Luther stabs Jack in the back with his hands, and Jack bites his neck tearing it open.

Luther keeps Jack distracted as Petra goes to get something.

Petra goes looking for weapons, and Luther cuts open Jack's Achilles heels.

Luther catches Jack's fists in his muscles, and holds him down.

Petra cuts Jack in half with a giant chainsaw, and destroys his face.

Luther finishes Jack off by crushing his head.

Luther and Petra hold hands as they go to meet the police outside of the mall.

Delilah speaks to Cain reporting what happened to the Binder, and Jack the Ripper. She says that Luther Strode will come after Cain next.

Cain just smiles. He already knows, and he can't wait to meet him.

Next up the Legacy of Luther Strode.


Luther Strode no longer wears his mask, and has become more normal looking. His muscles are still huge though.

We get some backstory on both Samson and Delilah.

Their names are not a coincidence. They're the very same ones from the Bible.

Samson is able to butcher an entire army on his own. It's not even a contest thousands of them die in droves at Samson's hands. Whereas Samson walks out of the fight without a scratch.

This is a really, really impressive showing. That's applicable to a lot of other characters who practice The Hercules Method.

This happens five years before the Legacy of Luther Strode, and right after the end of the Legend of Luther Strode.

Luther Strode and Petra Dobrev are being transported by the police.

Luther manages to make the armored truck he is in crash. He then forces it open sending one door flying which nearly cuts a police car in half (the one Petra is in), and then he rips the other door off to use as a makeshift shield.

Luther blocks a bunch of bullets with it, and then uses a pressure point/nerve strike in a non-lethal takedown against a police officer.

Luther and Petra regroup, and Luther blocks some more bullets. He then grabs Petra, and jumps off the bridge with her.

Back in the present day Luther and Petra catch onto a lead on the Cult of Cain.

Meet the Twins.

A pair of psychopathic siblings who aren't actually twins or even related by blood.

We see some more analytic precognition in action. Luther Strode and the Twins predict each other's actions but don't act on them.

Petra manages to kill one of the Twins from a distance with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Luther Strode and the remaining Twin fight, and Luther tries to keep her from reaching Petra. Luther loses the Twin when she goes for his balls, and nearly crushes them.


The chase continues. Luther Strode is on the Twin's tail, as she chases down Petra on her motorcycle. They jump from rooftop-to-rooftop, and scale great distances.

Petra fires at the Twin with a handgun while the latter is mid-air but the Twin has no problem dodging the bullets.

When the Twin lands onto the highway she nearly destroys it creating a wave of asphalt.

Luther Strode jumps down onto the highway and lands onto a car destroying it.

Luther tries to grab the FredEx truck the Twin is on but misses crashing into the highway doing more damage to it.

Luther grabs onto a Taxi.

The Twin kicks the side of the FredEx truck, and flips it into the air causing it to crash.

The Twin attacks Luther but he easily counters with a judo throw.

Petra crashes into the Twin with her motorcycle. Luther grabs Petra, and tells her to get to safety.

Luther then grabs the Twin, and forces her through a huge wall shattering it.

The eighteen wheeler truck from before goes over the rails, and Luther jumps down after it in order to save the driver. He throws the guy to safety.

The Twin jumps after Luther, and gets stuck in the truck trying to grab him.

Luther runs up the side of the truck as it falls.

The Twin dies when the truck hits the ground, and explodes.

Luther Strode made it to safety, and Delilah looks on from a distance observing their progress.


Here is the next cover.

Luther, Petra, and Delilah land in Russia.

Luther used some kind of "zen coma" in order to make the trip in an airtight coffin amongst the cargo in the plane.

They came here in order to find the Gardener. Who is a practicioner of the Sacrament of Cain, and someone who made the pilgrimage.

This person would know how to find Cain.

The home of the Gardener is hidden within a forest.

Not too shabby once you ignore the fact that the roads are all made out of human skulls.

As the old saying goes "miscommunication kills," and Luther Strode never took any classes in Russian.

Due to neither understanding each other Luther and the Gardener begin to fight.

The Gardener grabs and then tosses Luther causing him to plough through the snow... revealing that even more human skulls are hidden beneath it.

Luther blocks the Gardener's punch which causes a shockwave, and Petra tries shooting at him.

Her assault rifle is useless against the Gardener.

Luther hits the Gardener with a tree, and then throws it forward like a spear.

The Gardener punches Luther over the canopy of the forest but Luther manages to slingshot himself back down.

The Gardener manages to get the upper hand, and tosses Luther aside.

At least that's what appeared to be the case. The truth was that Luther had quickly rightened himself mid-flight after being thrown.

Luther tears the Gardener's heart out from behind. The Gardener tries to fight back despite having lost his heart but dies of blood loss eventually.

Their next target is in Hong Kong.


The next cover introduces a new character who is totally Django Freeman from Django Unchained.

The Shooter's revolvers are powerful enough to blow up a man's head, and he can fire them so quickly that they're basically machine guns.

Well, scratch that he can fire them so quickly that it seems as if he is shooting several times at once.

The closest comparison I can think of is what Vash the Stampede does in Trigun.

Luther Strode makes his appearance and stops the Shooter from killing someone by blocking his bullets with a metal grate. Which Luther threw into the path of said bullets.

The Shooter's accuracy is completely ridiculous.

He can accurately headshot two henchmen that were trying to escape by ricocheting two bullets off of some lamp posts above them. This without even having to look at them.

He then shoots Petra's bullet out of the air. Do keep in mind that Petra was using the same sniper rifle she used to kill one of the Twins here.

Then the Shooter shoots out Petra's scope, and Delilah just barely manages to save her. This with a bullet he fired from his revolver that was right behind the bullet that destroyed her bullet.

Luther Strode and the Shooter fight, and the former is able to dodge the latter's bullets at close range. Albeit barely in some cases.

Luther goes in for a left hook but the Shooter jumps off his fist springing himself high up into a nearby building.

Luther is able to easily clear the distance in a single bound, and lands in front of the Shooter.

Luther Strode dodges a shot from the Shooter's revolver.

The fight continues with Luther changing the trajectory of a bunch of the Shooter's bullets with his bare hands. Luther ends up creating some after-images too.

While at the same time throwing tiles at the Shooter.

The chase continues.

Luther is running through doors, and torpedoing through stairs in order to reach the Shooter. While at the same time dodging his bullets.

The Shooter manages to jump out of the building, and makes his way to another building across the street.

The Shooter kneecaps Luther mid-jump but he is able to catch himself before he falls.

Delilah bends steel, and tears a door off its hinges.

Luther jumps across the street to the other building after some quick healing.

Luther picks up some pebbles and throws them at the Shooter in order to snipe his bullets out of the air, and then Luther kneecaps the Shooter in short succession with said pebbles.

Payback is a *****.

The Shooter dodges a bullet fired at him by Petra while he is pinned on the ground. Delilah takes the revolver, and promises that unlike Petra she won't miss.

The Shooter whispers something into Luther's ear.

The Shooter makes his escape, bends one of his bullets in order to disarm Delilah, and then uses her face as a stepping stone in order to jump out of the building.

Luther reveals that the Shooter told him where to find Cain.


This cover isn't so bad, and it brings out the murder in Delilah's eyes.

Luther's eyesight is noted as being far greater than normal by Petra, and she has to use binoculars in order to see what he's seeing.

Delilah was born in Nahal Sorek, and is over three-thousand years old.

Delilah may or may not have some psychic powers. I wasn't sure what it was before when she used it on the Gardener but it looks like something involving disorientation or maybe illusions.

Delilah easily knocks a shotgun out of Petra's hands before she can fire it.

Delilah is able to use her analytic precognition against Luther Strode in order to see what he's trying to do.

Delilah's backstory, how Cain found her and taught her, and how she influenced history.

Highlights include Samson as we have seen before, Hercules, and Jeanne D'arc.

Most of them ended tragically whereas a few accepted the doctrine of the Cult of Cain. While others became Bound.

Luther tries to reason with Delilah but it doesn't work. Delilah swats Petra's grenade into the air, and Luther throws it away so Petra is not caught in the blast.

Luther carries Petra across the desert, and opens the door to Cain's Sanctum.


A cover where we see Cain.

The fight between Luther Strode and the Bound begins. He is able to hold his own against two of them, and stab one of them in the ribs with his fist.

That one then breaks Luther's left arm which he ignores as he steals the other guy's spear before preparing to throw it at Delilah.

The third member of the Bound, who as will discover later on is Miyamoto Musashi, catches the spear before throwing it back into Luther's chest.

He was waiting for just the right moment to find an opening.

Luther gets back up and continues the fight. The Bound seem to have the advantage now but Delilah seems to be conflicted.

Delilah stops fighting Luther, and decides to help him instead. Musashi is impressed.

One of the Bound goes after Petra but he is stopped by Delilah who uses her fancy mind trick on him. Also, we see Delilah move quite fast here.

This doesn't stop him from punching Delilah through the doors leading to Cain's Sanctum.

Not a bad showing of showing of strength for him, and a pretty good showing of durability for Delilah because all she has is a bloody nose afterwards.

It has to be a few meters of solid concrete at least.

Petra is able to get the drop on this member of the Bound with a gatling gun now that he is stuck in the doors.

He is reduced to a meaty paste by all of the bullets.

The fight between Luther Strode and the remaining members of the Bound continues.

Luther is able to trick Musashi's analytic precognition, and make him see what he wants him to see.

By doing this Luther kills the spear wielding member of the Bound dragging him into the path of Musashi's swords.

Luther then easily disarms Musashi defeating him.

Luther is able to convince Musashi to help them but not in the way that he wanted.

Musashi charges into Cain's Sanctum, and attacks Cain but it's a fruitless effort.

Cain breaks out of his restraints as if they are made out of tissue paper, and proceeds to decapitate Musashi with his bare hands.


The time has finally come. The conclusion to the trilogy of Luther Strode.

Here we have the cover.

Luther Strode and Cain talk as they make it back out of the chamber where the Bound were being held.

Luther Strode notes that he has no intention of sparing Cain, and he acknowledges that he is beyond redemption.

Delilah throws the tip of a spear at Cain, and Cain throws Musashi's head at Luther Strode.

Luther Strode cuts Musashi's head in half with the latter's sword.

Cain catches the tip of the spear, and then throws it back at Luther. Who cuts it in half with the katana.

The two pieces of the spear hit Delilah, and send her flying into Petra.

Luther stabs Cain in the stomach with the katana but he isn't fazed. Cain slaps Luther away but he holds tight to the katana in Cain's stomach.

Luther attacks Cain with an overhead slash but the latter shatters the katana with his fist.

Cain then flings the broken pieces at Petra, and Delilah saves her.

"**** me!"

"If we live, certainly. But first things first."

Delilah totally wants to eat out Petra's snatch. That explains why she has been saving her so much.


Cain punches Luther into the ground, and causes one heck of a shockwave that shakes the sanctum.

Cain uses some nerve blocks to paralyze Luther.

Delilah quickly dashes back to help Luther but Cain grabs her.

Cain then uses Delilah's same trick against her frying her brain with a psychic attack.

Cain throws Delilah at Petra sending them both sprawling.

Cain grabs Petra, and Delilah bites into Cain's leg.

Petra hits Cain in the face with a hidden dagger. It doesn't do anything except annoy him.

Luther breaks out of the nerve blocks, and saves them both.

The fight continues, and Luther and Cain hit each other with a hardcore cross counter.

Luther is caught in Cain's bear hug but he continues to pound at his face.

Delilah attacks Cain's mind as he is distracted.

Petra shoots through Luther with her gatling gun in order to hit Cain.

Luther and Cain get back up after being hit, and they continue to beat on each other.

Luther manages to get the upper hand, and finishes off Cain.

It's in the same way Cain murdered his brother Abel.

Nice parallel.

Luther and Petra kiss after the fight ends.

Luther, Petra, and Delilah walk out of Cain's Sanctum.

We get a nice final shot of Luther Strode having fulfilled his potential, and that's the end.

Great stuff. thumb up

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