Equlibrium: poor Matrix knockoff

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Darth Vicious
zorro I just saw this movie and all i could say is this movie was a poor Matrix knock-off, some of the gun fights were awsome but the plot itself was terrible while im not gonna get into details the movie deals with peoples feelings being illegal and they used some drug so they couldnt feel but during the movie you could see some of the people that supposedly couldnt feel anythin getting frustrated or aggravated the only good thing about this movies is the gun fights, thats about it! Any comments on it? evil face

I have a few comments. I will agree with you on the feelings part, Taye Diggs' character being the worse. However, Bale's character was played perfectly in my opinion. The difference in his acting from the scene with his wife's arrest to the scene when Mary is executed was tops The action scenes, while not having the budget of say the first Matrix, were totally exciting. While not as long, they seemed to be to the point. I totally loved the way they used the guns. Their guns were an extension of thier hands making them seem like sword fights. I was dissapointed by the fight between the Diggs' charcter and Bane's it was WAY too short (three cuts and boom) The plot did lack the punch compared to The Matrix, but had a few nice (and obvious) twists at the end. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves great action and gun play, or wants to see a dude kick some major ass. I loved it, but for some it may not be what your looking for. I give it a strong 8/10.

It kinda reminded me of Farenhieht 451 (ms?) mixed with matrix type action. Although I like that kinda thing, It was fun to see action scenes without CGI and wire-fu.

It is remeniscant of Brave New World, and 1984 as well...but I think overall it was decent..of course the action scenes were the best part about the movie, and Bale was good as usual..but I enjoyed him more in American Psycho..anyway, its a good movie to kill an afternoon....

Darth Vicious
I agree Bale was good but the whole concept of supresing feelings with a shot was absurd

well, like i said it is basically Brave New World's plot...in that book the government makes everyone take Soma..which takes away your feelings so everyone lives together peacefully...so its not really that movie thats absurd, but the ideas they based it off of, which to me really isnt that absurd...it seems like something the government would do..although, that dumb black guy..taye diggs or whatever always smiles which ruins the movie cause you can tell there that he has emotion, unless he stopped taking it too..but i believe its just a bad actor doing what he is best at..acting bad

I noticed that and I agree that was bad acting but it doesn't ruin the movie...in my opinion.

Its only half a movie. U cant judge this movie until u see the next "part"

I loved this movie, and love the Matrix, I think both have amazing action scenes, I loved Equlibrium's plot, as well as the Matrix, save for the skimpy plot of Reloaded, I think both are great, but that's just me! eek!

Action sequences were good, but the overall movie wasnt all that.

From what I remember of it, the storyline was weak, having many dropoff points, and due to the no emotions storyline made the acting flaccid

Even though the people in Equilibrium aren't supposed to have feelings, the "personality" of that person still remains. The director says so himself. Just listen to the commentary

I thought it was excellent. To call it a Matrix Rip Off is odd, since Matrix itself is basically one big rip off of various themes (The Invisibles, Dark City, Ghost in the Shell, Fist of Legend, various other anime, to name but a few) tied together into a good, solid film.

The fights were much more intense than Matrix slow motion "LOOK WE HAVE BULLET TIME!" fights, and it was much less cheesy. Equillibrium also doesn't contain lines like.....

"it's our way or the highway"
"I know kung fu"

It's soundtrack was nice too, moving and dark, very like Hans Zimmer at his best. Matrix soundtrack was pushed to the background to make room for MTV trash techno and nu-metal.

The plot isn't water tight, but I thought it was solid. Is it so far fetched? Equilibrium borrows the "drugged up society" theme heavily from some very critically acclaimed works. Look at Nazi Germany, that HAPPENED, the government brainwashed a nation after only barely winning an election and conducted themselves in a bizarre militant fashion, and the German public just became sheep-like. Don't think so highly of the general public, I could almost gaurentee that a situation like in Equilibrium is entirely possible.

I notice your Star Wars Sig, and I can't help but laugh at your plot assassination of Equilibrium after seeing the Episode 1 and 2 (possibly the most dissapointing 4 hours of my life combined) though don't get me wrong though, Darth Maul was awesome smile

And lastly, regarding Taye Diggs, I can't believe people still bring his "showing emotion" up. It is revealed just before the final showdown <<SPOILER>>>
that he has not been taking his drugs either, he outright LAUGHS when Bales character confronts them.

Damn message length limits.

How many parents agree to give their Kids "Ritalin" thesedays?

And god knows how many other thought and personality supressing drugs are subscribed....

We are not so high and mightly, and Equilibrium isn't so silly imho.

I think it will age better than Matrix, and become somewhat of a cult classic. I think it already got in the IMDB Sci Fi top 50 of all time.

I though Equilibrium was a pretty decent film. Yes It did feel like the Matrix, but so what. It filled the gap for me while I was waiting for reloaded.

Now as far as the people not having feeling was just pure bull. IMO it was no Farenhieht 451, but it did get the job done.

Any guy that would risk his life for a puppy is ok in my book. Hehehe.

Thought the gun play was bad ass. Was no Matrix but, if you start comparing every action movie to the Matrix then most movies are gonna suck. Thought the movie was done very well with what seemed like a small budget.

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