How awesome is J. Jones

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The man cannot be stopped

I got so many points from this guy

The Whirly

A synopsis of this thread with brief annotation for lulz.

Not since the days of David Masters have I laughed at a thread like this.

How TI and others have got away with this weird shit is beyond me.

Where are the mods?

Originally posted by riv6672
Hence the "Riv".
A couple of years ago i pissed someone off and he's been using my real name to **** with me online ever since.
Its more annoying than anything else, but i only post at 2 MBs and everyone at that one knows (which is how the guy found out), and now everyone here knows too.
Funny thing is, i know his name, as well, which i think is a way bigger deal for him.

Hopefully this will end all the silliness.

Upset or not, I’m sure Riv doesn’t really care… Although where is the moderation? Why aren’t they dealing with TI and his stalking? The ebro military connection perhaps?

Originally posted by Jmanghan
Aren't the only one buddy, and at least you're revealing it here.

People in the Star Wars subforum found my name.

But thankfully, no ones trying to **** with me.

Yeah, nothing really to add…

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
glad this was finally answered. i was wondering what those creep-threads were about.

PVS good buddy, even I know your name and location. We were both on Bardock’s facebook for years in fact you still are. I don’t have a facebook anymore because I only really care about people I know in real life so whatsapp is better. You must have looked over at me and yeah, I’m really that friggin awesome!

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
i've had similar experiences. always coincides with their emotional breakdowns, but then you find out afterward that it was actually you who was mad all along. triggered.gif, etc.
Originally posted by Time-Immemorial

If true, I’m sorry to hear that know one should be harassed on or offline beyond the usual forum abuse?

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
I'm surprised that your special bro friend hasnt commented yet.
Originally posted by Bashar Teg
I wonder why he's avoiding this thread. Was looking forward to reading about how it's okay for you to be creepy-stalky and violate peoples privacy, because you served in the military. Oh well.

Badabing ebro? Impediment ebro? Or Dadudemon ebro?

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
again, i've been having a similar experience for a while. TI and his suspiciously absent e-bro know my name as well, so they've been playing the same games.

Dadudemon… disappointed if true with Dadudemon

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
false equivalency. you two are the creep-stalky ones who try to dox others for disagreeing and hurting your feelings.
but keep trying to deflect this and make it about me. get your pal back in here to help.

Originally posted by dadudemon
Says the guy who "creep-stalked" my Facebook page, copied and pasted my friend's list, threatened to private message all of them made up stuff, who saved pictures of me to your personal and work hard drives, used some of those images to make gifs and animations, and posted them on the interwebz. Go ahead, stalk me again. See what you can dig up.

And when I found your Facebook page (it was easy)? You threatened legal action and literally started crying.

You're the easiest target for calling out cannot criticize a single person on the internet for anything without being guilty of it, yourself. You've literally done pretty much every shitty thing possible on the internet.

Maybe you should go make some more jokes about raping babies with your buddies? Or, even better, make jokes about eating babies' limbs but keeping them alive? You seem 'good' at making jokes about harming children. Something going on we don't know about?

Flipping heck PVS, disappointed in you also if true!

Originally posted by Bashar Teg
more lies. you spoofed my FB page (name/avatar/etc), threatened to send invites to MY friends/family, then i offered to send a link to the spoof-bully account to your friends, (with an explanation of your seedy activities), and then you wisely deleted it. any more of your desperate lies before you go back on ignore, snake?


Originally posted by Time-Immemorial
Wow look bash is not only a liar but a liberal hypocrite

Mr. triggered 24/7 Seriously TI how do you have time to post on a message board all the time?

Originally posted by Robtard
I heard there is a situation here

Rob… You make me laugh you do!

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