The Ultimate Marvel & D.C. Race!

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The combatants below have to cross 1,000,000,000 miles by any means necessary, unless otherwise specified.

-Batman: comes with the Batmobile and one full tank of gas with an extra Jerry Can to help him out.
-Superboy Prime,
-World Break Hulk,
-Odinforce Thor: flies with Mjolnir.
-Galactus: he comes fully fed and has to run to the finish.
-The Silver Surfer,
-Odin: makes himself 2,000 feet tall and starts running.
-Captain America,
-Wally West: Moon walks to the end.
-The Sentry, Void.
-Iron Man
-Trion Jugernaut,
-The Runner: has the Space Gem.


-The characters begin at full power and have to make it to the end before they starve or die from old age or starvation.
-Once they reach the end, whoever is left must fight each other.
-Who is the last one standing and what happens?
-How long does it take everybody to get there?

psycho gundam
A good number of these guys can teleport and a couple can teleport others which includes preventing the others from getting to the finish line.

No teleportation then. :3

Yeah. Giving someone the Space Gem....that is just Cheating.

Runner finishes before starting
Wally finishes in 0.00003 seconds
Surfer finishes in 0.0001 seconds if he has his board.
Thanos finishes in 0.0001 seconds by teleport (if allowed)
Superboy prime finishes in 0.05 seconds
Thor finishes in 0.01 seconds
Sentry finishes in 0.01 seconds
Trion juggernaut punches reality and walks directly into finish line in 1 second

Hulk uses his powerful leaps to reach the other end in 11 hours. Wolverine uses his claws to remain clinged on him and they make it at the same time
Tony takes 27 hours to cover the distance
Batman arrives exactly 4 days later.

After a loooooog time, around 2000 years, an exceptionally old man reaches the finish line, claiming to be Cap, and seeing Thanos standing on the other end with dead bodies of hulk, wally, batman, wolverine, Iron man and Superboy prime. There is no trace of juggernaut and runner. Thanos explains how he dumped them to another universe, before Thor and prime killed each other. Before he kills cap, he asks him how he actually managed to make it here. Cap tells him how he has able to catch Logan's left foot and hang for a while when hulk leapt his way, but impact of landing threw him off. He then tried to use Tony as a support but tony shrugged him off and punched him towards the finish line, which gave him significant momentum otherwise he'd never make it

I'm not really including Odin and Galactus in

What's the point of the Runner even being here. You must know that he's ahead of the competition.

Then you have people like Wolverine here. Why?

Would Wolverine died before reaching the end?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.