Respect Larfleeze!

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This thread will be dedicated to:
"The Great and Powerful Larfleeze, to Whom All Things Would, Given Choice, Belong and Rejoice in so Belonging!"

It will be divided into a few main sections:
Part I: Origin/Backstory
Part II: Power
Part III: Constructs
Part IV: Battles
Part V: Misc. Abilities

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Now lets begin!

Part I: Origin/Backstory

An early Bio:

Larfleeze's origin/backstory:

Another telling of his origin/backstory:

So it should go without saying that Larf's species is EXTREMELY long-lived... Possibly immortal:

Part II: Power

Unlike the Guardians, Larfleeze has conserved the energy of the Orange light for eons--only using it when he's absolutely HAD to. Because of this, he is FAR more powerful than the other Corps:

Because Larfleeze always has the battery for his Corps with him, he can amp his power as much as needed, on the fly...

Here he amps his power level to 7,839%:

Hell, Larf can amp his power level to 100,000% nigh-instantly if he needs to:

A Guardian states that an Orange ring packs "the undiluted power of an entire Corps":

These are some of the reasons the Guardians FEARED Larfleeze/the Orange light, and had always sought to avoid conflict with him:

Despite spending billionS of years hoarding the Orange Battery, we ultimately find out that Larfleeze doesn't even need the battery at all. He literally IS the battery...

"You've somehow become an organic source of the Orange Energy! You're now a living, breathing, walking, talking power battery!"

"Larfleeze is the battery!"
"I can feel it. It's true."

"His flesh, bones, and blood... Evey cell... The entirety of his energy field... All of it saturated with Orange Energy. Larfleeze has truly become a biological power battery!"

"Larfleeze is a living power battery now! Larfleeze is a God!"

Part III: Constructs

Larf's constructs follow his orders, but they do not require his focus/concentration to act. They are independent in that respect, and can think for themselves. Every time Larf or one of his Corpsmen kills a living being, that being's identity is stolen, and remade into a member of the Orange Corps:

Here his constructs lay siege to the Blue Lanterns' homeworld, whilst Larf watches the battle from light years away:

Larf and his Corps lay siege to Oa, and stomp multiple Guardians in the process:

Larf's constructs overpower a Guardian on yet another occasion:

It's also worth noting that Larfleeze can exist anywhere his light exists:

Not even attacks from the combined Guardians can slow the Orange Corps:

Part IV: Battles

Larfleeze kills Blume, the Hunger God:

Blume is then added to Larf's Corps:

Larfleeze effortlessly kills a group of Controllers:

Controllers are then added to Larf's Corps:

Kills the GL of Sector 2828, and adds his essence to the Orange Corps:

Luthor, with a portion of the Orange power, easily stomps several top-tier Lanterns, before Larfleeze himself steps in and settles things his way, lol:

Larf's first battle with Invictus and his angel-race eons ago:

Larfleeze smacks regular GL Hal around, and easily shatters his constructs:

Battles Hal(who was powered by the Blue AND Green rings at the time):

An attack from Larf appears to have an effect on Krona, who was empowered by all the emotional entities at the time:

One-shots KOs Atrocitus:

And Atrocitus was wanked to hell in that issue. He steamrolled through the likes of Hal, Sinestro, Saint Walker, etc.:

Larfleeze yet again deals with multiple high-end Lanterns from various spectrums

Battles Kyle, who was channeling EVERY power of the emotional spectrum simultaneously:

Larfleeze battled/overcame every other-dimensional God in The House of Tuath-Dan.

Left to right:
The Wanderer Sena: seer of all space and time.
Errata of the Void: a chaotic goddess in the form of a giant tornado/whirlwind.
N'Odens of the Hunt: a god that came to the DC universe specifically because he ran out of things to hunt.
Dyrge of All Despair: a goddess that emits an aura of utter sadness and despair over the planet she currently resides over.

*Not shown*
Xum of All Things: the most powerful member of the House of Tuath-Dan. He is also the leader.
Ardora: a love/infatuation Goddess that everyone, including the other god-like beings, can't resist loving.

By all accounts, they were universal-esque beings.

Destroys the Hound of 'The Lord of Haunt':

Larfleeze vs. The Lord of Haunt:

Larfleeze vs. The Wanderer AND The Lord of Haunt(again):

Larf utterly stomps several members of his Corps who had been resurrected by The Wanderer:

Fights Dyrge of all Despair:

Larfleeze stomps every God in the House of Tuath-Dan, including Xum of All Things(the most powerful of the House):

Part V: Misc. Abilities

Larfleeze and his constructs can absorb Green Lantern constructs--even those created by the Guardians:
*And as the scan also states, Larf's constructs can absorb magic as well.

The Avarice Entity states that Larfleeze is the ONLY being in the universe capable of resisting its temptations, and he was therefore able to enslave the Entity itself:

After all, we saw that even the strongest-willed Lanterns could be fully corrupted by the Orange Lantern almost immediately after touching it...



Larf's constructs can shape-shift, and disguise themselves as other constructs. We see this when Glomulus disguises himself as an Orange Ring that fooled even the Guardians:
*Essentially a construct within a construct. messed

Larf can also manifest fairly advanced tech-like constructs. Here he states that he keyed his ring in such a way that it continuously monitors all news outlets. He then uses it to watch one such broadcast:

The ring also allows Larf to track others, and circumnavigate the known universe:

When Volthoom attempted to manipulate Larfleeze's reality/timeline, even he was unable to change Larf's essential nature... No matter how many different scenarios he generated:
Volthoom ultimately realized that Larf IS greed/desire/avarice on a fundamental level, and completely gave up trying to manipulate him. He was the ONLY Lantern that Volthoom simply could not break.

In fact, Larfleeze has mental shields in place that prevented Dyrge, a member of The House of Tuath-Dan, from tampering with his mind all together:
IOW, Larf's mind is so greedy...even at a subconscious level...that it cannot be penetrated by psychics.

Larf alludes to being the first Lantern in the universe to manifest constructs:
*And because Larf always has the battery with him(and we now know he literally IS the battery), he and his Corps never lose any energy in battle--a fact Hal notes during their above conflict.

That's all I've got for now. RESPEK!!!

Awesome respect thread Galan, enjoyed reading through all of it.


Don Draper
This thread is awesome. Larfleeze is amazing! great job. clapclap

Thanks, guys!

Great thread.

Yeah, very well done. Fun thread.

My favourite scene:

Originally posted by Galan007
Battles Kyle, who was channeling EVERY power of the emotional spectrum simultaneously:

Bueno, bueno! laughing out loud

Grand Collector

It was recently revealed that Larf is the "Grand Collector". He used the Orange Light to take control of/reactivate a version of Brainiac, and used his shrinking-tech to collect several one of a kind 'specimens' throughout the universe:

Larf freed some of his shrunken captives -- which just so happened to be several, very powerful members from the GLC and SC:

Long story short: it ultimately took the combined power of several high-end Lanterns(inc. Hal, WL Kyle, John, Guy, etc. etc.) to overcome Larf and a few members of his Corps. Additionally, the members of the SC were amped to 150% during the battle:

Even machines(like Brainiac) are added to Larf's Corps after he destroys them:

John: "I don't want to face Larfleeze when he has nothing left to lose. We'd need TWICE our numbers for that.":

Yet another testament to Larf's power. thumb up

This is an Amazing Thread, but I have to admit that Larfleeze is my least favorite Lantern. But the detail you provided is awesome Galan!

Larf's bio from the DC Encyclopedia (2016):

What issues we're the Dirge feats from?

Issue #7 of his solo series.

IIRC, wasn't there an issue where he realises that without using his own abilities for a long time he has forgotten them, and when he relearns them he becomes more powerful than ever

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