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We all remember our first. cool

In this case, all of us have one or two particular comics(or perhaps comic series') that we first read, which was responsible for turning us on to the genre... Comics that started our decent into full-blown nerdom.

For me it was DC One Million and Kingdom Come. I remember randomly buying those TPBs at a local book store, and after reading them I was instantly hooked... I just had to read more. This has ultimately led to me amassing a gargantuan collection of comics over the years. Those books are basically the building blocks that started it all for me.

So what were yours?

Wow, for a grandpa you've got some pretty recent cherry poppin'.

The first book that left a mark on me I'd say is DOS when I was a wee lad. it wasn't at all the first book I'd read, but it's the first that I can really remember having an impact.

Comics went away for me years later as I got older. After all the hype around Watchmen before the movie came out, I figured I'd give it a read. Hated it, as I've said many times around here before (I don't care if you think it's the greatest work of fiction ever produced, really), but that got me going back to the things I grew up with and I ended up catching up on most of what I'd missed.

tldr; DOS

laughing out loud

Don't get me wrong, I'd read several comics beforehand... But for whatever reason, those particular comics really resonated with me, and made me delve deeper into the genre. Before that, I was a casual reader, at best.

I should mention that Kingdom Come was one of the first books that I read after Watchmen, and it's probably the only thing that made me keep going thumb up

Don Draper
For me is was sandman: seasons of mist and daredevil: born again.they were love at stick out tongue

There wasn't just one actually. I had a bunch of lit courses so I didn't have time to read novels. After classes I'd go to Barnes & Noble a couple times a week and would knock out 6-12 issue collections and self contained stories between studying. Was great bc I could knock them out in one sitting.

But. If I had to pick one...

ASM. I realized I enjoyed it as much as the 90's cartoons, and never really looked back. I even went back and read every ASM starting with his first appearance. At some point I stopped, but had read ASM #1-600 or so, plus a bunch of other Spidey titles.

I'd probably give this book the most credit for getting me involved.

I practically learned how to read with these comics. I have tons of older books and so forth, but as a little kid, Spidey Super Stories was where it was at.

Cable and Deadpool, and the Under The Hood arc in Batman. Cable had always fascinated me in the bios I read, so finding a comic with him in it at the newsagents was like striking gold. The batman comic beside it looked interesting, and sure enough it was, its portrayal of Jason making me a fan of what was once the most hated Robin, pretty much creating my trend of liking characters most people disregard.

All star Superman. First comic I read.

I think the obsession first set in when I read Wolverine v2, Steve Skroce's run and on (Blood debt, and then the Hunted, etc). Following that Ultimate X-Men and New X-Men hit the stands and that was pretty much it for 11-12 year old me.

Originally posted by abhilegend
All star Superman. First comic I read. thumb up

This series is also one that really peaked my interest in the genre and kept me reading. Of course, that was back when pretty much every DC title was fantastic. sad

when i was 5 i got a superman encyclopedia. it had literally EVERYTHING in it. was about the size of a phonebook. loved superheroes forever after. as for the first real comicbook that a really recall turning me full on--probably the miller wolverine min. made me realize comics could be more than guys just punching things. i'd had plenty of books before that, but my love for comics had been disorganized before that. after that, i began going backwards and collecting 100s of back issues to catch up on any number of titles....

Originally posted by leonidas
turning me full on



First issue of Spawn, translated in 1996.

We were going my grandmothers house and we got to pick a comic for the trip and I remember the cover really sticking out to me on the shelf.

Khazra Reborn
Lol, my first comics were absurd, 90's edge lord crap. Iirc, the very first comic I ever got was the first issue of The Ultimate Warrior's comic, I think it was just called warrior. With that start, its a miracle I ever stuck with comics.

The first series that ever hooked me was Thor, specifically the Jurgens run. I pretty much got it by pure chance, I walked into the LCS and saw the newly restarted Thor series, with a big ass #1 plastered on the cover. Figured I'd give it a shot, and in short he's been my favorite character ever since.

Macho Mantis
Late '80s Batman comics, like Blind Justice.

I want to say one of the first comics I ever bought/read was Steel #1 (1994) when it was first released... I think the only reason I bought that issue is because it was about the only one left on the stands, lol. Even then I new it was godawful.

Endless Mike
Secret Wars, the original. Still very few things can top it.

I got hooked into comics, when these kids got evicted from their apartment, and all thier shit got tossed out. Including thier comic collection.

The comics where inside a few boxes, and left near the dumpster for days. I picked up the boxes full comics, and thats when I started to get fully invested.

They had all kinds of tittles. But Spawn, Lobo, and Ghost Rider where the ones that got my attention the most. Super Natural or Paranormal titles are my top choice. Followed by cosmic adventures. But that was mostly Green Lantern stuff.

For me it was when the Ultimates first came out as a TPB. I read comics randomly before that, especially 2000AD stuff, but I was not obsessed. The Ultimates really lit the fuse for me. After that I got into the Authority, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Those three runs just blew my mind. Sometimes I wish I had the power to come across them again as though I'd never seen them before, just to feel that thrill once more. Brilliant.

Avengers 80 The coming of red wolf.

first thing that really came to mind where those 90's hologram and foil covers. I thought I was hot sheet whenever I got one!

probably liefield's x-force and the government ran x-factor were like the catalyst. I used draw dudes with Big AF guns and/or wings and/or swords all the time when I was in elementary and junior high. im from Mississippi and there weren't any comic book shops that I knew of at least, and as the 90's mallrat I was would geek out and read them.

plus we'd always go to the flea market and id leave with a stack of books. i'll always remember those phalanx covers and generation X starting

John Murdoch
For me it was DC's Justice 12-issue limited series by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, and Doug Braithwaite. This led me to Kingdom Come, and the rest is history.

Dc vs Marvel.

^^^And you STILL wanted to keep reading comics?

Prof. T.C McAbe
I can't really remember the first DC comic. I knew Superman from a TV spot in Poland back then and when we moved to germany and I discovered the Superman Tradepaperbacks I started to read them, multiple times. The very first should be one of those four:
mostly pre crisis stories.

I remember the very first Marvel comic though, as it was something unknown to me. After this one I became a big Spiderman and Captain America fan.

This is the comic book that started it all for me.

I'm 37 and I've been collecting and reading comic books since I was 9 years old. Sure, I bought comics at nine years old. I read them and then cast them aside, like most any nine year old would do. I just wanted to read about the adventures of the X-Men, Superman, and Batman and be entertained, but at nine years old, I didn't appreciate comics books enough, yet, to be called a serious aficionado.

Fast forward two years to 1991 when I was 11. I distinctly remember buying this issue from a news rack in the Kroger supermarket, along with a few others, for a road trip that my family and I were taking to Astroworld, a former amusement park in Houston that has since been leveled for parking space. My mom and dad knew that comic books would keep me quiet and still for the tenure of our trip to and fro, and they didn't mind buying me multiple issues. I don't know if it was due to the laziness of the store employees or if it was, in fact, destiny that I find this comic book, but this issue was last month's issue and technically was not supposed to even be on the stand. That said, the ending of Fantastic Four #357 got me hook, reel, and sinker. I was from then and ever after a true comic book fan. That's how much this issue affected me.

Alicia Masters is a Skrull?! What was a Skrull? Why were Johnny and Ben at each others throats over Alicia? Who is the Puppet Master and why was he trying to aid the FF at all? Who is the Super Skrull? Why do the Skrulls hate the FF so much? These were among the questions I began asking myself after finishing said issue. Needless to say, next month I bought FF #358 and my head was filled with even more questions from not only the story itself, but from the equally mind blown fans who submitted their letters describing their shock and awe at such a revelation!

I began going to the local, and only, comic book stand (yes, a stand and not an actual store) at my hometown's little mall/shopping center to acquire as many issues of the Fantastic Four as my meager allowance would allow me to buy. Suddenly, but not surprisingly, I became a fan of other titles, as well, and began to crave them, too. My mom and dad, sensing my growing addiction, bought me a comic book collector starter kit for Xmas that year, and hence began my hobby that has consumed me since. I bagged and boarded every single comic book that I bought and boxed them with tender loving care. Today my collection still stands proud, and after an eight year hiatus from said hobby, I'm glad to say that I'm back in the game full throttle with no signs of ever slowing down.

It's funny how someone can become so involved with something that they initially don't understand, isn't it? To think......all of this, my love for comic books, comic culture, my appreciation for art and writing, came from me wanting to know what some green skinned alien was. I'm only glad that my mom and dad were supportive of my interest and didn't try to hinder it with their opinions of "what a boy ought to do with his time and money". I know too many parents who try to do this to their kids, and it just makes me sad. My daughter, Madison, is 12 years old and she is showing a profound interest in video games to the point where she is getting better and better everyday at the games I buy for her. I hope that one day she and I can share more interests together like comic books, Star Wars, and other things that I love.

And you can bet your last dollar that I'll never be anything but 100% supportive of what she so loves. That's why I am what I am today.

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