Franklin Richards and the Mad Celestials invade the Dragon Ball Multiverse

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The Mutant reality warper and the deadly Celestial Host are shunted into the Dragon Ball Multiverse by The One Above All. Their objective is to eradicate all life within the 12 universes. Do they succeed?




-The interference of anyone above Beerus-level is completely off limits. This means no Omni King, no Daishinkan, no Whis, etc.
-Only characters from the current Super timeline, (Goku Black and Zamasu are allowed, but say, Golden Frieza, is not).
-The Dragon Ball cast can use the Earth Dragon Balls, but not the Super Dragon Balls. The Marvel cast cannot use the Dragon Balls at all.
-both sides have basic knowledge of each other.

The Ellimist
If the invaders act intelligently, they win via time/reality warping.

Goku Black/the kaioshin have access to time rings, mind you.

Is this a joke?

Superman can solo all of DBZ, true reality warpers are waaay above their level.

roll eyes (sarcastic)

Why I think DB can win:

Firepower: DB is toting a multitude of people that have comparable if not superior raw power to the invaders, including Beerus, Champa, Goku, Vegeta, Black, Zamasu, etc. a suppressed Beerus and inferior Goku were causing macroverse-annihilating shockwaves with their punches, and Beerus and Champa fighting would cause the destruction of both universes 6 and 7. Meanwhile, the Mad Celestials individually were inferior to a well-fed Galactus. Even the Merged Celestial isn't necessarily more powerful than Beerus or Champa.

Haxx: obviously I'm not saying this is an advantage in favor of DB, but Beerus (and presumably Champa) have the ability to completely nullify even universe-busting energy, and the ability to completely erase beings from existence with a word. Furthermore, access to the time ring affords Goku Black in particular a solid level of time haxx, and Zamasu is completely invulnerable to physical attacks. If they were to fuse...

Numbers: there are simply too many powerful beings for the invaders to deal with. Getting caught off guard by any of the aforementioned powerhouses would lead to certain death, as they are all packing some degree of universal-level power. Even the lower tier fighters like Piccolo and SSJ3 Gotenks can be conceivable threats through scaling.

I completely agree with XSUPREMEXSKILLZ. Tbh, I even believe that Beerus could likely take care of them by his lonesome. He's been the same level of strength, presumably since the beginning of the universe, and that level of power is enough to dish out universe busting attacks and nullify them, while operating at around 1% of his full power.

Of course, this isn't something we know for a fact. He accomplished these feats, but they very well could have been achieved at anywhere from 50% to 70% of his full power. However, it's dependent on the recent DBS episode. Whether Beerus is more, or less powerful than SSJB Vegito is the deciding factor here. SSJB Vegito should be solidly 200x more powerful than SSJB Vegeta or Goku, going by scaling. If Beerus is stronger than him, then he's also over 200x stronger than the universe busting SSJB Goku.

Either way, DBS wins, as XSUPREMEXSKILLZ explained in great detail.


I kinda wanna see some detailed arguments favoring the invaders, though. Anyone?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.