DC is missing out on an imprint with potential

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The future.

Thats territory DCs never really exploited.
I'd have a group of books set in the LoSH era, under the umbrella of The New31, or the DcFU...

Legion of Super Heroes
Obviously the flagship title.
This is a book thats proven it can work, given a good creative team, and since this is all hypothetical, it would have one.
The Wanderers
That OTHER super team.
I'd keep them out in deep space, maybe give them a Morrison DP feel, in that they'd run across the creepy and obscure.
Sodam Yat
The adventures of the last Green Lantern.
This is a character that could bridge the gap between the two team books, going everywhere from earth to deep space.
The Buck Rogers of DC in this setting, except he wasnt asleep.
He could be the eyes we see 31st century earth through. He'd be planet side, an outdated concept dealing with villains and problems the Legion never touches, as their focus is always beyond the horizon.


I think the big problem here is Legion doesn't seem to sell well anymore.

I mean even the core title didn't last past the first few DCNu waves and is only just coming back with Rebirth.

A lot of people just don't care for the Legion/future DCNu anymore, which is a shame considering some of the awesome runs from the past show that it can be an excellent book.

Zack M
A Legion run or at the very least, LOSH involvement was hinted at Rebirth #1.

They never managed to market the legion.

There are a lot of good LOSH comics, but they're aesthetically very unappealing. Poorly designed characters clearly made many, many decades ago.

What a buncha negative nellies. laughing out loud

LoSH is always one of my favorite team books. They have that Fantastic 4 thing, where the quality of the stories doesn't match the sales, though.

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