Jaden Korr/Kyle Katarn vs Mara Jade Skywalker/Kenth Hamner/Saba Sebatyne

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Who takes this battle?

Saba can take Jaden, and while Mara won't defeat Kyle on her own, with Hamner it's a sealed deal.

Even if you think Jaden can take Saba (which is honestly not very rational), Mara with the aid of Kenth wins against Kyle faster than anything can happen between Jaden and Saba.

Fated Xtasy
Kyle can take any combination of three by himself in a two V one and put up a long fight.
Depending on who is left for Jaden, the team either wins in a spectacular fight or dies in a brill one.

Ima pull a bart tbh,

Kyle Vs Kenth/Saba

Kyle is ultimately the better swordsman here, as the battlemaster(one of the few with feats tbh) he's a lot more well rounded than his two peer. He's certainly on par with Saba on strength, and is an excellent Master of force augmentation so he should have no real problems keeping up there. If anything, his focus on having his student(i.e Korr and Rosh) develop their styles to switch back and forth between style does suggest he could catch his fellow masters off guard and fatally end one of them.

That leaves Mara VS Jaden. Personally, i feel Jaden's main issue with sabers is something akin to what people used to pull against Dooku when he was up against Maul or Malgus, he's as imposing a figure as beasts like Savage or Anakin, that said, Mara's not a headfirst fighter by any stretch of the imagination and won't power through Jaden like Alpha did. Still, I'd say Mara's speed and agility are her biggest advantages, and seeing as she and jaden were trained by the very same person, they'd both know what to look for in one another. Regardless, a fight via sabers ends in Mara's favor, if Jaden manages to use the Force midway though.. I think Mara is royally screwed.

In a scenario where Mara and X person is fighting Kyle I think the fight just becomes a battle of attrition. Both Kyle and Mara know each other's moves in and out, the other is simply there as back up(which adds to why this becomes a battle of attrition) either way, I don't see a definitive winner in this. It'll likely end in a stalemate or in one or the others favor, but i doubt it's for a majority.

Regardless of who fights Jaden, they either win the battle in sabers or get ****ed by a force tfu blastt.

Nice match up, but Jaden and Kyle should be more in sync than these shmucks. Dunno who wins, could go either way.

Yeah, I just feel like Jaden is Kyle's definitive Padawan, as he isn't too far behind Kyle himself.

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